Let's Get Candace to Seattle ASAP

It was 5 years ago, in the spring of 2013 that Candace went on a beautiful hike in the San Bernadino Mountains, CA and was bit by a tick. Her friend, an RN, helped her remove the tick and advised her to see a doctor to test for Lyme disease.

According to the CDC, Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne, infectious disease in the United States, infecting 300,000 people a year. Though the US government publishes these statistics, insurance companies do not recognize Lyme disease as a medical condition and therefore, will not cover the care or medications relating to the disease. https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/stats/index.html

Because Lyme disease is not as rampant in California as it is on the east coast, we did not think too much about the tick bite until a red ring appeared at the bite area and Candace began having flu like symptoms. It was then that she tested positive for Lyme disease and our general practitioner prescribed doxycycline. Unfortunately, this antibiotic was not the correct treatment at its stage, which had advanced very quickly, so she returned to the doctor... only to become worse.

For the next 4-1/2 years of debilitating migraines, extreme fatigue, joint pain, fainting and falling, GI issues, pick-lines, and countless tests, treatments, and medications, Candace’s condition became unbearable!

She is in pain every day. Her life is a continuous battle of stomach, head and joint pain; she has lost cognitive ability; she cannot drive; and walks with a cane for balance. She spends 80% of her time in bed suffering, unable to eat and 20% of her time, she crawls through a therapy that continues to result in little to no improvement while her body becomes more and more fragile and unable to withstand further treatments.

We have done everything possible to find the right doctors and treatment(s) throughout all of California to no avail. She is currently being treated at USC Medical by a team of doctors who are working diligently to improve her quality of life but they have had no success or solutions...  our hopes are diminishing.

She is also under the care of a specialist who is affiliated with the Sophia Health Institute in Seattle, WA, who highly recommends that she be admitted to this clinic at this very critical stage. http://www.sophiahi.com

Lyme disease has literally consumed Candace’s entire body! She now has a list of diagnosis including babesious, basal cell artery disease, micro bacterium avium, and C-diff. Founder, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and the Sophia Health Institute hosts an impressive team of world-class doctors dedicated to the studies, prognosis, and successful treatments of such complex chronic illnesses with a special division for Lyme disease. http://www.sophiahi.com/demystifying-lyme/


We are humbly asking for your financial help. Her family has exhausted all of their savings and her insurance refuses to subsidize anything more than an aspirin.

100% of your donations will pay for her program at the Sophia Health Institute set forth for March 2018.

If this is not the best time for you to donate, may we kindly ask that you share the following link with your entire network of loving and caring friends, family, and/or colleagues by email, text, or social media.


Other non-cash ways you might be able to help,
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* Air miles
* Amex (or other) points towards travel or hotel
* Hotel (or Airbnb) connections near Woodinville, WA 
* Gift cards for gas, food, drug store, etc

Every effort, big or small, will bring us closer to our goal.

We deeply thank you in advance.

TOGETHER, we can put an end to this debilitating disease and bring Candace back to life!

Yes, let's bring Candace back to the life she deserves starting right here with,


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