ACL Surgery for Kratos

                                   ADOPTION DAY

The day I actually adopted Kratos, I realized quickly that fighting a deadly Parvo virus wasn't the only struggle he'd faced within his meager 6 months of existence. I didn't see anything unusual during my first visit, as I watched him only briefly through his cage, however, the Humane Society mandates 30 minutes of one-on-one interaction before adoption, so upon returning, it became evident within seconds, that without doubt, this dog had been overwhelmingly traumatized.

DeAunte, one of my best friends and roommate at that time, had talked me up for over a year about me getting a dog. Naturally, he was with me during the first visit, and again on adoption day.

I will always remember the feeling I first got, when upon entering the room, Kratos was set free by the worker, and running towards one of us with a smile and a wagging tail, he bolted with such anxiety and fear, to the furthest distance away from us.

Shivering. Uncontrollably. He had his tail so far between his legs, I wish it were an exageration, but his tail was but inches from his own head underneath his body. Then, he peed all over the floor, continuing to shake vigorously.  

First, I tried walking slowly towards him with a calm, relaxing call, to show I was friendly. Still, he would toss himself in any way possible to avoid contact, often bumping walls in the process.

When that proved not to work, we tried laying down on the floor, calling him gently in our direction. This too failed, only breaking our hearts further.

DeAunte and I used each and every second of our 30 minute window experimenting ways to calm and relax him.

Vigorously, he shivered uncontrollably without fail, until our time expired. His tail never once came out from under his body. He peed 3 times, creating a pools with which he'd also briefly stand in.

It was clear by the end
                                                    that this dog
                                                                                 had been abused,
         possibly even tortured
                                                       by his previous owner.

He feared EVERYTHING around him
                                                                          and trusted nobody.

I knew then as I left the room in defeat,

                               ........that I HAD to help him.


                                 ONE LUCKY DOG

I met my all-time most loving, loyal, forgiving, and all around BEST friend on Friday June 1st, 2012 at the Toledo Area Humane Society in Maumee, OH.

That day:

Buddy was the only dog confined to isolation
appeared weak, confused, and terrified
Buddy faced away towards the back wall of his cage
Buddy was clearly trying to HIDE

Buddy and I connected on an emotional level that I can't explain with words. I asked if I could take him home with me THAT day.... however, that's when I found out that he hadn't been cleared yet by the medical staff.

They told me Buddy was one lucky dog to be ALIVE!

Buddy had apparently contracted a nasty virus under the care of his previous owner called Parvo, which is extremely contagious and very expensive to treat.

   80% of Parvo cases result in death if left untreated
    Even WITH treatment ONLY 85% typically survive

Buddy was quarantined for 1 and 1/2 weeks prior to my first visit to avoid spreading the deadly virus to healthy dogs ready for adoption

As FATE would have it:

< 1 HR before my FIRST visit, Buddy was no longer considered contagious and joined the healthy group!

The Vet advised me to return first thing after the weekend, that he'd be cleared Monday for adoption!

Monday, June 4th I returned to adopt my Buddy, where his name was officially changed for good.

This angel would forever be known as Kratos!

Kratos was the God of Power, Strength, and Might according to Greek Mythology.

Are you CURIOUS how KRATOS got his NAME?
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Kratos is SUCHHH a good boyy!!! He deserves to be able to stay active and bring joy to everyone he meets for many more years!!!

This surgery is estimated at just over $3,000. I'm overwhelmed having just graduated from engineering school, relocated to Cincinnati, and started a new job all within the last month.

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