Help Jess FIGHT Luekemia

I'm Jessica and I would like to share me and my family's story. Me and my lifelong partner Kris landed pregnant with our 5th child. I was very ill and felt lethargic from the moment I found out about our angel. I spent my days so sick I couldn't get out of bed. I had my prenatal screening at 12 weeks and my doctor said my blood counts were low but wasn't too worried.

I did my second part of my prenatal screening at 15 weeks and my doctor called me in for more testing. He phoned me while I was cooking strir fry and explained that my blood counts were so low that I may have an iron deficiency. He instructed me to go straight to his office to pick up iron pills and go directly to a lab for another blood test. I promptly did so. The following day my doctor called me and requested that both me and Kris come in so we could have a chat about my blood test results. Deep down I felt like it was something to do with our baby. I was prepping myself for bad news about our pregnancy. Nothing could have prepared me for what my doctor was going to tell me.

As soon as he walked in he looked at me and said, "Bad news". He explained to me that my hemoglobin counts were so low that I needed a blood transfusion. He said there was no explanation for my counts to be that low unless it was Leukemia. He told us a bone marrow biopsy needed to take place in order to know for sure. Five days later we were in Vancouver General Hospital sitting in a room waiting....waiting....hoping for good news. The doctors came back and confirmed, "Jessica.....YOU HAVE ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA" the doctor beside her said, "If you are not treated immediately you will die very very quickly". I sat there completely numb holding Kris' hand.

My mother instincts kicked in and I asked, "What about my baby?". The man doctor said that there's no way to predict what will happen to your baby. He said,"You have 4 healthy children and this baby may come out healthy or he/she may come out with a lot of disabilities". He encouraged us to terminate our baby. I was crushed. At this point I wanted to run out of the hospital hoping I was just having a bad dream. I cried, I felt numb, I couldn't believe what was happening. By chance a bed opened up in the Leukemia/BMT ward at VGH so I was admitted immediately. I cried all night. We were given 48hrs to decide whether to terminate our pregnancy or not. We were told the risks were extremely high for both of us had we chosen to keep the baby. 4-5 different doctors explained how risky it would be for both me and the baby's life. So at 18 weeks we said our goodbyes to baby Miracle Peters. 2 days later I received chemo. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about our angel.

We are in desperate need for donations so our children can visit us in Vancouver. We also have a place in Kamloops that we would like to keep so we have a "home" to go back to after I am done my treatments in Vancouver.

I would like to open a bank account in me and my dads(Arthur Michel) name and we'll have a main page that anyone who's fundraising or making donations can go into an account that me and my dad set up.

Thank you very much!

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