Charlie's Medical Fund and Family

Help my family dog, Charlie, stay a family dog, a family that he needs and a family that needs Charlie. When we first got Charlie, he was in the shelter for 3 months, any donation helps and sharing this post will help. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, anywhere or with Any unused donations, after Charlie is all healthy and can stay with the family, will be stored in a savings account will be created for Charlie's future.
My dog has really bad teeth, and he needs to get them professionally cleaned, but since he's older, the vet needs to check his blood, his organs, and do more check up before they can do any teeth pulling. His gums are in really bad condition, and his gum condition can spread through his bloodstream and to his organs. My dog is almost 14 years old, and we just saved him from the shelter 1 year ago. We got him on July 2, 2016.
The money will first go to his first medical treatments (blood tests and organ check up) which is starting at around1000$ My mother has decided that is too much money, and we can't afford it. Extra money will go to his medications, and depending on how many teeth will be pulled, and recently my dog has gotten something stuck in his ear, from going outside into dry grass, and he'll scream in pain if touched. 
My mother is deciding to surrender Charlie to the shelter, so he can have a better life, but I want him to be in my life, because I know I can help him and he'll miss his family.
My Father works for about 9 hours a day working in the hot sun in a field, and he comes home to my dog and that's one of his few joys in life. I come home from school, not being able to talk to many people, but I come home to my loving dog. We taught an old dog tricks, like sit, stay, leave it, and we even taught him a little bit of Chinese (we speak Chinese), he knows treats as "Tong Gau" or candy. We call him my little brother, because I like to baby him and hold him in my arms.
Charlie is not your typical old 14 year old dog, he loves his walks, he loves to play keep away with his toys, and he loves barking at people and other dogs. He's like your old man that tells people to get off his lawn.
My mother is deciding to surrender Charlie either Wednesday, this Saturday, or in 2 weeks, and she can be determined, and sometimes reason won't stop her. My father saw me crying the day I got home from the vet, so he decided on 2 more weeks, but I'm not sure how long that'll last.
I would really appreciate the donations too. I've done all I can to try to stop my dog's gum disease, but to no use. My dog's teeth need professional help, and I've tried everything, I've used water additives, dog toothpaste, gels, antiseptics, toothbrushes, cotton pads, and chew toys. I really want to help my dog, and my mother has no idea I'm doing this for my dog, but I can't sit around and give Charlie back to the shelter. I will go back to the shelter and get Charlie back, if we surrender him, and can pay his medical bills. This is one of the few ways I know I can help him.

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