Alyssas Angel College Fund 4 Maddy!

PLEASE COME TOGETHER FOR BABY MADDY - ALYSSA GRIFFIN, 18, of HACKENSACK & LITTLE RIVER, PASSED AWAY IN HER SLEEP AND LEFT A 1 YEAR OLD BABY: ( short url ( or Alyssa\'s Memorial Site ( PLEASE DONATE - Alyssa passed away in her sleep at the tender age of 18 - from a heart arrythmia. In other words, her heart skipped a beat and didnt come back. This was a great person and she is sorely missed by many. She left behind a wonderful 1 year old baby. The father cannot be located and now this beautiful child has niether biologial parent! These are amazingly good, innocent children that DID NOT DESERVE THIS! Alyssa\'s wonderful baby girl Maddy needs one good thing in her life! PLEASE DONATE NOW! NOT TOMORROW! THIS FUND WONT BE HERE FOREVER! Also, please repost this link or post it to your wall, Send it to someone, Tweet it, Like/Share it, comment on a post or add an email. This is for a GOOD KID that would have GIVEN YOU THE SHIRT OFF HER BACK! NOW - HELP put her baby through school because she cant be here to help! Is 20 or 30 bucks is going to hurt you to hep make that happen. It is a couple of green squares of paper. Even 5.00 helps! That is less than a pack of cigarettes or a shot of whiskey, so, in fact double it! In fact, triple it. In fact, me, as her uncle writing this, probably bought you at least 10 shots of something in the past so now its time to give back, pay it forward, whatever you want to call it. I will post all updates myself with all information for the fund once it is established, on this page. Nothing is being withdrawn until we reach our goal and the interest wont start to accrue until then!  Even if you gave at the office, we dont wanna hear, we don\'t wanna have to beat nobody up, so pass the hat or pony up :) a couple bucks to give this poor kid the break in life she so truly deserves. So the faster we reach that goal, the better! Something like this need to be done to honor the baby of an extremely good person lost way before her time. This isnt someone being ill or someone beng sick, Alyssa is gone and her baby Maddy has a real battle in front of her now. It is not right and it is not fair and this is the only thing I can think of that we can all help with. Just think, if it were you that passed on and someone asked Alyssa for a donation, WHAT WOULD SHE DO? SHE WOULD HAVE GONE OUT OF HER WAY TO HELP YOU! SO HELP HER NOW PLEASE! Here is her FB link: (!/profile.php?id=100000030318840) We need to do something like this in Alyssa\'s name! TIME TO PULL OUT THE CREDIT CARD NOW PLEASE! EVERY DOLLAR goes into an investment fund for Maddy\'s college education. Please help her get it secured NOW! We will also give Maddy a plaque when she turns 18 with all the donors on it. Think for a minute...if it was your baby that was left behind...or if you had to grow up without either parent! SHE HAS ALREADY LOST ENOUGH! Look, it takes a community to come together! We need to take care of who is left and this child needs your help! It needs to happen now! It is a one time deal and a limited time only and you cannot pass it up! If you can\'t donate please send this to everyone you know and post it where you can! And if you dont someone is going to come through this link and punch you in the nose! :) Please help! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


The following was written by me while I was setting up this fund for Alyssa. 

I am broken down in tears as I write this...I have only moments ago found this site by an accidental link in an online newspaper, reading it in a semi-comatose state from the planet of Mars. Today, Tuesday, March 15, 2012. I didn\'t realize there was a way to possibly organize something like online...much less did I ever think I would be writing something like this. That was up until September 15 of this year. Looking through some of the other child entries made me start thinking of my niece Alyssa. She passed away in her sleep from a heart arrhythmia (a form of heart attack) at the age of 18, September 15, 2011. Some of these poor children\'s stories are beyond tragic. This has all been a mind-bending, mind-numbing loss for this family.

