All At Once - Short Film

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All At Once

“Spurred on by her tough love alter-ego, a conflicted young woman grapples with fear and adulthood after fleeing from a dangerous home.”

Kali’s stepfather has an explosive and dangerous temper, yet her mother refuses to leave him. After yet another incident, Kali must abandon her mother in order to escape.

Lost, she stumbles upon an eclectic American drifter. Kali sits with Asher as he imparts his peculiar brand of wisdom on her; his influence pushes Kali into confronting her fears.

Late at night, Kali finds herself fighting with a stubborn intruder, and she must decide whether she has the strength of will to take agency in her life.


We are a team of passionate student filmmakers creating the most significant piece of our academic careers, ‘All At Once.’ This is our final short film as students at Murdoch University.

With your support, we will have the opportunity take this movie to new heights over the next two and a half months. With ambitions to reach not only the Australian, but the International Film Festival circuit, your backing will have a direct and astronomical beneficial impact on the careers of six aspiring artists.

The development of the script has been a labour of love over the last six months. Countless hours have been poured into perfecting this script and honing the vision for production of this movie. We are proud of the result we have achieved and, as we head into production, are firm in the plans we have to create this movie.


Producing a high quality short film is a big undertaking. Your contribution will help us cover a range of costs, including;

·      Equipment Hire – We are striving to use the best quality tools available to us to produce an excellent final product.

Art Department – Props and costumes are being carefully sourced to create an aesthetically pleasing, authentic-feeling film.

·      Soundtrack – Music is a key element in conveying emotion in film, and All At Once will have an original soundtrack to do just that

·      Festival Entry Fees
–Showcasing All At Once is essential to our careers. Not only do we want people to see the result of our hard work, festival exposure is an invaluable step forward for our careers in the film industry.



We appreciate your support and we want to show it! Depending on how much you’re able to contribute, we are offering some fantastic rewards to send a big THANK YOU your way.

·       $250 -
Executive Producer credit and an invitation to the Premiere Screening Event in November

·       $100 -
Invitation to the Premiere Screening Event in November

·       $50 - 
Exclusive signed copy of script from cast and crew

·       $25 -
Special thanks in the film credits


·       Lara Friedmann          Writer & Director

·       Elias Cuzens                   Producer

·       Bryn Davies                   Director of Photography   

·       Andy Newcombe          Sound Design

·       Sarah Preston                    Editor

·       Milly Cooney                   Production Design



"Writing All At Once has been an all-consuming endeavor over the last six months. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to bring this script to fruition. As we start creating All At Once, I’m fortunate to have a talented and motivated team around me. Having poured so much into the script, it’s a great reassurance to be surrounded by people who have invested themselves fully into a story that up until now has only been mine." - Lara

"The sheer difficulty and complexity of this story is what attracted me to this project. It is unlike any other student film I have worked on, and the overwhelming enthusiasm emanating from the crew and their ongoing efforts is something very special." -Elias

“I was drawn to All at Once because of the underlying complexities of everyday suburbia evoked in the tale. The protagonist represents an innately human desire to stand out. To strive for better, but at times feeling held back by circumstances out of our control. It all spirals out of control due to forces that are almost mythological.” -Bryn

"I decided to get on board with All At Once because of the passion Lara has for the story. It’s a story that is relevant today and will be for years to come. I also believe the film offers many interesting opportunities for sound design, with its varying scenes, characters, and their complicated relationships with each other. This will provide a great canvas for interesting dialogue, effects and, especially, music." – Andy

"I knew there was a solid crew behind All At Once that would be able to turn a brilliant script into reality. It was an opportunity I could not miss!" - Sarah

"Originally it was Lara's passion and enthusiasm that attracted me to taking part in the production of All at Once. Not only am I excited to be working alongside a young and creative production crew but my ability to relate to the main character 'Kali' has made this experience all the more personal." - Milly

Thank You!

  • Dani Wilson 
    • $50 
    • 60 mos
  • Wanda Balestri 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Zeke Adey 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Em W 
    • $50 
    • 60 mos
  • Steve Cuzens  
    • $200 
    • 60 mos
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