Evan's Elves :Helping Families 2017


Friends & Family,

This will be our 6th Year of doing Evan's Elves and with each passing year we try and break last years records. 

***Remember, even $5 helps...these families have much less than you and I. If you can afford to eat out, get your nails done on a weekly basis, have a few $2 beers at the bar...than you can give up one of your luxuries (YES...They are luxuries) and make a minimal donation to assist at giving a child a Christmas. Remember your Christmas as a child, how would you feel having nothing to open. And this year is easier than last year, as long as you have a debit/credit card you can donate at fundme.com and not have to find away to track me down and give a cash donation...if you have questions please ask.

Some of us have time...some of us have money...some of us have both.

Some of us have struggled...some of us view ourselves as struggling...Some of us have it all...some of us give more than we can afford.

All of us would probably prefer a new car, a new home, a new leather jacket for the winter...maybe a day at the spa or two tickets to a concert. All of these items are amazing wants.

There are many people in our world, country, state, city, neighborhood...maybe even family. That want a new toothbrush in the same way you and I want a day at the spa.

I am fortunate to be 28 years old and had a family that cared so much about me to make sure that I always had my needs met and some extra items to make me feel special. My family did not have millions, but they proved that we had enough.

As a young man who still has an idolized dream of changing the world. I turn to my friends and family to assist in my goal. I dream of making people smile, being able to create "Only Seen in Movies" kind of moments for those who I do not know...or maybe in some cases they are people in my life. Over the past two years, I have taken on a lot of personal events to assist in making others lives more special.

Usually, unless you live close to me is a donation obtainable. Of course writing a check is always welcomed, but as I am learning...not many have check books anymore.

So if you trust me enough, you hopefully trust me enough to make a donation and to know that it will be going to creating an amazing memory or assist someone who does not have much.

Many do not have the time and many think that they have to donate $50+ in order to "donate" that is far from the truth. $5 makes a large difference, specially if everyone donates $5. Imagine if you can afford more, think about what that can do for someone.

Avoiding buying a Big Mac meal (which none of us need, but many want) once a week and donate that money to assist at allowing us to plan an event for a family who is currently down on their luck, or buying jackets for children for the upcoming winter.

I have many ideas and welcome suggestions and I welcome volunteers who wish to assist me and plan rather than donate. I will take whatever assistance I can get so that genuine acts of kindness can continue to occur.

So please if you have any questions, ASK me. I am more than happy to supply you with where the money will be used in future events and the goals of my passion.

Thank you for your time,

Evan C.
C.E.O Evan's Elves
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    • 53 mos
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    • 100 $ 
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  • Michael Quaine 
    • 20 $ 
    • 53 mos
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    • 100 $ 
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Evan Christopher 
Dearborn Heights, MI