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Hi Everyone, My name is Kyle James and I would like to thank you first of all for taking the time to learn about who I am, where I came from, and where I'm trying to go.

I was born in London, Ontario Canada. My mum had two jobs to support me and my brother because my father was a heavy drinker and did nothing to contribute to the household. 

We often had financial struggles because my father's lack of contributions and the fact he would steal money that my mum had saved for the utility bills to go out drinking.

This effected our family because we sometimes had no electricity, gas, or hot water. On more than one occasion I had to boil water to take a bath. 

Then in 2003 my mum was diagnosed with cancer and she put up a good fight for about a year. However, later her health began to deteriorate and she lost her battle with cancer on August 22nd 2004.

Her death hit me hard and I was broken for a while but I still managed to finish elementary school and then go on to high school. My father just kept drinking and used the rest of my mum's life insurance money to live off of instead of finding a job. When my father is drunk he is really unpleasant so I moved out and went to go live with my grandma and went on to graduated from  high school. 

My grandma was only doing a little bit better than my father financially because she had two jobs and I helped out with having a part time job in retail. I went to Humber College in Toronto in 2009 and I was enrolled in Broadcast Radio but I found that the program was not for me and I subsequently dropped out.

In 2010 after years of struggling with my relationship with God and accepting who I am I came out as gay to a few close friends.  My grandma who's mental health was beginning to deteriorate found out from my father that I was gay. I had told my father but I did not think he would tell her because of her mental state.

My grandma who was and still is a devout Christian with homophobic views took the news hard and it was worse on her because of her dementia. Living with my grandma got hard because of the emotional and verbal abuse from her lashing out at me. 

All through that, I enrolled in Paralegal Studies at Humber College in 2014 and graduated in 2015 with a diploma. After Graduation it was pretty hard finding work and I would find temporary office work through a temp agency all while keeping a steady part time job. To help my grandma make ends meet.  It was in my Paralegal Studies program that I discovered that I qualify for British citizenship through my mum who happened to be from the County of Warwick and that I can move to England and go to Law School. 

I also discovered that I like areas of law such as human rights, torts and contracts. One day I want to become an excellent Human Rights and Entertainment Lawyer. 

In early January  2018 my grandma's dementia got worse because she started to accuse me of doing things that not only had I not done but had I no knowledge off, and she told me to start looking for another place to live to put it mildly.  My father came to live with her and look after her.

I was accepted into 4 UK Universities, and started saving up what I could to live there.  I saved up £14,000 to pay tuition which was enough to get myself enrolled and pay for accommodation in the first year.  I'm Canadian and classify as an international student for the first 3 years I live in the UK, so my tuition is higher than home and European union students.

I accepted my offer from London South Bank University's LLB course because of their highly praised teaching methods and student satisfaction records. I take part in Internal Mooting Competitions and I'm a member of the LSBU Student Law Society.

Tuition for me is £13,780 per year for three years to the sum of £41,340.  I already payed £10,000 as a first instalment to get myself enrolled and I owe another £3,780 for the remainder of first year. I have already payed for my accommodation which is £2,000 each term in a year.

I owe a remaining £31,340 to tuition and I'm at risk of getting withdrawn before I can graduate. I have a part time job as a waiter but I can only work 20 hours a week during the school term.  I've done my calculations and at £8 and hour mostly part time won't be helpful when it comes to paying for my education.

I had a sponsor that was going to fund my education if I came and worked for them after I graduated but that organization has faced an unexpected financial loss in 2018 and phoned me telling me that they could no longer sponsor me any time in the foreseeable future. 

I got that bad news when I had already landed in England and relying on their promise.  London South Bank University insists on payments in full on their specified due dates in September or February or in 3 instalments in a semester.  I have applied to a long list of loans, grants, and scholarships to help fund my education but my application was either overlooked or rejected. Neither my father or grandma could afford to help me as they simply don't have the money to help me.

This past December 2018 I was looking up different approaches to my financial problem while surfing the web on my laptop and I came across  GoFundMe and I thought I would try it as a last resort.

I know £31,000 is a huge sum of money to raise but you may be prepared to invest in me so that I can turn around and give back to the community and the world at large in years to come. I have socially responsible dreams that I would like to see come to fruition one day.

As you have read above, I have faced struggles and adversity throughout my life: financial struggles, having no electricity, no gas,  boiling water to take a bath, my father's alcoholism, my mother's death, me learning to love myself and accept who I am as a black gay man, my grandmother's dementia and rejection of me. Every time a bad situation kicks me down I rise up even stronger.

The thought that my dream of graduating from law school and becoming a lawyer because of my lack of funds is devastating and it scares me. I've come such a long way and I fear that I may be defeated by my financial setbacks that have plagued me all my life.

I am losing hope that I'll find another sponsor, and I know that I cannot possibly earn the necessary amount of money to pay for another year with the conditions of my tier 4 student visa because I'm allowed to work 20 hours during the term. I was warned by financial aid at London South Bank University that If I don't either pay the £31,340 in full or in annual instalments of £13780, my visa will be cancelled and I'll be repatriated back to my home country.  

Your donation will do so much. I will be allowed to sit my spring exams, and go into my second year and I will be allowed to stay and live in the UK through the duration of my student visa and graduate from LSBU.

Any amount you can donate is will be appreciated with the warmest regards. I will also accept a scholarship if you have one to offer to someone like me. And Please share my story if you have nothing to donate as awareness of my GoFundMe page is also effective. 

Finally Please keep me in your thoughts and in your prayers as I am known as a very positive person but I am worried that this is my last chance and may dream may not come true if a miracle doesn't happen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

Warm Regards.


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Kyle James 
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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