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Cancer Treatment for Jessica Brock

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I started the chemo pills the doctor gave me on Monday evening, and so far I have not experienced any side effects!!
I wound up going up to Misouri for the vitamin C treatment, but i am sill hopeful about finding some place closer by.
I took the pain pills they gave me an they have helped me sleep better.
Surprisingly, I have actually had a little more energy and s little less pain the last few days which has been a real blessing!!
Thsnk you all so much for your continued prayer and kindness towards my family and I!! We have truly been blessed to be surrounded by all of you!!
In His love,
Jessica and family

The oncologist called me after the CAT scan and told me that there are small tumors in my liver as well.
So it is officially stage four cancer.
He also said that because it’s stage four the insurance won’t cover the immunotherapy they were going to start on Monday.
There may be an immunotherapy trial that I can still be a part of.
He said we should wait to start treatment until we get the results from the next generation sequencing lab from my biopsy back, which takes about two weeks.
He said I would start “single agent Taxol” chemotherapy and targeted Keytruda imunotherapy at that point, depending on the results of the test.
To my knowledge, the reactions I had may have been due to how high the dose was, so it will be lower, if I am able to do it.

I just got done with the appointment with my oncologist and he scheduled a CAT scan for tomorrow to see what stage the cancer is at (if it has metastasized to anywhere else). That will help to make it more clear what the next step is.
As it stands right now I am scheduled to start low dose chemotherapy and immunotherapy on Monday, Lord willing.

It has been 6 weeks since my only round of chemotherapy and I am starting to feel much better!
I haven’t had any new allergic reactions since last week and all of my symptoms have lessened or disappeared!
I saw the oncologist again today and he said that my tumors have gotten smaller! One of the lymph nodes under my arm has shrunk down flat.
I am doing about 30 different natural treatments, and we will be able to keep track of their efficacy by a monthly cancer marker blood test!
The fact that he is willing to do the cancer marker blood test every month for me will save me about $300 a month!
I gained back the 10 lbs that I lost when I started chemo because I am feeling so much better!
I am thanking God for His goodness!!


I had an ultrasound this week and they said that the tumors haven’t really grown at all since they originally did my first ultrasound on September 1st! (All the lymph nodes and duct included).
She didn't check my collarbone, but I think those are either cancer free or very very small still.
From what I can tell, the cancer shrunk quite a bit in Idaho at the treatment center, but it has been growing slowly back since the treatments are so much less frequent and intense here. I am only able to go to Missouri (which is about an hour away from home) twice a week for one treatment a day, instead of every day M-F 8:30am-6pm.
It is also extremely expensive to do the treatments because my insurance won’t cover a penny of it.
I am however, very very thankful for the natural treatments because I am in such a great place health wise now. Also, the fact that I am still at the exact stage I was in when they first discovered the cancer 3 and a half months ago is an absolute miracle because it is supposed to double in size every 20 days--which would mean I should have an absolutely huge tumor by now!! Especially considering the fact that, not only is it triple negative, which is very agressive, but it is “grade three” which is even worse!
Also, my cancer marker blood test came out at 13! If I had gotten over 38 it would mean that the cancer is actively spreading, so more good news!!
All that to say that I have been praying about what the next step should be.
I wound up going to a more local oncologist and he has a slightly different plan than the last one did.
I now have a sense of peace about walking in the direction of conventional as well as integrative treatments. The new oncologist recommends immunotherapy and 2 types of chemo for 4 months to shrink the tumors to a size that they can remove, and then doing surgery around April.
I just got a chemotherapy port put in surgically this last week, and if the
Lord gives the go-ahead I will be starting chemotherapy on December 28.
Please pray for wisdom and peace for our whole family!

I have been back home for two weeks now! I am continuing treatments two times a week at a really nice place in Springfield, Missouri. So far, so good!

From 10/23/2023
I started my treatments yesterday. All of the staff is very kind and compassionate! I had many different treatments yesterday and today.
I will be here every day, M-F 8-4:30, from what I understand for the next 3 weeks.

I went to church on Sunday with my Idaho host and it was a blessing!
I am comfortable in their beautiful RV, and they are all very welcoming, supportive, and kind!
Things are really going wonderfully!
Thank you again for your prayers and financial support to help me get well!! I really, really appreciate it!!

From 10/20/2023
I will be leaving for the cancer treatment center in Idaho tomorrow morning! At this point it looks like I have enough for about two weeks!!
Thank you all for helping me to be able to go!!
I really appreciate your kindness!!

I found a treatment center in Idaho that does the kind of treatment I need! They are the only ones in the United States that do it!
Just now I found out that the cost of my flight to the treatment center in Idaho is covered there and back!!
I'm going to fly out on Southwest Airlines on October 21, and then fly back three weeks later on November 11!!

God is so good!!
Every seemingly insurmountable obstacle is systematically being eliminated by my dearest friend Jesus!!
He just saved me about $600 for the plane tickets through Angel Flight West/Central!
He also already covered my lodging and transportation through my sister’s friend who just happens to live 20 minutes from the clinic!! That is probably another $1,000 for a hotel and $1,000 for a car rental SAVED!!
I am so excited about this opportunity to get better!!
Thank you all so much for your prayers and help making this a reality! It has been a huge blessing to my family and I!!

A few weeks ago my sister Alicia started this account and wrote :
My dear sister, Jessica Brock, was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She and her husband are raising 3 children on a strict budget; so, the cost of cancer treatments will hit them very hard. To ease their financial burden, I am starting this GoFundMe. Could you please pray about helping her and her family during this tough time in their lives? Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Jessica Brock
Green Forest, AR

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