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I AM ASHAMED THAT IN AMERICA, a woman who alleges a single sexual assault by a fellow high schooler decades ago, who cannot provide a single element of viable proof, and who's testimony is rather contradictable point by point, is able to draw nearly $1M in gofundme funds because it revolved around a Political Circus... but a gofundme for the benefit of hundreds of (mostly women) ongoing victims of constant attacks, some involving assault and battery, rape, all involving mental tortures (described herein)... draws virtually no useful contributions.


The Free Will Society mission is to aid the worst cases of stalking victims, those persons so battered and tortured emotionally and/or physically that they can no longer cope with society at large, often seeing everyone a potential threat. While such fears are often seen as unfounded by outside observers under the assumption the threat has eneded, their true enemy is often still out there, waiting, watching, and justifying their self-imprisoned exile. Walking out the door could be one of the last things they ever do, either for a fact, or in their fear-filled mind. We can fix that.

We seek to establish a safe, inexpensive, and self-sustaining intentional community to serve as a hospice to help restore crushed souls and, after a time, enable them to return to normalcy in a manner free from worry, and well able to deal with any future threat. We've already proven it works on a small scale beta test. Here is an overview of the problem:

Sadly, no expert, even within Law Enforcement, can rightly tell any individual victim their fear is exagerated, or invalid, even if a perp has been taken off the streets by authorities; many stalking victims are stalked multiple times, and some stalkers work in pairs or even packs. For this reason, the notion that traditional therapy is the answer is unworkable for many victims with the more deeply crushed spirites; they dare not venture forth to seek such counseling.

There is another category of stalking victims no one likes to admit exists, but who have reached out to Mr. Sweeney, including high Presidential Cabinet members, authors, doctors and scientists, all whistleblowers or politically incorrect persons targeted by 'person or persons unknown:' powers and principalities waging a methodical campaign from which escape seems impossible. The Society's solution should be able to help victims of this sort, as well.

Founder H. Michael Sweeney, a privacy/security consultant/author has worked with more than 12,000 deeply impacted victims over two decades, and can categorically state that all the laws and actions of law enforcement have consistently proven woefully inadequate in terms of protection. No government agency or NGO has to date offered solutions which fill this desperate need.

We turn to you and ask... if 1 out of 6 women is going to be stalked in their lifetime, how can this not eventually impact on you, personally? Roughly 76% of femicides have involved stalking, half of them previously unreported. Roughly 3 women a day, every day, are murdered this way. And yes, men and even youngsters are stalked, too. About a fourth of all cases are men. As males are often more able to deal with it, it is simply less often mentioned. Non adults, however, are lumped with adults in FBI data... and the data is grim...

FBI reports 7.5 million stalking cases in 2016, noting that half of stalking goes unreported (in the manner of Rape cases, and for like reasons). Cases are increasing a rate 25 times faster than population growth over the last three years. The Center for Disease Control has studied the phenomenon as a social mental disease, while private research groups suggests our modern wi-fi, GMO, and industrially polluted and radiated World somehow contributes. 

Please read on, to learn how the Society, with your participation, can help reduce the suffering with a proven solution. 

Knowledge is a line of defense for you and the women in your life. Learn more about stalking and our solution at, and subscribe there, and here at our gofundme. And, of course, donate to this project. Updates to this project, here, will also prove educational (subscribe and share).

       Note: this gofundme is a continuation of an earlier
       Society project quite identical in nature, which did
       result in a successful beta operation. That original 
       gofundme will be or has been already shut down. It
       is being replaced by this gofundme effort, intended      
       to support a full-scale implementation of the original
       plan. The beta program proved viability.

       Sad that due to a lack of caring by gofundme readers,
       the Society has had opportunities to garner huge
       donations, but could not show 'viability' due to the
       small level of donations in our gofundme effort. In like
       manner, we have had wonderful properties offered to
       us at extremely favorable financial terms, but were 
       unable to act upon them for like cause. EVERY SINGLE
       DONATION matters, irregardless of dollar amount.

Help seems hopeless. Many agencies and resources that victims rely upon for help tend to end up making things worse. It is far easier for the Police to presume the victim is imagining things or exaggerating, than to provide protective surveillance and investigate any suspects (unless we are talking about romantic stalkers, or stalking born of broken romance, where it is possible to get a restraining order). That, and inadequate laws are largely why the above statistics show Police involvement does not protect victims. 

Lawyers will often tell a victim they have a good basis for legal action, but after collecting a lot of fees, like Police, admit a lack of useful evidence. Unless the victim can also afford expensive private investigators and perhaps body guards, such comes to naught. Most victims do not have that kind of money. Charities can offer superficial and fleeting help, but primarily focus on spiritual and emotional support. While valuable, perhaps, they resolve nothing, and sometimes lead to unexpected vulnerabilities.

In the end, the matter escallates unfettered until some horrific deed finally gets Police actively involved. All too often, that is far too late for the victim. They are either hospitalized, burried, or mentally scared in ways beyond adequate description. It is the worst of these cases the Society seeks to rescue, those for whom society itself has come to be seen as a threat.

