Thompson Philip Gildred is an entrepreneur who lives in Fairbanks Ranch of Del Mar a nicely settled small city town in North of San Diego California mostly in the 92130 area codes.

The small town is quite complacent - its peoples are relatively tightly-knit but not in the form of a network such as NYC.

It's governments, authorities, commons and individuals who make up a constructive diaspora of an impressive economy of about an annual budget of near 5 Billion.

The city and its inner commons almost independent towns are exacted by name-se.  NAME-SE is everything in Del Mar. The Gildred Family of San Diego are one of those NAME-SE'S. 

This fundraiser is about an individual who is forced to stand against and defend himself at the whims of the Name Se's The Gildreds of North San Diego in chief Mr. Thompson Philip Gildred.

The story;

Mr. Gildred (Tom, Tom the Tiger, Tiger Tom etc. etc.,) is a profound gentleman who knows how to give a first impression especially upon his peers. 

I have had the value of obtaining Mr. Tom's first impressions. I am producing this fund raiser because my experience was NOT good.

First impressions do last. This impression began at Tom's home of 6798 Las Ventanas circle in the Fairbanks Rancho Sante Fe area of North San Diego California.  That (my) first impression: (was) (is) an impression of immense jealousy, personal benighted convictions, indignity, a pluralists, a structuralist, a surreptitious character who bears multiple personalities. This came to me by his smile - it delays with a sense of greed and eternal want. His piecing eyes which glows into a distance of inevitability.

What made Tom's first impressions stuck with me is because he was already on my radar and though my intent was to give to him my every benefit of the doubt, each moment of the way increased with a universal mirroring of his personal tantra. (Tom obviously have come a long ways he gives a more careful description of Tom's history) but not as careful to describe Tom's first, 2nd, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and in the T's emotions and characteristics of first-impressions you would normally be lucky to find (per-person) in only one person mode of character dissemination. 

As a body-language trained professional which requires sometimes assessing an individual from simply attestations to a persons mode of character from a physical photo. Having the opportunity to listen to Tom, watch his modes of conduct, witness his alertness to superiority in Name-Se's and analyse his conduct over a mere "shredded chicken breasts" a la carte style. (a meal but would you believe it's simply mexican  styles crushed broiled chicken or an example of New York Style tuna-salad) The crushed chicken meat is pre-taped back into unto the rib-cage (breast-cage) and served in a double leaflet of spinach or a leaf of Lettuce.

its basically what we call in NYC, par-boiled chicken mixed with lots of mayo.  

Tom advise Miss Carolina Gildred  - seated between himself and I that it is a good idea to take the (what's left over) home to her son Bryant.
The doggie bag was ready but not before he overtly insisted that perhaps may, just maybe Michael wanted to have dinner also.

I did not have dinner, and so Carolina Gildred did not have anything either. He offered to pay for my glass of wine and only after Carolina's wink at me I agreed to have him take the bill for my cranberry juice in a wine glass, but not before I assured Mr. Tom - "the next one's on me".

The next one is yet still on me and in order to afford this I must first launch a GoFundMe page and raise enough funds to cover Tom Gildred's Lawsuit against me in The New York Supreme Court.

So far I am pro se it is a good chance I might loose this case because The Judge presiding over the case have got a niece of a nephew of an adult family member very much near living and practicing business somewhere near the Carlsbad San Diego Area. I am not disparaging San Diegans.

When i was here they treated me with relish wisdom and benevolence.

Much ado the above is all of Tom's first impression. 

A second impressions came ANGRILY though Tom's retorts (he felt) was calm. He drove his scooter into the front door of his las ventanas flat, it tilted medium ways to the grassy lawn area - He Rushed into the Master bedroom - Carolina and I was in the house - she's a little flustered but returned, ..."Its Tom; did he really think we would do it in the bedroom? unQuote!

Carolina was "Bra-Less in a T-shirt" but women are EXTREMELY creative. He'll need to properly notice to assert that she'd been doing other than anything but.  So there was nothing. This angry personality feared me the most - because he'd already effectively suppressed each Titanic Tantra from landing the scooter to rushing into the bedroom etc., etc., This personal impression is one of longevity and its inbreed into a person similar to the leader of a mas murder or terrorists group. This kind of mode in personality character is tort to be eliminated from our mundane society.

2nd impressions is by perceptional retaliations: Tom quickly pored himself a glass of (good) wine -  took his seat - from the rush into the master bedroom to seating a glass of wine must be between 5 to 7 or 8 minutes. Carolina was not Bra-less anymore as I entered into the foyer - kitchen area of the house while Tom seated (about a block away) hypothetically speaking. 

He offered me a glass of wine at which time Carolina Gildred interjected by stating MICHAEL DOES NOT DRINK WINE - she went on..."oh Michael, look at your hair - (sweet) she helped informally to brush it back.

I muted audibly and kind of stroke my hat-on careful to cover-up. I had a "Made in Brooklyn" T-shirt on probably the reason why shots weren't fired because Tom Gildred was speaking clearly you could see his both upper and lowered  post and core was SHOT together. A M A Z I N G, i thought. But by this time I am sure hell is near ready to breaking loose and this level of personality mode was not something i had come to San Diego to witness.