I am Alyssa\'s uncle and I set up this fund for Alyssa and the baby she left behind, Maddy, she is in the picture at the top. Alyssa was my babygirl. We were very close and I loved her with my whole heart. There is no way to explain the loss. It is like watching your wingman, that you grew up with, get shot out of the sky. Watching everything fall to the ground in pieces and not being able to do a damn thing about it. It is like half of my died that day too. I am setting up this fund for many reasons, mainly because I hope it works, it would be nice to see something good come of this. But this isn\'t about how I feel. This is about her.

Alyssa Margaret Griffin was a spectacular, vibrant and beautiful girl who was in her 2nd week of college when she passed away in her sleep at the young and tender age of 18. she was studying to become a nurse because it was her lifelong desire to help other people, animals, anything she could. She was one of the sweetest, nicest, most endearing, loyal, non-judgemental and caring persons you could ever hope to meet. Her life was spent helping others, volunteering at various shelters, missions and church organizations. She overcame so many things quietly, non-judgementally, never really complaining about anything, growing substantially from each possible tragedy, making us all prouder by the day. she was raised as an only child to a single mother, my sister, Jennifer, who has worked at the same restaurant in North Myrtle Beach for 12 years. She did this to give Alyssa a stable upbringing. After saving everything for several years, she purchased a small home for her and Alyssa to live in, with the expectation it was going to be a 2 income household from now on. Jen is now underwater on the mortgage, plus with the economy tanked, as you can read any headline in The Sun News or Myrtle Beach Online (or many other areas) and see how bad it is and the full costs of raising a child now...The point going back to Alyssa, she was good, young, God fearing girl that didn\'t deserve to pass away at such a young age. She was just coming into her own. she was just starting to find her own happiness. She had found a good boyfriend, although he was from Moldova and had to return, she experienced true love. She told me she was crazy about him, never heard her say that before. She was working two jobs for the last year to save for school. And then this tragedy struck her life, while she was defenseless in her sleep. Her heart skipped a beat and stopped. The world lost a truly good and vibrant person that bought so much joy to everyone she touched. When she passed away, there were thousands in attendance. She touched alot of people and for that small piece, I am so incredibly happy. I read her eulogy at her funeral. She was cremated shortly after. My sister keeps her ashes on her headboard and sleeps with them at night, as well, she keep some in a silver charm around her neck. We spread some of her ashes around at a family members home upstate this Christmas, where she used to love to come, where she used to smile and have such a joyous, peaceful, happy times.

After reading a few of these others articles/ads on here, I don\'t know how you would judge the level of someones needs but I am not looking to win any awards or trophies for the saddest story. Personally, I would love to do more myself. My business used to be much more successful a few months ago, before I stepped onto this alien planet without my baby. Now I am barely hanging on. Its not all depression, yes, most days i stare at the wall wondering what there are also new regulation changes to contend with and structural maintenance and overhead is overcoming income here and so on but that is something outside the realm of this disaster. I know I am falling down, just stumbling without this little angel, my little anchor that I miss so much. I miss her calls, just babbling on like any teenager in a good mood...she was always in a good mood...

I think I am going crazy sometimes, I think she is trying to communicate with me, even though I know she is gone, I loved her so much, she was like my daughter...she didn\'t have a close father growing up. She was a mixed race child and a little overweight growing up, I know the kids teased her growing up, but kids will be kids and they have to live an authentic life (unless it gets out of hand). I couldn\'t stop the playground teasing even though I know it hurt her drastically. When she was a little older, she went thru an unexpected pregnancy in her last freshman year of high school. I could only imagine the shame she felt and insults she put up with, but she hung on and got her degree and started college like any normal 18 year old girl. She would get up at 5am, before school, to go to the town gym to workout to try to lose the weight from the pregnancy. I know she was ashamed of getting pregnant and I don\'t think she knew/believed it until month 4 or 5, but the family didn\'t find out until the last month. So Maddy was kind of a surprise. Alyssa worked at overpriced Johnny Rockets up until Maddy was born and went back to work there shortly thereafter. I know alot of people were so turned off by the quality of food and prices at this particular establishment that they left little in tip. She didn\'t make much there and put up with alot. She didn\'t complain ever, but was truthful about the situation, plus I could see it was a common occurrence. Their silly dances they make the waitresses do, overpriced lousy food and this poor, pregnant kid with a smile. It was a job she was happy to have. She had another restaurant job as well, part time in another part of town. She met a guy thru the local youth group and accidentally got pregnant. He took off too.

