Bently's Chemotherapy

In December of 2016, just a month after being let go from my job of 17 years, my sweet Bently was diagnosed with small cell GI Lymphoma. He was only 7 years old.

He had just had surgery to remove a mass in his intestines when the cancer was discovered. After bloodwork and a thorough exam, his oncologist told me that he had a 90% chance of living another 2+ years if we started chemotherapy. I did not hesitate.

While funds were tight and life felt really unstable sitting in that vet's office that day, there was no question that I would do everything I could to make sure his final years on this earth were pain free.  

After 13 months on Chlorambucil (Leukeran) and doing great, his cancer came back. He lost over 2 pounds and became dehydrated very quickly.

Back to the oncologist.
Hct: 30.6% (rr 30.3 - 52.3%)
Platelets: 692 (rr 151 - 600 K/uL)
WBC: 12.52 (rr 2.87 - 17.02 K/uL)
Neutrophil: 10.38 (rr 1.48 - 10.29 K/uL)

Bently has progressive gastrointestinal lymphoma causing the weight loss, vomiting and decreased
appetite. I recommended that we treat him with supportive care, increase the dose of oral
prednisolone and consider alternative chemotherapy options such as lomustine (CCNU). If he responds
to today's treatments then I expect him to feel better within the next few days. We would continue the
lomustine treatments monthly as long as he is doing well and maintains remission.

We discontinued the Leukeran immediately and started him on Lomustine (CCNU).

Lomustine (CCNU) 10 mg given PO
Vitamin B12 inj (500 mcg) given SC
Cerenia 30 mg given SC
100 ml of SC fluids were administered

It was amazing to watch!

Within 3 weeks, his cancer was in full remission again and he was back to being a brat. And by being a brat I mean, waking me up at dawn by biting me on the nose. EVERY MORNING he does this. He is STARVING apparently.  :-)

So here we go into another year with our thumbs and paws up in hopes for good days and a chance to snuggle with his best friend #poppybritekitty for many more months.

Any help you can be to help me in my quest to give Bently the best care and keep him pain free is more appreciated than you could ever know. I hate asking for help. But I need it right now. I need to pay off a Care Credit card bill in the amount of $1,566.85 by August 31, 2018 and expect to average an additional $200/mo for as long as he is in remission.

My love and hugs to all of you who have been so supportive during Bently's illness.

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