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I don't even know where to start this write up.  I have warred within myself to even do this in the first place, but I'm at a point that I have got to do something drastic to keep a roof over our heads and the wolves away from our door.  I've sat here and agonized about how I HATE asking anyone for anything (those of you who know me know how hard-headed I can be), but as of this moment, I have no other options.

My daughter and I moved back to my hometown last August (2016) to be near family and my elderly dad.  I had big plans to be well-employed well before now in my usual field of expertise - office administration; however, I have to say, that I have found it to be not so easy in this little town.    

I received a modest settlement last year for the car accident I was in back in 2013, and was able to use it to not only move back home, but to also pay the majority of my living expenses well in advance,  That lasted until about a month ago.  Now, reality has kicked in, and it's not being very nice to me.    I am working now, part-time, but my living expenses are not geared towards part-time/minimum wage.   I do not live a life of "excess" by any means.  I don't party, I don't take vacations - I work, and I come home.   My child will be starting her senior year of high school on August 7th, and y'all know how expensive senior year is for any child (prom, graduation expenses, class ring, etc.) I just need a little help. I have applications in for full-time work in a variety of places; however, for some reason, I'm not getting so much as a call-back or even a chance to interview.   The fact that I have traveled quite a bit during my lifetime probably doesn't look great on a resume; however, I do have excellent references from the jobs I have worked during all those travels.    Whatever the reason, I cannot find work in my field.

I gave notice to the realtor on Monday that we will be moving as of 8/15/17 from this house that I have come to love so much as I cannot continue to pay rent that is higher than my monthly income.  No clue where we're going to move to, but we can't continue to stay here.  I tease with my daughter that I'll be on the lookout for a very nice overpass we can move under.  (LOL)    (If you don't know me personally, you will see that I handle most of the situations in my life with humor - it's the only way I can muddle thru some days.  I apologize if it seems out of place here, but it's just who I am and how I deal with stuff.)  

I am supposed to pay $495.50 tomorrow (7/27) to keep from having my car repossessed; however, I simply don't have it.  (I have less than $70 to my name right now.)   Luckily, we do have Maggie's little car that I bought for her last year that will at least move us from point A to point B, so we won't be completely without transportation.   I also have to also come up with another $300 for the realtor/landlord to pay up thru 8/15 because they won't use my deposit that I paid when we moved in for that.    Then, to put icing on my cake, (I sooo used to love icing - not anymore!) - I got my first high electric bill in MANY years.  $335.  YIKES!!  My stomach knotted up and tears stung my eyes when I saw that figure.  I have never felt so helpless in my life.  

I have applied for a Section 8 apartment here in town, but, there is a waiting list with about 14 people ahead of me, and right now, I'm feeling pretty hard-pressed to believe that anything good will come from me applying there.  My luck just ain't what it used to be.  Again, I'm doing my best to be proactive to get us somewhere we can afford to be.  (And there's another obstacle - no funds to pay a deposit on another place.)

I have also listed many of my homes furnishings on Buy/Sell/Trade in an effort to come up with at least part of the monies we need to pay these bills and have so far managed to sell my patio furniture, but nothing else to date.  I'm remaining hopeful, because I have some nice stuff.  Someone's going to get a heckuva deal on it.

So, that's what's going on in our life - in a nutshell.  I have knots in my stomach at the thought of even publishing this, terrified at the meanness of some people who will surely want to criticize and make me feel "less than." (Trust me, they can't say anything to me that I haven't already said to myself at this point.)

Any help will be so very appreciated.  The funds will go to buy school supplies, pay up our rent and utilities, my car payment, and to continue to survive - at least for a little while longer.  I will, in the meantime,  continue to seek full-time employment in my field.  

Some of you are asking why I stay here in Andalusia if there are no jobs for me.  I have one year left to get my child graduated, and this awesome kid has been such a trooper the past 2 school years travelling with me and being in 3 different schools since 10th grade. However, she loves AHS and I want her to be able to finish her high school career at a place she loves with her friends.   She deserves some stability and security and to be surrounded by the people she loves - both friends and family.   I'm doing my best to adjust my sails.

Any help, any amount -  big, medium or small - will mean so much to us. I thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart for any assistance, or even a kind word, a prayer, or any positive vibes you can send this way.  It's all good.  :)  

If I truly didn't need a little help, you can bet I would NEVER ask and would certainly never ask publicly like this.  This kills my pride beyond belief.  :'(

Blessings to you all, 

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