She overcame this all and away, always just wanted to be a good person. I am so proud of her for this.

Maddy had just turned a year old when Alyssa passed away. My sister is now raising Maddy by herself, working as a waitress, going further under everyday...I see the depression eating away at her too.

Alyssa\'s grandfather, a spectacular 90 year old retired pharmacist on SS that help mold Alyssa into the princess she was, recently read me a letter from Alyssa\'s last month in high school. The teacher wanted her to write about her hero. She wrote it to her Baba. She said she gained so much from knowing him, from his hand in raising her, he was his hero. The last line said she would love him with all of her heart forever until it stopped. The dumbass teacher gave her an 89. I mean, what can you say about this stuff. He should have given her 100. I want to take it back to him and have him re-grade it. It all just crushes me but I want this platform to tell at least some people and hopefully make a difference in this child\'s life.

Alyssa passed away in her sleep on the morning of September 15, 2011. My sister, God bless her soul, found Alyssa unresponsive when waking her for school. It was her second week of college. She was studying to become a nurse. I was a few states away where I had opened a store last year, when I heard the news. My fiance woke me screaming that the coroner had just left my sister\'s house. I couldn\'t believe it when she said the name. I put my head through the stucco wall, almost knocked out cold. Almost. I tried so hard to be. i don\'t know why I am sharing so many intimate details of my pain, while i am bawling my eyes out, it like a faucet gets turned on sometimes. I want the world to know what a special person this was. Not just to us, to the the people she touched, but to the people she had yet to touch, to heal. It is a spectacular, yet very silent loss to the world. There is some saying about if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it really fall? At minimum, I just want people to know this great tree has fallen before her time. She was just starting to step into her own, find her own happiness. She was trimming down and looking less like the goofy kid I taught how to drive and more like a wordly, beautiful young lady. I actually had not seen Alyssa for a few months before she passed, although we spoke often on the phone. 5 days before she passed, we all attended a wedding upstate, the same place where we later returned to put the ashes over Christmas. She looked wonderful and danced the night away with her Baba. You can see her last pics on the site I made for her. Seeing her then, I was so happy for her.

Her passing sparked well over 1000 people to attend her funeral. Unfortunately, in the face of this disaster, we were not thinking to set up any kind of a fund or memorial for her daughter Maddy, in hindsight, I should have done so sooner.

Maddy herself is adorable, starting to say single syllable words. She will be two in a few months. Always joyful and smiling until she hears a girls voice coming into the room...then I can see the hopeful then lost look on this beautiful, innocent child\'s face and it breaks my damn heart every time over again.

I had given my sister 1500.00 to put in a fund and I collected (and added to) a collection jar I kept on our counter here at my store which added a few hundred more but simply put, it didn\'t touch it and this is serious. Please help after I explain why. For starters, everything we had put together went for funeral costs, which were astronomical, close to 10k which we are still paying off. Gratefully, the funeral home owners have been waited on by my sister where she works and were kind enough to give us the ashes on a payment plan. Alyssa herself was about 1000.00 short to qualify for SS benefits for Maddy, so Maddy gets nothing in benefits growing up. Had Alyssa worked another 2 months, Maddy would have had at SS benefits growing up. Alyssa didnt have a life insurance policy.

