Hemophilia/Disabled Family In Need

As many of you in the Hemophilia Community and our Facebook friends are aware, in mid-April we lost the rental home we've lived in for 10 years due to the death of our landlord & the subsequent foreclosure sale of the home. We lost roughly 1/3 of our belongings, clothing, furniture, all our food, etc., and what we could save is in storage, adding another large expense to the existing financial distress we are already under.

We have been very blessed to this point in that some philanthropic Hemophilia organizations have put us up in hotels & for that we are eternally grateful, but we are not able to get our own place as we are each disabled,  and only our son has SSI for income at this point in time.

Josh has lost the ability to continue working and is facing yet another orthopedic surgery to fuse another joint within his already-partially fused ankle and now dealing with bleeds in his right elbow, which many of you are aware has been bleed-free for more than 25 years. We have both filed for SSI/SSDI benefits, but as we ALL know, that process is lengthy at best, even with expedited requests/pleas for immediate action/assistance. 

This has been very stressful on Josh/I of course, but our son is psychologically/mentally disabled with multiple diagnoses and as a result of his world/routine being totally shattered and ever-changing now he has become very difficult to keep him calm and "happy" if you will,  even with his meds on board. Losing his brand new PS3/games/tv and many of his Transformer toys has caused him to meltdown almost daily at the mere mention of toys, shopping, anything that he relates to his belongings, etc. and he simply cannot let go of what has happened to our family.

We were unable to find another rental property due to the lack of income other than our son's, which in no way can support our family in totality. We have found a home for sale, that if certain things happen to the good, we will be able to qualify for a mortgage & first-time home buyer's assistance with down payment, but until these actions happen (or if they do not happen) as prayed for, we will soon be truly homeless. Our current "residence" will end on June 24th.

This is the goal we have set for ourselves, and while it sounds like we are trying to climb Mt. Everest (yes a Hemo did it!!); it is THIS goal that keeps us moving forward every morning in the hope that we can once again be a happy family with our own place - we can no longer feel "settled" in a rental home understandably.

We have many friends in the Hemophilia Community who recommended this idea to us - Zlatko Kerken, Kim Madeiros, Wayne Cook, Carl Weixler - just to name a few & we are VERY BLESSED to have them in our lives!
  • Kimberly Phelan  
    • $500 
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    • $25 
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    • $200 
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  • Vicki Pelletier 
    • $100 
    • 53 mos
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    • $3,000 
    • 55 mos
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