77yr old Mum Evicted by Wealthy Son

Beverley with her first born son Duncan in 1962Beverley now 77 years old facing eviction by her son.

Two family farms weren't enough for Duncan Priestley. The wealthy son with his obsession to own the entire family estate has seen him unbelievably get a court decision overruling his father's last will and testament, to evict his own mother from the farm she raised him on; rendering her homeless, penniless and distraught at the age of 77.  Urgent funds are needed to challenge this in the High Court of Australia, before Beverley is evicted onto the street with little more than the clothes on her back.  

This is  "The Castle"  folks and this is why it matters as fellow Australians, that we stand for Beverley.  In a legal system where it seems the only justice a person can get, is the justice they can afford, we need your help to take on the establishment and their outrageous rulings.

Beverley's only option now to have a chance to keep her cherished lifelong home is to seek leave to appeal this judgement in the High Court of Australia. If Beverley can't raise $35,000 by Monday, she will be evicted in approximately two weeks.

In the words of the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke.. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."

So please folks, donate whatever you can. Any donation whatsoever will mean the world to Beverley who has been left bereft at this turn of events. Show Beverley she is not alone and the powers that be cannot get away with this unchallenged.

If Beverley is successful in her appeal, the donations given in her support and so deeply appreciated will be paid forward to a cause chosen by all of you wonderful supporters. 

Beverley and Gordon at 'Salt Glen' in happier days...the home he wished her to have for the peace and security of her latter years.

A Privileged Son and Three Judges make a woman of the outback homeless – Duncan Priestley v Beverley Priestley as Executrix of the Gordon Priestley Estate Case 2016/273044

On 27 June 2017 in the Supreme Court of Appeal, three Judges awarded Duncan Priestley the last Priestley family farm at Carinda known as “Salt Glen”.   Gordon Priestley willed this farm to his wife Beverley, Duncan's Mother, but his last two wills were overruled in a bizarre
legal twist. 

Beverley Priestley’s future living needs were not considered by these three Judges, and she will apparently be removed by the Sheriff from her home at the end of July 2017 if she does not commence an appeal action in the High Court within 28 days of the 27 June 2017 Judgement. The previous judgement of Justice White 15 August 2016 awarded Duncan Priestley $293,071.98 plus interest for questionable unpaid wages from 26 April 2010 (Case 2013/302819)

How is a judgment that awards a son approximately $300,000.00 overturned to a judgement that gives him a farm and water licence jointly worth approximately $3million and means the eviction of his mother? The local community is in shock that a good and caring woman will be removed from her home by  her wealthy son who has already been given two farms debt free, courtesy of the years of toil and sacrifice by his parents Beverley and Gordon.  

In an affidavit  Duncan admits that his father Gordon said to him on his deathbed “ You look after them” and he admits he replied “Well I’ve kicked them off once and I’ll kick them off again” (referring to a family dispute in 2002 which resulted in the division of the family farms with Chris and Claire receiving the family debt whilst Duncan received 2 farms valued at about $3million debt free).

How can three Judges make a 77 year old woman destitute and increase an already priveleged and  wealthy son's wealth by $3million?

Beverley Priestley was born in Brewarrina in 1939 and married Gordon Priestley in 1960 and they had 3 children, Duncan, Christopher and Claire. Beverley has dedicated her life to ensuring her children had the education and opportunities she never had, only to see her first born son take her to court and remove her from the land and home she has been on for 55 years.

Beverley Priestley’s granddaughter Catherine Priestley is benefitting from the Katrina Dawson Sydney University Scholarship, and will become an even wealthier woman from her grandmother's lifelong work on the land...the grandmother who will now become destitute.

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