Facing eviction and homelessness, please help.

Please help us save our home and "possibly" all our worldly possessions. On 10/8/19 we were informally delivered a notice of pending eviction. Note: Official eviction proceedings have not been started "yet" but are ultimately forthcoming, pending a meeting with the "local" park management on Friday 10/11, to try and come to some sort of payment arrangement designed to bring us up to date. We were initially informed that if we do not come up with two months lot rent in five days that a formal and binding eviction proceeding would commence against us. We currently owe $1,244.62. which includes the month of september, and the beginning of october, including late fees. Adding insult to injury, we were also informed that the "corporate" park management could take uncontestable action against us including immediate possession of our mobile home to do with as they please, including removal or re-sale, in spite of the fact that we technically own the home, paid for in cash. When we bought our home in this park for nearly $20,000  2 1/2 years ago we were unaware that if/when we were ever served with a court ordered eviction, park management has the right to full, and immediate ownership of anything and everything included in the mobile home without "ANY" further compensation, regardless of the amount owed in arrears, even with a potentially large leftover balance. We were informed by the person delivering the informal notice that there might be free legal representation available to help us get this matter straightened out. We immediately called, and upon contact with a knowledgeable attorney we were informed that this is something that these "Big Corporate" park owners can and usually do get away with in these proceedings, especially since our home is a double-wide mobile unit that would cost thousands to detach and move, and the need of a suitable land purchase to place it on. Management also has the "right" to tack on any and all potential "leftover" rental payments for our yearly lease term. In our case that would be nearly another six months at $585.00, plus 10% per month. This is also legally binding because we unknowingly signed the lot/land use rental agreement and didn't fully understand the exact consequences of such an action in an eviction proceeding . This is how these big corporate owned mobile home parks make an extreme amount of extra income. Management gets people to sign these lot/land use rental agreements which are nearly 20 pages in length and not very easily understood by non-attorney tenants. They then raise the rent annually and when the tenants can no longer afford to pay the rent, due to loss of income, illness or death, or being on a fixed income, etc. the landlord  takes everything from the tenant,  (including but not limited to all of their worldly possessions) without any further compensation. If a person can not afford to pay their rent then how can they afford to secure a storage unit for their possessions?  With our situation we were given the first five day notice for demand of payment. Which means that if we can not come up with the rent that is due, or agree to a totally binding payment agreement after our meeting with the local park manager, formal proceedings will commence, and very shortly, we could have as little as 24 hours to vacate our home and be forced out onto the streets, homeless, and to have to leave all of our belongings behind as well because we have no place to store/put them. My fiance and I were over the road team driving truckers, who when we were working had the capability to make a very decent monthly income.  We spent a lot of money on moving here to Florida from our former homes in NY, and together were very capable of taking on the debt we did. Because of an incident that had occured over 2 years ago, and was unbeknownst to the Florida division of the D.O.T., which recently came to light, Tim was forced to surrender his CDL license and is permanently disqualified from continuing to drive commercial vehicles. In turn we "both" had to resign from our previous employer back in July of this year.  We both have since been relentlessly seeking some kind of comparable employment. There has been some temporary, and yet to be seen potentially long term  success for Tim in the home improvement industry with a very concerned and helpful  friend that is bringing in just enough for the very basic of needs, as he builds up his future potential, and a much better than $10.00 an hour job he has thus far. Beyond that there have been no other positive and definitive results as of yet. Lauretta has had a couple of potential leads on jobs that did not require a CDL which she still legally possesses and can use, but with just over minimum wage pay and in most cases no benefits. Unfortunately Lauretta has never gotten the second call for an interview from any of them. Some good news in all this "darkness" is that there is a local, highly reputable and international company involved in mining and the explosives industry looking to diversify their employment ranks by hiring experienced female Class B CDL drivers . Lauretta has been in contact over the last couple of days, with a direct company recruiter, discussing her 100% safe driving record, and qualifications, and the potential opportunity appears to be very promising. Lauretta's recruiter has stated they are more than willing to work very closely with her to meet all the necessary requirements of the job. The potential salary, and awesome benefits package as well., has us both very excited  about the possibilities. They are very willing to teach and train Lauretta for everything she needs to know, including Haz-mat training, equipment operations, etc.  to be very successful in the opening position, and any and all future advancement opportunities. Lauretta is extremely excited, really wants this job, and we are praying it all works out for the best. In summation we would like to close with a sincere request that you try and see it in your hearts to "Help" us get a handle on our future, with a "hand-up" and not a hand-out. Prior requests for some help were met with certain people telling us they would help, but if they did they would only be "enabling us to stay in the situation we find ourselves in" instead of being of any real assistance, and we totally disagree with that assumption. Definition of enable..... enable [ en-ey-buhl ] verb (used with object), en·a·bled, en·a·bling. to make able; give power, means, competence, or ability to;  authorize: "This document will enable him to pass through the enemy lines unmolested". to make possible or easy:  "Aeronautics enables us to overcome great distances". to make ready; equip (often used in combination):  "web-enabled cell phones". We would like to thank each and everyone who reads this in advance for any considerations you might have , be they small or large donations, that indeed can get us through this temporary "Set-back".


  • Cindylee Ricci 
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    • 7 mos
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    • $25 
    • 11 mos
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Lauretta Morton 
Brooksville, FL
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