Geni's battle against the big C

Family and friends,
I'm sorry. I'm really not a writer. I'm doing this for my wife that I love with all my heart.
Please donate to help Geni get through these tough times and beat cancer! The past two months has been shocking and difficult as our friend.. my wife Geni was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer is Breast Cancer. It's an aggressive cancer. She has a tumor on her right breast and a couple of little ones under her left arm. Its stage 3a and it hasn't spread yet beyond what they've found. Thank God for that! So she has decided that she wants to have the double mastectomy so she can knock out the chances of it ever coming back to the other breast. So first up is a 4 month treatment of Chemo to shrink the tumor(which will be starting in a couple of weeks). Then the double mastectomy surgery to take take out the tumor. After some time to heal and gain her strength back, she will then go for cosmetic surgery to get her implants. Doctors are saying this battle could last a year or longer.
Geni has met with an oncologist (among many other doctors) and I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be a tough long road. HOWEVER, it's important to note this should not be looked at as a lengthy process but by taking one step, one day at a time. I have complete confidence Geni will make it through this and come out on top, along with friends and family. She's in good spirits considering the circumstances..and is rolling with the punches. She's a tough girl and that's what fighters do.
Geni just wants to carry on and live like every other day. She is nervous about losing her hair. However, she is rather excited about donating her hair to Locks of Love. A foundation that takes donated hair and gives them to children dealing with suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. .
The oncologist is also concerned with her reproductive system, so we are looking into the fertility process. She is nervous about the whole children situation because of the risk, but is staying positive. She wants the chance to have a child in the future. But if we don't act fast.. that chance will be gone. After a women has chemo she will never be able to have a child.
So this is one of the reasons I'm posting her story and asking for help. We are on Medicaid. She was the one working full time. I work seasonal and collect unemployment when there's no work. Now I am her care giver. I'm the one who's gonna be there with her by her side and fighting this battle. We found out recently if she doesn't go to a fertility clinic soon and get her eggs preserved..she won't be able to have kids after the chemo. So now our problem is Medicaid doesn't cover any kind of fertility treatments. We are stuck and time is ticking. She doesn't have that much time before she has to start chemo.
The other problem we have is bills and rent (transportation is getting to be really expensive also.. after all these appointments) Most importantly rent. Ever since we found out she had these tumors, its been a whirlwind of appointments and procedures..poking, prodding and examining. She had to leave her job to focus on fighting this battle. So now we are behind on our rent and the landlord is moving forward with trying to evict us. We are one step from the streets. We are ready to do what we have to do..but she's more worried about our dog. SMH. We are waiting on Social Security benefits to help us but that's gonna take about 6 months. We really don't have much time left.
People have asked what they may "do" for Geni. Well here it is: you may donate whatever you can to help support her and alleviate some of the stress that no one talks about, the financial stress. Our ambitious goal will help to defray the cost of the medical bills and time that she is unable to work. Anything that you can contribute is greatly appreciated. She is so thankful for all of the love and support she has received since she found out this terrible news. Please continue to keep Geni in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for your love and support!
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