Love in the Form of $ Energy

Below you will see my original campaign description. But first I want to share with you the miraculous events that have unfolded in result of this campaign. It may be a little lengthy, but I think you'll find it's a good read :)

I set up this campaign when I received an eviction notice and spiraled into a depression. I have been struggling in more ways than one could count my entire life. When I had no money and felt useless and certain that any step forward led to 5 steps back, I had given up all the hope I'd put into life. I could see no solution that was good enough for me to keep going, in the literal sense. I had decided to give up.

I'm part of a spirituality based FB group called Teal Tribe (as in Teal Swan, the spiritual teacher). This is no ordinary group of 10,200 souls; it will become to you evident why. I posted my distress on there. Not to seek help or guidance, just to share my view of the world. Instantly they started sending me love and support without judgement. They inquired more only in order to try to help me. Several people responded to my simple post of "Just kidding. Delete all my optimism. I give up. I gave it my best."

I did not want help in any form as I was certain there was no help or advice good enough for me, yet they kept supporting me. Once I explained my current situation they all told me to set up a GoFundMe account. I did not want, as I called it, "strangers' pity money." I said I wanted to have a family to turn to when I need help. A family in the traditional sense, I have never had.

At this point I had decided to private message a very gifted member of the Tribe for help. I told him I was stuck. He helped me to get out of my depression spiral. I was by no means happy, but I was no longer stuck in that no-solutions mindset. I returned to the Tribe to re-read all the supportive things they said, now with a new mindset.

I shared with them I could appreciate their loving responses now. They persisted in wanting to help me financially. So we talked more about what accepting money means to me and why it made me feel nauseous at the thought of it. Why it wasn't an option for me. They were able to express their genuine love for me in a way so that it finally registered to me. They pointed out I WAS asking my family for help. They told me in what ways they love and appreciate me. They explained that what they wanted to give me was merely love in the form of money energy-- as money itself is nothing, it is the energy that money represents that gives it value.

I meditated on the thought of exchanging love, as I before could not see it as an exchange, but only something I could give but could not get back. It sounded magical to me. I wanted to experience the family they were offering to me, as I do not have one of my own but have always mourned the loss of it. They were able to express their genuine, unconditional love so perfectly to me, I decided to set up a GoFundMe account and shared it with them in my post. It was still extremely hard for me to do. This was my original campaign description on GoFundMe's website:
"If you want to send me LOVE in the form of money energy since that's what my landlord requires of me to keep my home, I'd be infinitely appreciative."

You'll never believe what happened next. Within 5 minutes They had given me $3533. I didn't even see it. I only knew about it from someone telling me in the post. Looking at that number didn't even register to me as money. It was a tidal wave of love that knocked me over instead. Immediately at least a dozen people were commenting on the post, incredulous, all excited for me and in witnessing this miracle that transpired before our eyes. I was too shocked and reeling from the feelings of everything I had ever wanted to join them.

Instantly, all at once, I felt the support of a true family, unconditional love, believing in myself, the security of knowing the Universe will provide me with everything I need, the freedom to be my authentic self and to pursue it and express it. The sensation of finally Being my authentic self. I was shown it's not just ok to be myself, however I am, at every moment, it's not just acceptable, it's Appreciated. It's Celebrated. I was shown that the miracles I asked for really do exist and I, just like everybody else, deserve them. I felt completely at one with every life form in existence and worthy of having all these things I'd ever wanted.

The entire Teal Tribe was inspired and transformed. The post went from about 100 comments up to that point on November 11th to about 400, now on November 13th. All of members expressing ....wordless emotions! Even I struggled to condense into words the massive experience I'd had. These are some examples of their comments:
•This was such a game changer people. You are all playing your parts so well. Thank you all for participating in community. And showing me this was more than wishful thinking, I really needed that.
•True beauty of humanity at its finest!!
•Ohhhhhh wooooooooooowwww hooooowhoooowwwhooooow!!!!! This is just so flippin freaking amaaazing!!! :D big hooray to the power of love and the power of the universe and the power of oneness kicking into this life!!! I am speechlessly in awe!!! Rachel Caruso my dear, you are so supported! I am just in a blissful state for you! :)
•Its kinda totally amazing and is really tripping me out how we are all so worked up about people not just being ignored and discarded, but cared for and supported for just being authentic. A sad statement about the state of the world. This should be common place and we should be shocked if it didn't happen.
•I'm fucking crying man. I feel like I'm having a really bad/really good trip and I've just shit myself but don't even care because I feel ssoooooo gooooood.. So I can't imagine how Rachel feels. xD
The spiritual teacher, Teal Swan herself even commented:
You see, If you open yourself up to receiving, the universe can finally give you what you have been creating and desiring all along. As far as I am concerned THIS is the best thing to ever happen in Teal Tribe. This thread made me cry. I woke up to this post this morning with more hope for people than i've had in the last year. So this morning I have someone to thank... Rachel Caruso Because you posted your despair and because you were open enough to receive... we all got to see what we are really capable of doing together and we got to experience the value of real community and family. I have to thank you personally because I have been feeling like I am fighting against the world in trying to make this society and world a place where we are WITH each other instead of against each other. And because of this post, I don't feel that way anymore. It is like you have breathed light into my lungs and I have cried from the relief of it. You will have the opportunity to be there for people in this very same position as you found yourself many times over in your life to come... But today I want you to soak up the way that people love you and care about you and the value we see in you. And I want you to see that in the receiving... you have GIVEN to all of us. You and the many people who have lent their consciousness to this thread have given me more hope in one facebook thread than I have found in a year. Endless gratitude for every single one of you. The way it feels to know that people care... It is the warmth of someone's gentle touch in the middle of a bitter and violent war. It has broken me in a way I have wanted to be broken forever. Love TEAL

So that is my story of this campaign. Only my story, our story, continues on into further greatness. I have been lifted to a new plane of existence to which I can share with every single life in this world, whether I've met them or spoken to them or not. My energy is infinite, and it is now on the level of innate value and infinite love. I want this to show You, you are worthy and you will receive everything you've ever wanted. If you only Receive. Because "you" and "I" is only an illusion. You are me, I am you, we are One. To give is not to deplete yourself, to receive is not to deplete others. Instead, receiving and giving only expands every soul.


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Rachel Caruso 
Hagerstown, MD
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