Medical Care for Rosie's parents

Update: Rosemarie’s father has passed. She would like to put together a nice service for him, and it’s going to get costly. I would like to make the passing of her father as easy as possible, and allow her to grieve without the  stress of handling fees. Thank you to all that have donated, I know you have truly touched her heart. May God continue to bless her and allow her to find peace during this difficult time. 

Sincerely, Ragan

Hello Family and Friends,

My dear friend, and former colleague, Rosie is struggling with her parents medical bills. She is an only child, and she never married. She is currently working two jobs and taking care of her parents who have become ill. The nursing fee for her father is around $800 a day. Rosie is facing a great deal of stress, between trying to make ends meet, and supporting her parents, both financially, and taking care of them herself in her time off. If you could kindly donate, I would really appreciate it. Rosie is the most kind, selfless person and she wants to be able to provide for her parents. Her parents deserve the best care possible, and Rosie needs a break from the emotional stress and well as the physical stresses. I can't even begin to imagine what she goes through on a daily basis. She is one of a kind, and the hardest working, strongest person I know. Let's help her out and allow her to spend some quality time with her parents during this difficult time. Please donate and share. 

A Letter from Rosie:

I am an only child who has been caring for my Parents since February '2013. I am struggling to afford their medical bills, as the daily nurse fee is $800, not to mention the equipment fees. My Mom has Dementia and Type II Diabetes. My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons in '2013. Over the course of time, for both my Mom and Dad, the diagnosis has required more care and medical equipment. Since New Years Eve '2016 my Dad has been in the hospital. First with Shingles , and then from the Parkinsons. Parkinsons affects the cranial nerves in the brain that control your throat muscles for swallowing. Therefore as Parkinsons progresses, choking and aspirating is inevitable. The Doctor's had to place a G-tube in his stomach for feeding since he could no longer eat or drink by mouth. During his stay in the hospital the Doctor's accidentally punctured his lung, so he had two chest tubes until the lung recovered. Then a Nurse put white tape over his feeding tube sine she thought it was loose. No one paid attention to it for 3 days until another Nurse removed the tape to find a serious infection had developed. The Doctor had to remove the feeding tube since all the nutrition had been going into the muscle wall and put him on a strong antibiotic for 2 weeks. After replacing the G-tube, my Dad was sent to a skilled nursing home and after he had been there about a month, I told the Charge Nurse they needed to call in their Respiratory Therapists for deep suctioning and a nebulizer treatment. The Charge Nurse didn't believe me, and thought his chest sounded clear. I explained it is in his throat and if you don't take care of it he will develop a mucus plug and aspirate. I kept insisting for over 5 days and then finally they said the Respiratory Therapists was called and would come on Wednesday. Then, I was told, oh he couldn't make it and he will be here Thursday, and then I was called Friday morning at 8:00am and told the Respiratory Therapist only works on COPD patients. I said that's not true they can do many forms of treatment. I went over there and asked to talk to the Respiratory Therapists and they said he left already. I explained this will be a serious problem if you don't have him do a treatment on my Dad. They didn't believe fast forward a few weeks later and a Nurse calls me to tell me I can't wake your Dad up. I went over and my Dad was red in the face, and breathing rapidly. I said he has a mucus plug call 911 and the exact same Charge Nurse was there staring at the ground as I told the Paramedics what happened. I just looked at her, now do you believe me? I wasn't making this up. SO, my Dad went back to the hospital, they sucked a mucus plug out of his throat sitting on his vocal chords the size of a saltine cracker, he had developed aspiration pneumonia and was intubated on a ventilator for 11 days then tried taking it out for 5 days, and then he choked on a ball of dry skin from when they cleaned his mouth, so he was intubated again. The Doctors said he would need a tracheotomy. The trachetomy was done first part of May. He has stablized and can go to a Sub-Acute Facility except there are only a few facilities locally and those facilties have said there isn't any room for him and the only facility that might have room is over two hours away which means I would never see my Dad as I work and take care my Mom. It is important I can visit my Dad and ensure he is getting proper care. So the only alternative is 24 hour private pay at home which would include a Nurse experienced with G-tube feeding and a Respiratory Therapist for suctioning, nebulizer treatments, cleaning of his tracheotomy and get all the medical eqipment he needs at home. This is very expensive and I can't even begin to afford it so I am reaching out for financial assistance. Thank you for your kindness and compassion during this time in my life.
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