40062558_1561084531268846_r.jpegThe Short Summary:

“Eagle Without Wings” Movie tells the Power of the soul’s spirit to birth destiny from despair. If you’ve ever asked the question,‘ why me?’ If you’ve ever known devastating loss, be equipped and transformed as you embark on this remarkable voyage of one extraordinary servant from the paralysis of victimization, to warrior triumphant. In 1963, Tawana was born without arms & impaired use of her legs due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Tawana's mother knew that it would be a challenge for the family but she also knew that this was apart of a mother's love, so she figured it out. After months of calling different Agencies for help in Tawana's life's situation with no results... In desperation she wrote a heartfelt letter to the President of the United States John F. Kennedy who then intervened in her young life immediately. At only 11-1/2 months old she was admitted long term to the Duke Cerebral Palsy Hospital in Durham, North Carolina where she was trained to master her feet, her toes and the mobility to do what she could by using what she had. 

Tawana grew up in the Washington DC area and fought in spirit most of her adolescent life because she always felt inferior to others. Later in life she had so many challenges & adversities with peer pressure & fitting in. As a teenager she survived the trauma of gang rape during a home invasion, in her early twenties she was raped by her step father, she experienced abortion, the miraculous birth of her daughter, 10 years of drug addiction and marrying her childhood sweetheart 'Toby' in 1991. Yes, Tawana 'Beat The Odds!' 

Today Tawana is "The Hope Coach" and her Mission in life is to help those facing adversities, challenges and hardships while positively impacting, encouraging and empowering them no matter their race, age, gender, religion, disability, background or financial circumstances. Since 1996, she and her husband Toby have traveled this country speaking & giving Hope in Schools, Churches, Day Cares, Prisons, Nursing Homes, Boys & Girls Clubs, Veterans Associations, Drug Rehab Centers, Colleges, Universities, Fraternities, Sororities, Organizations & Corporations mostly free of charge. In 2002,  she created Tawana Williams Outreach, Inc. A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization  Tax ID #04-3660427 in her hometown of Wilson, North Carolina. 

Tawana Williams is the Co-Producer of "Eagle Without Wings" a true story of heroism based on her classic book "UNarmed But Dangerous" The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory! Tawana’s compelling story unfolds her will to survive the anguish of physical defect and the shame of abuse & isolation. Unable to fight with human hands, she fought in spirit and yet lives to stand through the grace and courage of God everyday.  

"Eagle Without Wings" Movie is a vision that is bigger than Tawana Williams and it will impact nations with this inspiring true story of Heroism & Courage. We need you to Partner with us so we can change the game of mindsets, people that make excuses, those that complain about everything and those who live mediocre lives looking for handouts. Tawana does so much with so little, that we as human beings ought to be ashamed of ourselves because sometimes we live defeated lives when we don't have too... Your Partnership will be such a valuable asset to make this story come to life.

What We Need & What You 'll Get:

In order to complete this goal and create “Eagle Without Wings” Movie, we need at least $2,000,000 to continue this journey. Every dollar received will help us complete the vision!  The Movie Script was written years ago, so that's not a financial issue. Today we are looking for Executive Producers to Partner & Sponsor this amazing Movie Project! To see what you will get for your Donations of at least $250 or you can call Co-Producer Tawana Williams @ 252-291-6081 between 9am-9pm est if you have further questions or concerns or visit www.EagleWithoutWings.com or www.TawanaWilliams.com. We look forward to Partnering with you in the near future!

The Impact:

At 'Team Eagle' we believe that “Eagle Without Wings” Movie will be a game changer for the film industry as well and for those who fight for change, those with disabilities and diverse situations. Tawana’s true story captivates and motivates others with her Bold Voice and her Can Do Spirit that touches each heart as she gives Hope one person at a time, whether on stage at a speaking engagement, on Television, watching her DVD, reading one of her books or just meeting her in person for the first time...You will be Blessed & Amazed. When you meet Tawana, you will see how she endured and persevered all of the obstacles that stood in her way. She removed her mountains one step at a time... We encourage you to support the vision as a Non-Profit Organization, Women's Group, Men's Group, Pastors, Ministers, Church Leaders,  Corporations, Individuals or a “Brand Participator” yes your Brand will be apart of the Movie  Script & Movie Credits, again our Movie perks are simply amazing! Visit www.EagleWithoutWings.com to see the list of perks!

