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Hello everyone... As most of you know (it’s no secret) My daughter Holly went for her one year vaccinations on the 19th of July 2017, just 11 days after her 1st birthday. She arrived at the doctors room and went in for what we thought would just be a “normal, routine” vaccination. The nurse administered the 5 in 1, and whilst she stuck that needle in our daughter she began to scream. Not just a normal scream - but a brain scream. She screamed for around 2 hours uncontrollably...... 

When we asked if this was normal - we were swiftly told by the nurse “OH yes!! It’s completely normal”...... How would we know otherwise (we not doctors) ..... 

We left the rooms and went home with Holly..... As she sat on our floor after she had eventually calmed down - we all of a sudden saw her whole body jolt! Like she had put her fingers in a 220v wall socket!! I looked at my wife and said WHAT THE $$$$ WAS THAT?! 

It’s started..... She started having seizures .. they came in clusters of around 15 - 20 and she was having loads of them.... Over 100 in a day.

We quickly realized that this was not normal and went back to the doctors rooms the following day, only to be told AGAIN that it’s completely normal after a vaccine ... The doctor told us to come back in 4 days if it hadn’t disappeared.

We then went back home with a sick child who was having seizures, high fever, vomiting and not wanting to eat or drink anything. 

The next day we went to see if we could get help at another hospital because the seizures were constant ( around 90 - 100 ) ..... We were turned away for a second time. This time it was by a nurse! The doctor refused to even see us, and just told the nurse to come out and tell the parents that its again nothing to worry about - and to go back home. 

So off we went back home thinking that it will pass in the night and all will be good again.. 

Another sleepless night of constant seizures and no contact with our daughter..., we then decided to go back to the hospital and see if we could maybe see another doctor. When we eventually saw someone with a little brains took one look at our daughter and said .... “Right, you need to get to another hospital because this is not normal and needs to be checked and tested” So finally we were getting some help! 

We got to the other hospital and they immediately did a EEG and sent off for results.. It came back as “IS” (Infantile Spasms) 

We could not believe this because she was 100% fine and healthy for one whole year and then just 2 hours after her shots this started!! 

We went the whole 9yards with testing. We did CT scans, MRI, lumber puncture and genetics - and guess what? It all came back negative. Everything was normal except for the EEG that showed “IS” (infantile spasms) 

We knew something wasn’t adding up and we started doing some research... Turns out after allot of researching that vaccinations contain high amounts of aluminum which we believed to be the root cause.... Of course doctors said it was not possible because vaccinations are safe! 

We then sent her hair off for analysis to check the aluminum count in her brain... Came back that it was almost 5 times higher than it should have been, hence all the seizures and loss of contact ect! 

We also did a DNA test with a company in the UK “MTHFR” to make 100% sure this wasn’t genetic... It once again came back normal (it’s not genetic) 

We are  now one year down the line with no change. 

Our Holly is suffering constant seizures on a daily basis, and we now face the possibility of autism if something is not done ASAP.... we have tried all medications, steroids, Keppra, CBD, and the list goes on.... Nothing helps her and she has just started kindergarten where other children her age are talking and developing as they should be.... Holly is way behind.... There is hope for Holly with your help. There is treatment that she can undergo in The UK, to basically remove (detox) her brain of the aluminum that is inside that is causing all her seizures.... The treatment is expensive and would take up to 3 months (depending on how much aluminum is still in her tiny brain) 

I never in a million years thought I would ever find myself in this kind of situation but here I am facing it head on every day of my life! 

People always say to me.... “Why you? Your such a kind loving person - you don’t deserve this” But I keep saying to myself “why not me/Holly” 

So any help towards Holly’s treatment would be HUGELY APPRECIATED :-) 

Just remember folks.... “Today is a gift, but tomorrow is not promised”

Peace ✌️ 
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