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Hello friends, family, sacred circle and primitive skill enthusiasts! 

I am super grateful and excited about my Art of Sacred Living Video Project!  I will be going out into the wilderness for 5-6 weeks with primarily primitive gear to further deepen my spiritual connection with nature.  My main intention is to create a video documentary of what I call the ‘Art of Sacred Living’.  The Art of Sacred Living is how we can live our lives in a sacred way that creates peace and harmony with the land, its plant, animal and human inhabitants, strengthening our symbiotic relationships with each other.  This is a much needed skill for the trying times that we live in today!

This is not a vision quest.  I already have the vision and now I’m putting it into form.  Last summer, I went out for 10 days into the high mountains and was able to get a clearer and more detailed picture of what I’m called to share with the world.  Now, I wish to travel deeper into the spiritual realms to gain insight and personal experience.  My goal is to document this experience thru journaling, drawing and video recording to capture the many aspects, and how to’s of living life in a sacred way. 

The video documentary will be used to raise awareness and spread this message.  Excerpts of video will be used to promote week long experiential workshops where people can develop a these skills and gain insights as to how they can adapt a sacred way of living within their own everyday modern life.  I will be creating a website and YouTube channel and other venues, as an outlet for viewing the film.

I am asking for support on many fronts.  Whether it is in funding, sponsorship, words of encouragement, or a hug and a prayer.  All are welcomed and graciously appreciated.  The funding will go towards emergency gear, camera gear, rent (as I will have no income for 2 months), website and film editing.  I will be going deep into grizzly and wolf territory and the key to survival is having a back-up plan.  This is not a reality TV survival show nor do I intend on making it one!  So your support in any way is deeply appreciated.

A bit about me?  I am a 53 year young woman, who is energetic, healthy, self-motivated, adventurous, passionate, dedicated to my mission and just crazy enough to go for it!  I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Primitive Skills Instructor, and Data Specialist for an internationally known pesticide research scientist.  I love and have been teaching various primitive skills, such as, brain tanning, wild crafting, and awareness skills at gatherings all along the west coast for 10 years.  I taught mindful awareness, eco-psychology, primitive and self-reliance skills and nutrition at Inner Pathworks, a program for empowering young adults for 4 years.   I teach classes about energy medicine, and natural health.  I am a ceremonialist and love to hold space for prayer, healing and spiritual growth.  

Throughout my life, I feel I have gained so much wisdom and insight, yet I am still a child.  I am putting a lot of faith and trust that the universe will provide for me (that’s your cue!), so that I may be able to step forward along my divine path and bring my message forth to the people.  I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom of my elders, and with their support, combined with my own personal experiences and spiritual guidance, I have put it all together to create ‘The Art of Sacred Living’ workshop.  And now to put it into film!

To facilitate the deepening of my experience, I am eating only wild foods and using primarily primitive gear that I have made from natural materials.  Most of the food and materials came directly from the earth and has only been processed by me or gifted to me by someone that I know and trust, who have also harvested/processed the materials in a sacred way, thus, maintaining a direct spiritual connection to the earth.

By primitive gear, I mean that my clothes are hand made out of buckskin, wool, etc and gear made from obsidian, gourds, sticks, plant fibers, etc.  No tent, sleeping bag, stove or high-tech camping gear.  There are a few items that I’ll be bringing from the industrial world, such as my knife, hatchet, a pot to boil water, bear spray and satellite phone in case of emergency.  A complete list of gear will be listed on my personal and business facebook pages.

Any residual moneys will be used to monitor my health status.  I am interested to find out what an all wild food diet, maximum forest bathing and spiritual connection will do for my health.  Last year, on my 10 day trip, I felt no pain whatsoever.  No arthritis, no muscle soreness and no allergic reactions.  I had amazing energy, even though I was so active with making my False Helibore Hut and fishing every day.    I would like to do some initial lab tests to create a baseline, and then retest when I get back.  I have no health insurance and can’t get any until next January’s open enrollment.  Insurance doesn’t cover naturopathic or alternative care in Idaho anyways.  Funds to do this part of the project is not included in the budget, so know that extra funds would be put to good use.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I am so grateful for your support!!

Much love and blessings to you!

Karie Lee


Numinous: The spirit of a being or place, the essential essence that lives in all things.

Numinous Living: living with this awareness at every moment.  It is the Art of Sacred Living.

Remember, Sacred Living is an art that takes a lifetime of practice to master.  And only then, will we learn if we did it right!
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