Raising money for domestic violence

51484524_1601119955483353_r.jpeg51484524_1601115889768342_r.jpeg51484524_1601115907825857_r.jpeg51484524_1601115940157112_r.jpeg51484524_1601115958705899_r.jpeg51484524_1601115981344201_r.jpeg51484524_1601116000821601_r.jpegI had been in a relationship with a man i thought loved me more then anything in this world, A man i thought would protect me until the day i died, a man i believed in & had faith in, a man that i trusted to look after me i was with this man for 2 years of my life and the truth was i was with a MONSTER, a man who manipulated me, controlled me, Had no trust in me, mentally abused me, constantly threatened my life & my families, took away my self love, self confidence, self worth & happiness, Emotionally ruined me as a women, He tried buying everyone's love to pretend he was a good man deep inside he was a demon, Every time he would get drunk he would yell at me for nothing, he would blame his whole lifetime of pain on me as if everything was my fault, He smothered me, Chocked me, Put a knife to me, Grabbed the steering wheel when i was driving to try make us crash, Pulled my hair, spat in my face, whipped me with clothes throughout the 2 year relationship. He put fear into my life to the point i couldn't leave i was to afraid that if i did i would be killed, When i finally got the courage to leave he stalked me, turned up to my house, Intimidated me to the point i felt like the only way out was to run away but i couldnt leave my family behind &  cause them stress so i ended up back with him from fear, I tried and tried to push him away, i tried to ask for a break and just some time to myself but he would never accept that & just accuse me of cheating and being a slut so i gave up trying and i just sunk deeper & deeper in this black hole i felt i was trapped in, i had family all around who cared deeply about me but i felt as though i was in my own world, a dark depressing hole that i couldn't climb out of, I ended up loosing weight, Hating myself, Blaming myself for everything he had ever done to me, i had no self confidence, No self love, i felt as if i didn't matter and i had no choice in my own life. Everytime i tried to leave he would hold the door closed and grab me and say your not fucking leaving or if you leave i will kill you and i was to afraid to leave so i put up with it again & again & again, I didnt even know who i was by the end of the relationship. My family constantly stressed about me worrying one day they would get a phone call that he had killed me, He bashed my dad, he tried bashing both my brothers and threatened the rest of my family. Yes he done great things for me such as buy me things and take me places but i now realise it was all to buy my love & keep me around it was all fake. Yesterday he came to my house, i was out with my mum & he had lied to my brother that i said he could come inside, He went through my room and took all my jewellery & packed his bags, when i first got home and seen him i asked why are you here he spat at my face so i walked inside, he came back in and locked the front door behind him i hadnt made no contact with him in 4 hours i had no idea what was going on, All he done was death stare and looked down on me like i was scum in my own house, We ended up in a heated argument and i had asked him to please leave because he had been drinking, He told me to go f**k myself & that it wasnt up to me, He pulled my mums clothesline down then come charging through the back door and barged me out of the way before kicking my 12 week puppy flying with steel cap boots on causing her to yelp & hide, My mum then came down to see what was going on and had asked him to leave he was swearing and carrying on and punching our front door, We then got into another heated argument and i tried shutting the door and said leave please he then punched me in the eye & ran outside, my mum started screaming and chased him out hitting him, he went to punch her but i got her inside, We then locked all the doors & called 000, Just before he left he rammed his car into mine before grabbing a sledgehammer and smashing holes and dints all through it he then walked up to our front door with the sledgehammer we still dont know what his intentions were and luckily our neighbour made noise which made him get scared and leave, I am advocating this & Telling my story to not only raise money to fix my car & to Find a new house where we can be safe without fears of him coming back when he is released but also to hopefully help other women out there dealing with domestic violence, Domestic violence is NOT OKAY & No women / children or men have to put up with it or go through it,  To many people are dying everyday from domestic violence & it needs to stop !!!! I am hoping to raise money to move forward from this by finding a new place where i feel safe and fixing my car to be able to use it, To anyone who donates i thank you so much. PLEASE DON'T STAND FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SPEAK OUT IF YOU FEEL UNSAFE OR ARE GOING THROUGH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THERE IS HELP OUT THERE .... Please reach out before its to late
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