Fear reigns unchecked. Imagine being so afraid of your stalker that you are unable to leave your home for fear of what will happen when you do; unable to work, shop, walk your dog, or do anything approximating Free Will without confrontation of some kind. Worse, imaging being a single person at home afraid they will find a way to get in once again, to harm you or your pets, or do unspeakable things to your property as psychological 'calling cards.' These are the victims the Free Will Society seeks to aid; persons totally incapacitated in every meaning of the term, and denied Free Will.

               Old and new lock/door... days after install
         (dissmantled, the tumblers had been neutralized)

Finally, a path to solution. It takes someone with a specialization in privacy and security to know what is needed, which is why Mr. Sweeney formed the Free Will Foundation. In fact, he himself was thrice a victim who managed to win, and it was those experiences which led him to specialize in the first place. His victories were well and good, but the typical victim seldom gets to enjoy them.

For them, the solution is fairly straightforward; get out of Dodge.

Stalking takes place in a social environment rooted in the constructs of civilization, where large numbers of people and structures (buildings) make it easy for stalkers to ply their trade hidden in plain sight. It allows them to blend in and to torment unseen, or to be deliberately known to their victim, and yet not draw attention of witnesses. While there are a wide variety of stalking methods and levels of threat and harm which can be inflicted, the one commonality is that the worst stalkers are almost always sociopaths and/or psychopaths, extremely smart and clever. They operate surreptitiously and covertly, overt only with care when they are certain they can get away with it.

So, for victimswho dare not exercise Free Will, we need a new solution. They literally cower in their homes waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is no life, at all. No security in ones person, home, or possessions, often sabotaged as part of a financial ruination which results in time. No hope.

The magic bullet. Take away the environment which enables the stalker to operate as if a ghost. Get rid of 'civilization.' Better, do it in a way which significantly reduces the financial burden of survival, and provides an alternate, less complicated civilization. Best of all, do it in a way which restores not just privacy and security, but freedom to socialize once more, and have true freedom to express Free Will, and the pursuit of happiness. 

That solution is called Free Will Haven, a deeply rural and intentional community made up of stalking victims; their own private civilization free from fear of stalking. A hospice or respite within which they can heal, and once healed, elect to remain or to relocate quietly undetected to start a new life free of old enemies. They can also venture out to the greater World in protected groups, to enjoy events, shopping, and all that the rest of scociety has to offer.

Such a community can also offer training courses against stalking methods, relying upon Mr. Sweeney's practical first-hand knowledge. Local cottage industry will be encouraged to bolster weakened personal finances. Think of it as getting back to Mother Nature, and to one's own original inner nature, a kind of 'summer camp' that lasts as long as is needed. It is a vacation from dread, and a path to its final elimination.

To better understand how to do this, the Society has become member of FIC, the Fellowship for Intentional Communities, a global collective of community expertise and 'been there-done that' how-to knowledge. This will help us through any rough spots in this great adventure, providing a literal library with hundreds or resource materials on how to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Project funding: Mr. Sweeney is seeking to buy land for the Society, which will serve as the homestead for Free Will Haven. Such land, unless already improved usefully, will need improvements to make it habitable, such as bringing utilities to the site, and establishing centralized services, facilities, and equipment for common needs, such as raising crops, felling/removing trees, etc.

Housing is not an issue. Residents will generally be encouraged to arrive in RV vehicles which can provide short- or long-term living space. They may optionally construct or install tiny homes or other kinds of homes, and then make their RVs available to newcomers who do not have such resources. Cost of living for a resident should be well under $500 on average. As most are on some form of SS/SSI or other fixed incomes, this enables them to actually build up useful savings for emergencies or eventual relocation back into society.

Improvements therefore need only address items and services needed for taming the land and addressing common needs, such as centralized storage, laundry, and meeting space. In time and with your help, it is hoped the Society can also help fund relocation of stalking victims to Free Will Haven; many are destitute as result of financial harms caused by long-term stalking. For now, even at our current goal, we may need to limit access to those able to fund their own relocation.

Donations that matter: Every donation is valued, but sharing and spreading the word is treasured. While large donations have significant value, one hundred $5 donations are more important than one $500 donations given the increased spreading of the word they represent.  That said, anyone willing to donate $100 or more would automatically be given access to the private Membership facebook pages as honorary Member for one year (requires we know your facebook account name). This is the best way to follow the progress of the project, and participate in decisions that impact how money is spent.

Donate $1,000 or more, and Membership is for life. $10,000 or more, and one will be entitled to sit on the Managing Board, which decides policy and direction matters more directly. Unlike the original beta effort, the goal is more open ended, and ongoing, this time around. We have a lot of work to do, and rather than a handful of pioneering residents, we will be looking to benefit hundreds of stalking victims over time, and even to replicate the site across the country, even internationally, to help untold thousands.

To apply for residency, a stalking victim must be a member of the Free Will Society. As of this writing, we have some 26 members, many eager to be residents, and roughly 15 more in the application process. However, anyone may join the society and participate in helping to shape its policies and projects... which in time, will go well beyond Free Will Haven.



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