humanitarian journalism: Silk Rd.

My name is Sangjay Smith. I am a "starving" artist, aspiring journalist and current film student. Originally from Kauai, Hawaii, I am now living in Florence Italy where my dreams have begun to bud. Unfortunately, I do need a smidge of financial support.

My Mission:
Has always been to serve humanity in a compassionate way, but I've been tentative until now. my strengths as an artist and writer have been useful tools to communicate my ideologies (I was raised with strong non-denominational spiritual beliefs). Deciding to study film (hopefully directing pieces of my own one day) has been the foundation for my recent endeavors and a solidification of my credo. "To invoke knowledge and understanding towards positive  human evolution"

My mission translates to this campaign becasue I wish to support the causes of particular humanitarian efforts based here in Europe. 
I have an opportunity to bring publicity to these efforts through my writing.  As I am from the United States, my unique position is to bring a broader awareness of these organizations to America. 

The project is a joint effort of two recognized European non-profits; Bambini nel Deserto and Lezards Migrateurs. They have carried out missions, primarily through Northern Africa and Eastern European, and countries in the Middle East; bringing the arts and willing hands to displaced communities and impoverished peoples-including those who have been adversely effected by western cultures. This is not only a mission to spread good will, but also to strengthen cross cultural views and understanding through a hands on and honest perspective.

I encourage you to take the time to do some  personal research on these organizations and the current project,

Parallel 49.  (With your help, I will be a part of this mission)

*I am not an official member of this operation. I am presenting this opportunity to you so that my efforts to assist these organizations can be realized.*

My main job Will be to provide an outside perspective as a journalist, after which getting my work distributed through a publication in the US, so that the efforts of such a selfless and small team can be acknowledged as their dreams become realized on a larger scale than ever before.

The money I raise here will be used for:

Recording equipment est$1000(high quality body mics for the crew)

One plane ticket from Italy to somewhere near Uzbekistan est$500(where i will meet the caravan after my school semester in florence)

Food and shelter est$800 (necessities for 3 months of extreme desert travel)

All weather camera housings est$1000 (my multi media journalism will take place in various extreme conditions)

Visa expenses: Up to$800 (I am working on the visa situation and will have updates)

Remember: There is a conversion factor of USD to Euros so I have given myself a little bit of wiggle room in the budget to anticipate changing costs, unexpected expenses and fluctuating currency rates.

This is a 30,000 kilometer expedition by truck caravan- the team will primarily be driving through open desert sand.

Also, any funds raised here that I am not able to use for my personal research and experience relating to this project (travel, equipment, etc) will be directly donated to the project itself. 
I say this becasue my participation is not fully secured because of potential Visa issues with the multitude of countries being visited. 

At least I will use the money for equipmet and to fly out and meet the team, where I will gather material and help where I can. The most natural thing would for me to meet up with the team in Mongolia where they will spend the largest chunk of their mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read my pitch and research these amazing organizations whom I support and, with your help, will soon be supporting me in fulfilling my dreams.  ALOHA and God bless.
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Sangjay Smith 
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