With Alyssa\'s loss of income as well as my sister\'s loss of income, now she has the full costs of a baby to raise again, practically by herself. If you want the real story she is a single mom, underwater with her mortgage, is on all sorts of blood pressure meds, has had all the costs of the funeral and now legal expenses and child raising expenses dumped on her, on a waitresses salary, her anxiety and depression are through the roof as she just lost her only child and with what just happend, I dont see either one of us making it another 16 years. Plus with all the other crazy factors mentioned (and not mentioned, inflation, the spiraling costs of living and what is it going to be like in 16 years when she has college expenses) and the money my sister would have to make on her salary, this child has no chance of making it to college or having a fair shot early on. It is simply tragic, I have no other words or way to put it and we need help please. Maddy\'s parents are gone and what is left of her family is kind of hanging on by a proverbial thread. All I want is for the baby to get a fair shot, something to ease her way into adulthood. I am starting a fund on here, going directly into an interest bearing account in Maddy\'s name, to use for college costs (after the age of 18) and/or whatever is left to getting off the ground or starting a small business (after the age of 21). Considering the skyrocketing costs of education these days, inflation, etc., I am going to assume the costs are going to be substantial (even though whatever you give today will probably only be worth about 1.60 in the year 2028 :) and it will probably eat up most of the funding. After what this child has lost, especially her wonderful mother, this child, I believe deserves this much and I hope and pray I can give it to her, assured in today\'s funds as I do know the value of accrued and compound interest, even though todays rates are bad, it may not be the same in 5-10 years, hopefully. I really don\'t think we can actually attain such figure/goal but if we do, even if get somewhere close I will find a way to make the rest happen and God bless you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will update everything here personally. This whole thing just really breaks my heart, I really don\'t know what to do except try to make it better for the people who are here.

To view more on the loss of the incredible person, please view the memorial site I made her at:

Alyssa\'s Facebook Page:!/profile.php?id=100000030318840

Newpaper Links, ect...

There is a PayPal link on her page to donate straight to PayPal also.

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This is the code for Alyssa\'s widget donation. You can see it on her site at Please add it to your website or FACEBOOK SIDEBAR PLEASE!

Again, please donate. I have never asked for anything from anyone outside of our family before today but I am asking now. It would be such a wonderful suprprise for both my sister and Maddy, someday when she learns of the outpouring of support from strangers, because her mom was such a wonderful person. Again, I thank you for any help you can provide, it will funnel directly into an account which I will post later if we attain anything substantial, at least 1000.00. I will even track it weekly - actually, it will we tracked on here. I do promise to post regular updates/photos of Maddy and fund status for as long as I can. There is nothing shady here, I just want to help this baby and the only way I can try to help assure a decent chance for her future is to tell you about my incredible niece on here. I hope it helps. Please help. Honestly, I have never asked for anything that I can recall, this being the exception...Thank you again for your time if you made it this far. Have a good day too. I guess I will end this by saying if it goes anywhere I will update it often as I can and I do thank you again in advance and if it doesn\'t go anywhere maybe I can use what I just wrote on her website. I hope it does though. Thanks again.

Instead of letting this turn into a book, there are so many things I would love to tell the world about this amazing little girl and the lessons she taught me and the people she knew. I am going to end it now and publish it on GoFundMe and see what happens. In the least, I thank you for reading about my angel.

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This is the code for Alyssa\\'s widget donation. You can see it on her site at Please add it to your website or FACEBOOK SIDEBAR PLEASE!

Again, please donate. I have never asked for anything from anyone outside of our family before today but I am asking now. It would be such a wonderful suprprise for both my sister and Maddy, someday when she learns of the outpouring of support from strangers, because her mom was such a wonderful person. Again, I thank you for any help you can provide, it will funnel directly into an account which I will post later if we attain anything substantial, at least 1000.00. I will even track it weekly - actually, it will we tracked on here. I do promise to post regular updates/photos of Maddy and fund status for as long as I can. There is nothing shady here, I just want to help this baby and the only way I can try to help assure a decent chance for her future is to tell you about my incredible niece on here. I hope it helps. Please help. Honestly, I have never asked for anything that I can recall, this being the exception...Thank you again for your time if you made it this far. Have a good day too. I guess I will end this by saying if it goes anywhere I will update it often as I can and I do thank you again in advance and if it doesn\\'t go anywhere maybe I can use what I just wrote on her website. I hope it does though. Thanks again.