Thereafter (sh*t went on, more Sh*t and sht continued to happened to this day. The latest is threats to my life (see photo screenshot included here) and that is because he'd tried every God (how he says it) dodamed nutcase every thing - (in 2017) I have had a hit (missed) on my life in NYC just blocks outside my apartment from a supposedly homeless man visiting from san diego who felt the need to stalked me for 45 minutes after asking me for a cigarette (there were smokers on the block) I don't smoke I said then returning once I was only left to force strike near neck to the back of my head - I have posted a video of the crime scene hear. Last month Threats to kill and maim or to put a bullet into the back of my head or to forced induce CYANIDE into my digestive system from a person under the guise of "The Enlightened Prophet" very much in statement to who I am and how I have been able to sustain Tom Gildred and Wife and families and friends who would not see him for who this (in my opinion) killer is. Read this also attached here.  

This is the truth about Tom Gildred and the concerns about Michael Foster who between Tom and Wife wants the world to be persuaded that an affair never did happen - I couldn't tell why but clearly it is worth Tom Gildred and the Gildred family's ceaseless defamation and desires to isolate the person who I am honestly in me and very naturally who I am.

So I am defenseless because I do not have the cash to defend myself and from San Diego to NYC it's a stone-throw of a flight in first class and friends who'd be doing Tom perhaps a favor to help get me kicked out of my rent stabilized apartment in midtown Manhattan at a rate of $1,000 per month for past 20 years and headache on every job i have landed as a security camera technicians one of the best in NYC and hell to negotiate a recreation among my peers as Carolina's connections were my connections. Who's they believe? and Who'd they'd report to on inept issues relative to Carolina Gildred who've made her choices and a (sic) Tom Gildred who believes if I don't commit suicide at least I might become homeless which makes easier for his attempts to kill me.


l would describe his mode, physical anatomy and the characteristics which each of his mode/expressions displays. for this I HOPE that I am wrong. So this story is to construct an organized fundme program in order to sustain my alliance and protect myself throughout and for as long as Tom Gildred will not stop - I hope he'd have the Guts to shoot at the front of my head and not as his threats ascertained to the back of my head.

I have also submitted the threatening to kill me to the Del Mar San Diego area police department in the form of a tip - but who'd care about me in del mar police department - plus I am out of their jurisdictions. 

1. The constructive innocuous use of friends in the News Print Media CA/NYC.*
2. Harness and Construct an innocuous psychiatric report on the intended victim* (the Gildreds carefully enforced x-husband and psychiatrist from NYC to assimilate a be it as it may he FALSELY Prepared a mental diagnosis).
By issuing a written professional opinion such intentionally conspicuously hidden from the public and the person it's intended to diagnose. No prior doctor patient interaction. (The Gildreds main innocuous harassment Tool).
3. A Forced favored intent. They CREATED a (false) police report in which The Gildreds claimed criminal harassment and fear for their lives the police report in California & New York.
(No contact yet heard of by either NYC police or the police in California to person of interest in report. But the Gildreds and wife meticulously circulated its defamatory content among friends of Michael Foster in NYC known to have had quibble with the Popular NYC Tango instructor.
The report is almost 2yrs old.
#4. The Gildreds then innocuously forced favored an esteemed Attorney's Seth Alan Rafkin in persuasive admonitions to launch the ultimate let alone, be it as it may PERSONAL and MENTAL CHARACTER ASSASSINATION with intent on SELF INCRIMINATING wife's Tango lover at will or at minimal at least so as a retort assumed by the Gildreds in circulation of the love affair would Cease & Decease according to the Gildreds preemptive (unconstitutional) legal letter sent by attorney John Mayor who at first represented Thompson Gildred and Wife Mss. Gildred.
#. The Gildred (Husband & wife team) then over a 3 week period surreptitiously had his wife pretend be in love with him while he was in NYC by persuasively acting as the victim of husband Tom Gildred who was abusive to her even persuading him that Her near teenage daughter was at risk of honcho etc., etc., IMMEDIATELY once the Gildreds and their innocuous false favored attorney found the TANGO LOVER had persuasively GONE MAD enough their move was on to berry the hatchet by
#5. Launching an archipelago of incremental innocuous circumstances including the use of Tom Gildreds populace contacts in California and NYC. The assumed MADNESSES of the Tango Lover was innocuously Equated to that of the madness's of the California couple who is yet to close on an ongoing litigation in the New York Supreme Court. The Tango Lover is acting Pro Se for fear it's easier the Gildreds could convince any attorney innocuously by force favored pay per usage. In the meantime Thank God for a 1st Amendment Right to FREE SPEECH. Be it as it may.
The Gildreds May eventual win their court litigation proceedings but until the THE GENERAL PUBLIC IN Del Mar, Rancho Santé Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, 92130 San Diego, California and New York City needs to know the truth and trust your instincts to unraveling the rights of an ordinary Tango Dance artist instructor who'd happened upon a misshaped after being persuaded by a lover in Mss. gildred Carolina Gloria Hernandez Garcia that somehow she wanted him closer enough for him to want her to his ultimate madness.37697682_1552404538304760_r.jpeg37697682_1552404587966525_r.jpeg


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Michael Tango 
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