Bracewater - Indie Feature Film

"The lines of justice are blurred when a small town detective’s world crashes down around her and she struggles to do the right thing."

Teaser Video:

In life we sometimes end up in a place we never thought we'd be.  That happens more often than not.
It’s funny how other people can have such an impact on the path our lives will take.

That’s something  “Bracewater” touches on.  How the actions and decisions of people closest to us can impact our lives in ways we never expected.

Right now, your decision to contribute to this campaign will have impact, you have that power, because although we have some funding available to us, making a movie, a Really Good Movie, is expensive.
That's why we need you, to help us make sure "Bracewater" is the movie it is meant to be. 

Interview with Cynthia

Where Will Your Donations Go? 
There are three major phases to making a movie (outlined below).
Your donations, combined with the financing we already have in place, will help with the first two phases.

1)  Development/Pre-production - this is where we are right now.  It involves setting the foundation for the movie.  Costs during this phase include finalizing the script, scouting and confirming locations, sourcing props, securing crew and of course ensuring we have the right cast for the movie. 

2)  Production - set to take place in the Fall of 2018.   This phase comes after the foundation has been laid.  It is the shortest part of movie making, but also the most expensive.  It's where the actual filming takes place.  It's where you hear the director call "Action" and "Cut" and requires weeks of on set time with cast, crew, lighting, sound, makeup and others.

3)  Post-Production - this is where the movie is put together.  Like a jigsaw puzzle.  It requires the director working with several individuals (editor, composer) to ensure the movie is pieced together in a manner that is engaging, clear and compelling.  It also entails things like ADR (re-recording dialogue that wasn't clearly captured during filming) and foley (the various sounds within a movie such as feet walking along a street). 

So you say, that's fine and dandy, but what's in it for me?

What's in it for you??
Glad you asked. 

Tier One ($25 or more):  You will be emailed a "Bracewater" postcard and a personalized "thank you" message from the director and writer/lead actress.

Tier Two ($150 or more):  You will be emailed a "Bracewater" postcard,  a personalized "thank you" message from the director and writer/lead actress and you will receive a copy of the completed Bracewater script, signed by the writer (to be sent after filming has begun). To receive a hard copy of the script, you will be asked to (confidentially) provide your mailing address.

Tier Three ($500 or more):  You will receive the items listed in Tiers 1 and 2, as well as a prop, with certificate of authentication, used during the filming of "Bracewater" (Director's choice).  The prop will be mailed to you after filming has completed and will require you to (confidentially) provide your mailing address.

Tier Four ($1,000 or more):  You will receive the items listed in Tiers 1-3, as well as a personal invitation to attend the cast and crew screening of "Bracewater" (airfare, hotel and any other incidental travel costs not included).

Tier Five ($5,000 or more):  You will receive the items listed in Tiers 1-4 and will also get a Producer credit in the film (placement at the discretion of the Director).

Tier Six ($10,000 or more):  You will receive the items listed in Tiers 1-4 and will also get an Executive Producer credit in the film (placement at the discretion of the Director).

We believe this movie is something that people will enjoy watching, something that people will think and talk about after having seen it.  You will be a huge part of making that a reality and for that, we are very appreciative.

Key Players:


Jim Morrison IV is a multiple Canadian Screen Academy Award-winning director with an impeccable eye and a flair for bringing interesting, compelling stories to life. 

Since his early 20's, Jim has worked internationally in over 50 countries with early success directing music videos, short films, and commercials. Ten years ago, he got into longer format storytelling in the documentary and unscripted network television space, and has since moved into the dramatic film space. 

Writer, Producer and Lead Actor:
Cynthia Crofoot 
is an established award winning actor who has been working steadily in film, television and theater for most of her life.

Her captivating and realistic performances have made her an in-demand lead actor and have garnered her several Best Actress awards. In film, she has had the privilege to work with many of Toronto’s best professionals on a number of interesting projects that have either premiered at TIFF and/or won awards at various film festivals across the country.

“Bracewater” is her first screenplay and she is very excited to have such talented and established professionals help her bring the project to life.

Other Ways You Can Help:
What happens if you want to support "Bracewater" but don't have the disposable income to help financially?

Don't worry, I get it, oh boy do I really get it!! 
It's okay, you can still help by sharing this campaign with your friends, family, co-workers and social networks. 

Help us to get the word out there.

Email:  [email redacted]

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Cynthia Crofoot 
Mississauga, ON