Connor Jacksons Photo Fundraiser

My name is Connor, 21 years old living in Perth WA

This is a raf fle to raise money for my dad (Mark) who is currently battling cancer and is now out of work with no income, All funds raised will go to my dad to help out with every day needs.


20x30 framed canvas vaiued at $190 



2. To enter tickets are $10 each and you can enter as many times as you like for more chance to win!!

3.  Look out on my facebook (Connor Jackson) on the 23rd of april where the winner will then be drawn!!

4. Id also like to thank everyone who enters, I feel its for a great cause and its going to take a massive amount of pressure and stress off my dads shoulders and my family.




My dad (Mark) 12months ago was diagnosed with melanoma cancer, It all started from a mole on his arm that he scratch which was then exposed to the sun constantly while at work driving his truck.

The mole was then cut out but unfortuntaly had already travelled into his blood stream and this is where it all started.

My dad was complaining of pain and swelling under his right arm for a few weeks after work, He went to the doctors to find out he had a tumor in his lymph nodes then having to get them removed in surgery that next week.

A few weeks on after a check up CT scan he got results back saying that he has two tumors in the front lobe of his brain, At this point the tumors were not yet in a critical position and were accessable to remove, A week later the day before going into surgery they do another quick scan to check nothing else has shown up and we get results back from that saying there is two more tumors this time in 2 critical areas of the brain making surgery to risky to go ahead.

This is the point where dad was told he wasnt aloud to drive again, As a truck driver this put my dad completely out of work, now having no income, To make things more saddening on my dads behalf his only hobby is drag racing and racing cars, so the one thing that he has done and loved doing his whole life, he is now not aloud to do due to risks with having brain tumors.

Weeks of raidiation, being dosed up of steroids to reduce swelling on his brain and a broken hearted man, doctors then gave my dad the option of trying a trial drug to try reduce the tumors or better, get rid of them (best outcome) obviously there was risks and my dad had no choice but to give it a shot.

Well the worst happened and the trial drug reacted the worst it possibly could, making my dad break out in blisters over 60% of his body, he was then transferred to the burns unit at fiona stanley to try save himself from infection after loosing so many layers of skin, at one point he had no skin on his back, so imagine how much a burn on the finger hurts from your kitchen stove and imagine that covering almost your whole body, I honstly could  barely deal with looking at my dad and the pain he had to go through after everything else hes already been through, after countless hours sitting up in the hospital with my dad during his recovery he came to a point where he said to me " I dont want to be here anymore" , I obviously doing my hardest trying to be strong for my dad, reasurring him that in a few weeks everything will be better and he'll be out of hospital back at home but even then he said he has nothing to live for apart from my sister and myself, which broke me so bad inside i could hardly take a breath


A month or so on, getting transferred bacl  to st john of god hospital, he was being monitored and complaining of pain in his stomach and black stools, which means he was bleeding inside somewhere, weeks after investigation and not one doctor saying whats going on or what is going to happen, my dad then boiled in the hospital, angry at the fact hes been in there for 7 weeks not hearing a thing from anyone and knowing that he is still bleeding somewhere inside his body, The next day he was then taken for a CT scan...

Doctors and surgeons gathered around my dad after they had received resaults, saying that my dad needs surgery and his case is now an emergency, They told us his small intestine has 4 tumors that are blocking the passage which is seriously life threatening, My dad was told to get all family in before surgery so we can say our goodbyes just incase he doesnt make it through surgery, as the odds were 50/50 if he would make it, This was by far the hardest day i have ever had to face in my life, saying good bye to my dad, my best mate,  someone i have been with my whole up bringing because he potenially might make it through surgery, Ive never seen my dad cry until this dad and I couldnt hold myself any more but to cry into his arms with him, we both told each other how much we love each other and some funny last words to lighten the mood, my theory was, If i keep him positive and some what happy before the surgery he would have strength within his heart and soul to push him through it.

just under 5 hours we hear my dad got through better than expected and they were suprised on his strength through out the surgery, my dad is now recovering and expected to be out of hospital around the 4th of april


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