Lost Everything In Apartment Fire

Hello, My Name is Denis Buznea, and last night, on March 16, I experienced a great tragedy. My apartment Burned and along with it my entire life savings as well as my business and my 6 pet kittens.
I am an Eccentric person with passion for volleyball, and dance, I love making people laugh, and I love bringing smiles to peoples faces. I Love animals and until Sunday I had nine cats.

I grew up being raised by my single mother that worked really hard all her life, so that I would always have only the best that life has to offer. Growing up without a father was really hard as I had no male role models. All my life I tried and played some sort of sport, I went from karate , to ping pong, to soccer ,to skying and in my junior year of high school I finally found the sport that I fell in love with, with all of my body and soul, and that sport is Beach Volleyball. Throughout my volleyball learning period I met so many people who inspired me to work hard, and give my best performance possible. I have finally found the role models that I missed while growing up. Due to my childhood experiences I decided that I want to try everything possible in the work field,
and so my journey towards finding myself started.
I started working in a Bakery, started small with just slicing and packaging bread, then I started learning how to make the dough, and finally I started learning how to properly bake the bread. One day after breaking my necklace I decided that instead of getting it fixed at a jewelry repair shop, I would like to learn how to fix it myself and so I started an internship at a jewelry repair, and boy did I learn that trait. I was loving it, until one day that I noticed that I'm starting to get boxed in one place, and so I decided, I wanted to do some physical labor. I started working at a moving company with a friend but after a few disappointing days of work with barely any pay, I decided to quit. One day my computer broke and when I brought it in to the repair shop I was given a quote that almost matched the price of a brand new computer. The decision was made, I would then try to fix it myself. Of course being the newbie that I was, I spent more money on parts than I would have on a top notch machine and still ended up with a mediocre machine. And that was a great experience. However that did not last long, as I started to progress with this new found interest, I ran through all my money. Thank God for My mom who supported and still supports me till this day,I ended up living off of her salary, from which she could barely support herself.
A year in to living with mom I got an offer to work for a great furniture internet sales store, with the greatest people and great management,they supply furniture all across the East Coast, and thanks to them I got to see a lot of beautiful cities, see The United States in a totally different light and fall in love with it all over again. The pay was great and so I decided I would invest in what was once a hobby, and see if I could make it work.I decided to work with computers, fixing them, customizing them, learning about hardware and software, however with PC's things were not going really well, so I bought my first mac, and right away curiosity struck and the next day it was completely disassembled. And so my journey towards building an Apple computer repair business had started. I invested all of my savings in to buying broken computers and parts, and before I knew it once again I could not pay rent or afford to live by myself, and once again my wonderful mother stepped in. She let me live with her,fed me, and bought me clothes while I was searching for a job. I got an opportunity to work in a moving company again, however this was long distance and the position was that of a truck driver, and another journey began. I traveled through most of the central and eastern U.S. and even went down to the west coast a few times.
As I began raising back to my feet I decided that it is about time I did something for my mom, and so about 2 years ago I decided that I wanted to buy my Mom a place of her own.
In these two years I started relying fully on my computer repairs and had invested about 30,000 dollars in computers and parts, meanwhile setting money aside for my Mom's home. At the end of last year I decided that I might have enough money to start looking and so the search began. I decided to take a road trip with my Mom to chose the location she liked the most. After driving around for about a week, we found the location and started looking in that area. And next week,Monday the 24th of March I had appointments set up to go look at properties and to close a deal on one.
However looks like life still has some lessons for me. On Sunday, March 16 around 8 pm while I was shopping for food, my apartment caught on fire, and along with my life saving and my investment in computers, my dream seems to have lost its wings. Not only I suffered property loss , I lost my dearest pets, I lost my first and best friend pet, and along with her another five of her brothers and sisters, and despite of them being different breeds they were all a family, a part of my family. Thank God by some amazing Miracle, three of my cats survived, but now we do not have a place to stay at anymore, we lost all our funds and by the assessment that we got from the Largest Support Group in the world we were deemed eligible only for a 75 dollar coupon card.
I would like to thank all the people who helped out yesterday , and everybody who are still helping out.
I can truly see the generosity that people have towards each other in time of need.
I am thankful to everyone, whether it is monetary support of moral support.
I Hope that there are selfless people out there who can feel it in their hearts to help out with what they can.
We never know what situation life can bring us next.
One thing that I learned is that whether in strength or weakness we should never lose our human dignity, we should care for each other and respect each other.
You never know what awaits you tomorrow.
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Denis Buznea 
Brooklyn, NY