We need your help and support today to make sure this Movie has the resources to be professionally constructed and completed. This true story is none like no other, this miraculous journey of pain, despair, rape, addictions, abortion and then resolute determination to Soar as an Eagle Without Wings will change your life and change the world. We have the Team Players in place to create this Epic Movie. We're looking for like minded Partners such as yourself to participate in this Movie Project. This is definitely going to be a win-win relationship for all that come on board.  We need women, the disabled, men, Non Profit Organization, the Me Too Movers and Shakers, Advocates of Change, Actors, Actresses, and the Underdog to help us make this happen. Can we count on you today? Your Donations & Partnerships will support us to help cover the food, travel and hotel accommodation expenses for the Team to travel to Wilson, North Carolina where most of the shooting of the film will take place, along with equipment rentals, hair stylist, make-up artists personnel, lighting, special effects, set designers, photographers, videographers, coordinators, research/archive assistants and funds to keep it going while this process unfolds and is completed.

Our Goal:

This groundbreaking opportunity will be a blessing to all that participate. At some point of the process there will be a casting call and then jobs will be created to showcase the gifts & talents in different diverse communities throughout America. In essence, we need the support of many cities including the City of Wilson, North Carolina The Mayor Mr. Bruce Rose, (who's already endorsed Tawana Williams in writing as a Beacon of Hope) The City Manager Mr. Grant Goings, delegates, other constituents, community leaders, professional business owners, the media and many communities at large and we believe this vision will work. Your donations will go directly towards completing the Movie from start to finish...Our Team Eagle Players are working expeditiously to meet our goals/deadlines, we expect the Movie to be in Theaters by the end of 2021 and we believe you will help us get it done!

Here's a breakdown of what we need and where your money will go:

Travel /Lodging - Our Team members need plane tickets, transportation, food and lodging in Wilson, North Carolina, that will be one of the major production costs. To tell this amazing diverse story with the care and integrity it deserves it will require an extended stay in Wilson, North Carolina.

Equipment Rentals - We want this film to look great and professionally created so it can get into the right Distributors for the Movie to change lives with audiences around the world at the box office in Theaters everywhere. We have some awesome creative visual ideas for dramatizations and special effects, remember Tawana does not have arms so we really need a modest but versatile camera, lighting and sound setup to pull it off!

Production Team - As our Producer, Directors & Co-Producer Tawana Williams share several responsibilities: securing and conducting interviews, sourcing shooting locations, designing the visual look of the film, crafting a precise and coherent story, amongst many other things. This Movie has a lot of responsibilities and we simply can't do everything To tell this story right we need our Producer, Director of Photography and our Team Players to make the trip with us for the duration of the project.

Miscellaneous-Hairstylists, Make-Up Artists, Costume Designers, Special Clothing for the Actors, etc. are all needed.

Risks & Challenges:

When we reach or surpass our campaign goal, that will help us make this Movie as good as it deserves to be, but if it does not quite reach the full budget goal, we will continue to soar and pull our Team Players together to get it done because quitters don't win & winners don't quit! Our Team Players have been in the Film and Movie industry for decades and they are very resourceful in their gifts. They really know how to make tight budgets go a long way. Rest assured, no matter what, "Eagle Without Wings" will come to pass and your Partnerships & generous contributions will not go to waste and your giving will never be in vain. 

Other Ways to Support

If for some reason you are not able to contribute financially, we still need your help & support in promoting this campaign to your friends, family and on your social media....maybe they can support our Movie Campaign? GoFundMe.com has provided plenty of sharing tools to make this really easy via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other websites, so we encourage you to SHARE this Campaign with all you know! Let's make a loud noise and help us keep the BUZZ going strong.

Thank You!

We would like to extend our gratitude for your interest in our Movie project. We pray that you were touched by our Angel Tawana Williams and felt our hearts throughout this Campaign. We hope you got to know "The Hope Coach"- Tawana Williams a little better. We appreciate your time, your love, your support and your prayers! Thanks again, Love, 'Team Eagle!'

"Eagle Without Wings" No Excuses, Everyone Can Fly!

For every fighter who ever stood alone, one woman’s life tells the true story of victory dawning after the darkest night.


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Tawana Williams 
Wilson, NC
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