Shane Garner needs your help!

Shane Garner.  Artist, Creator of the Esoteric for Television and Film, Photographer, Spiritualist, Human Rights Activist, Compassionate Friend, Gentle Spirit, Charity Workhorse, Advocate for the Needy and one of the founders of Angel Action Atlanta.

As many of you may know, Shane has been suffering from chronic Lyme Disease  for several years.  Since Lyme was not diagnosed at the onset of the disease, he wasn’t treated early with antibiotics, the usual course of treatment for this bacterial infection.  Shane also has Babesia, the cousin to Malaria.  Babesia causes babesiosis, which gives patients malaria-like symptoms, making malaria a common misdiagnosis for Lyme disease. This type of infection can be fatal in one out of ten patients, with an especially increased risk of death in the elderly, the immunosuppressed and those coinfected with Lyme disease.

Symptoms of chronic Lyme include severe fatigue, flu-like ailments, muscle and joint pain, rapid heartbeat, chronic anxiety, among others.  He also has severe chronic insomnia.  Due to his medical condition, Shane has been unable to regularly work in the industry that he loves, set-dressing, costuming, prop design and event decor.

Shane's immune system is very weak due to the chronic infections.  He is one of those cases in which people often comment, "But you don't LOOK sick!"  Trust us, he sometimes hides it well. Shane even has neurological issues as the Lyme has entered tissues of the brain.  He laughs off what he can and just jokes, well, there is the Lyme!

After living in Midtown Atlanta for 12 years, Shane had to make a rush decision to move due to a substantial rent increase.  Due to his health issues, it took him three months to move.  He contracted bronchial pneumonia in the middle of the move and was in bed for two weeks.  After he finished the move, Shane went down for about 3 weeks and couldn't get out of bed.   Afterwards, Shane swore that he would never go through the moving process again.

The new house wasn't quite the new beginning Shane needed.  Multiple unknown leaks and moisture conditions revealed themselves in his new dwelling and rapidly blossomed mold which engulfed the entire contents of the house.  

Shane has an EXTREME allergic condition to mold and has been having to go into the house about every other day for meetings with mold inspectors and others to try to get this issue resolved.  He should not be in this environment.  Shane's basement houses his esoteric supplies, racks of costumes, mannequins and other materials as well as his tools. 

Upstairs mold covers his furniture, clothing, personal collectibles, and virtually everything!  He has been making attempts to remove sentimental items but this only worsens his medical condition.   He’s been staying with friends for the past three weeks and will hopefully continue for the next few weeks. 

Shane met with his landlord who recognizes the problems in the house.  But his Landlord's plan to rid the house of mold and clean Shane’s property sounds like only a band aid.  There is no way Shane can continue to live there.

Shane met with several mold remediation specialists and was shocked when the quote came in at $38,725.34.  This quote was to clean his contents that could be cleaned, dispose of the losses and put his items into storage.

Shane’s immediate needs are as follows: 
1) Professional removal of mold from his personal property and move it into storage
2) Temporary dumpster to dispose of unsalvageable property
3) Rental of storage unit
4) Repairs on his vehicle
5) A place to call "HOME"

Once he has found a new place to live, Shane needs help with medical expenses. He needs to see 4 specialists that were in the process of being scheduled a month ago before he was hit with this mold issue. These specialists include but are not limited to: a Lyme Literate GP, a Dentist, a Neurologist , and a Surgeon, among others.
Shane has been fighting against this idea of setting up a GoFundMe for as long as we have known that he has Lyme.  Lyme has bankrupted thousands of families seeking treatment.   Although he is stubborn and proud, he needs IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL HELP.

We hope you will help Shane by making a donation.  Please feel free to share this GoFundMe over social media as well as within other groups... Lyme, Human Rights Advocacy, Artists, Spiritual, Religious, Esoteric, and Film Union. 


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