Instead of letting this turn into a book, there are so many things I would love to tell the world about this amazing little girl and the lessons she taught me and the people she knew. I am going to end it now and publish it on GoFundMe and see what happens. In the least, I thank you for reading about my angel.

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Compatibility"}],"groups":[],"attributes":[{"id":"15560710532","key":"exp1"},{"id":"15595650558","key":"person_id"},{"id":"16828570639","key":"fundName"},{"id":"16840181363","key":"elementId"},{"id":"16842171085","key":"fundId"},{"id":"16852903462","key":"os"},{"id":"16859981585","key":"userId"},{"id":"16860621018","key":"device"},{"id":"16861980693","key":"viewId"},{"id":"16865190855","key":"fundUrl"},{"id":"16869544615","key":"browser"},{"id":"17275644664","key":"locale"},{"id":"17289545132","key":"personId"}],"botFiltering":false,"accountId":"14721270268","events":[{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15559150355","key":"test_event_1"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15708130705","key":"donation_complete"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15836640020","key":"p41_sidebar_donate_button_click"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15838070586","key":"customize_complete"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15838400177","key":"donate_main_cta_click"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15850240277","key":"p41_sidebar_share_button_click"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"15859880655","key":"share_main_cta_click"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16722610784","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16724870654","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16734450607","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16746290110","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16747290559","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16747310489","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16750990447","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16751210584","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16751460406","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16753500101","key":""},{"experimentIds":["17256845725"],"id":"16755540127","key":"campaign_page.view.pg_donate_index"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16771050039","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16836862870","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16848361312","key":""},{"experimentIds":["17256845725"],"id":"16850345798","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16852240843","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16863820916","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"16867230775","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17010892988","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17016121376","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17018093010","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17021741277","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17033612008","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17041041427","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17065921352","key":"post_donate.view.lb_postdonate_comment"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17117930134","key":"post_donate.view.lb_postdonate_share"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17194210874","key":"click.pg_donate_index.btn_navmenu_donate"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17254341635","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17256472517","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17258403432","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17260392845","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17260503228","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17260725434","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17262624345","key":"campaign_create.view.pg_w_share-sheet1"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17263883058","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17264403542","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17266521779","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17271552441","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17272040825","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17272055461","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17272074011","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17273753737","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17275393286","key":"campaign_create.view.pg_w_share_message3-5"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17277854395","key":"campaign_create.view.pg_w_share_message2"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17279409319","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17279561778","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17279698624","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17279793149","key":"campaign_create.view.pg_w_calender-reminder"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17283052762","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17283196007","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17287504620","key":"campaign_create.view.pg_w_share-sheet3-5"},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17287528318","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17291083266","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17298994388","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17357691674","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17361961023","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17376630324","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17388060791","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17409230386","key":""},{"experimentIds":[],"id":"17420601969","key":""}],"revision":"684"},"uc":{"accountId":0,"currencyCodes":["USD"],"dirtyStep1":{"currency":"USD","fundId":0,"fundName":"","fundUrl":"","type":"ONCE"},"fees":{"defaultPercentage":10,"platform":0,"processing":{"fixed":0,"variable":0},"suggestionsPercentage":[10,15,20]},"id":0,"meta":{"form":{},"singlePage":{"showSafeGuardTipAllowed":true},"step1":{"showSafeGuardTipAllowed":true},"step2":{"success":false}},"paymentMethods":["CREDIT_CARD"],"pricingModel":"TIP","referenceId":"","singlePage":{"card":{"CVV":"","country":"","expirationDate":"","name":"","number":"","postalCode":""},"checkoutOptionalDisplayName":"","curr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