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Hi, as many of you who know me I have been suffering for many years from a disease that causes me intense and debilitating pain on a daily basis. In 2015 I finally got answers to why I was constantly in and out of the ER with pain that I could never understand. In March of 2015 my doctor found a large grapefruit size endometrioma on my right ovary. An endometrioma is a large complex mass filled with blood. I had my first surgery in July of 2015 to remove it. When I woke up my doctor informed me that she removed it and with the removal I lost half of my right ovary.  She also discovered  what caused it and I was diagnosed with stage lV endometriosis. This is the most severe stage in which she found adhesions growing throughout my entire abdomen and pelvis causing organs to be stuck to one another.  Endometriosis is when the lining of the uterus grows on the outside causing tissue and adhesions all over other organs. She suggested I undergo a treatment of injections of Lupron to help suppress the growth of these adhesions. Lupron is a drug that shuts off the natural hormone in your body and your reproductive system. So for five months I underwent a menopausal state and was put on synthetic hormones to balance my body out. Let me tell you that was the worst five months of my life. It was extremely painful and an emotional time for me as you could imagine. I was nuts. So when she suggested another round of treatment I opted out. Within a year my symptoms came back with avengence. In March of 2017 I went back in for pain that was way too familiar to me and I was told I did In fact  have two more endometriomas growing inside my body. One that measures 13 cm x 15.5 and is growing on what's left of my right ovary. That's bigger than your average grapefruit. And the other one growing on my left ovary  is smaller measuring in at 7cm x 9cm.  They cause me excruciating pain every single day.  So my doctor referred me to a doctor who took a look at my condition and passed me on to yet another doctor. I had two doctors pass on my surgery because of the severity of it.
However, the third doctor agreed to do my surgery. This means I will be in the hands of the number 1 doctor in Atlanta who specializes in my condition and is top 10 in the entire world.
During my 7 hour surgery he will be removing both endometriomas. I will probably loose the other half of my right ovary as well as my right Fallopian tube if it is closed up as they suspect it probably is.  The adhesions will be cauterized and scraped off of all my organs, bladder, and bowel. I may be having a bowel rescection which they will cut a portion of my bowel that's is too far damaged out and re-attach it together. I also risk loosing my appendix.  But with this surgery if everything goes as planned it should be my last surgery for a long time and will buy me  years of being able to have a kids one day. Finger crossed it works! It's a big life changing surgery for me and is extremely important to my health that I receive it and will end all of the pain I have been living with for quite sometime. I am supposed to have a 4 week recovery time with 1 week in the hospital and 3 weeks at home.  

However, this new doctor does not accept my insurance and I am considered a self pay. My surgery is scheduled for July 25, 2017 at North side hospital.  He is expensive and wants $10,000 the day of my pre-op or they will not do my surgery. I know it's a lot but he is my last hope and is going to try to help me save everything I can to be able to have children one day on my own. Lucky For me that my hospital stay will be covered under my $2,000 deductible under my insurance so that I have covered. 
I did not want to have to turn to a go fund me and ask for help but even after months of saving I haven't even put a dent in what I need for my surgery. So I am swollowing my pride and asking for help.  I have one month to figure out how I am going to afford this surgery.
Anything is appreciated even if it's just a simple prayer that this surgery is successful and goes as smoothly as possible. 
Thank you all who took the time to read my story,  it's a lot to put out there on social media but I've become desperate for help. It's going to be a long journey but I have faith that this will change my life for the better!! Thank you all and god bless!
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