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Back in 2009 it was determined that not only was my weight out of control and a serious health issue but that if it continued I would eventually die from the issues it was causing. The best option at the time and the one recommended was the gastric band procedure. 

This procedure would allow the control of food to come into my stomach and also allow me to lose weight safely. In order to qualify for the surgery to begin with I completed the following:

6 months of intensive therapy
1 psychological evaluation
8 months under the care of a dietician

The surgery was then determined after the recommendations of all my doctors and medical team to be something that was medically necessary. On the day of my surgery I was over 500 pounds, today I am at 297. The lowest I ever achieved when the band was working was at or around 260. 

I no longer have (or am unfortunately gaining back) sleep apnea, asthma, and loss of energy. I honestly have a life worth living and back then I had only a dark proposition of the future. I was depressed, tired and unhealthy. I honestly do not like thinking about my life back then

When I went to get my band adjusted a few weeks ago the scan determined that it may have slipped. 

(This is an example but not me)
When a slippage occurs the band moves its position and becomes unattached from its place on the stomach, the stomach section becomes prolapsed and begins to create complications. A few of the complications I have experiences so far.

- Heartburn or GERD to the extend I have problems breathing
- inability to eat solid foods
- inability to hold down liquids
- my esophagus has extended and enlarged to an unhealthy size and could now or may now have already begun to erode. 

The easiest and cheapest solution to this problem is a procedure to have surgery to reopen the area, Reposition and retie the band correctly and then retie the area. This is actually less expensive than having the entire thing removed. 

For my own medical necessity I am asking for help in having this done. The breakdown of the costs is between the hospital, pain management for surgery and the surgeon. This does not include any costs in aftercare which I am trying to pay myself. The funds and the surgery can happen as fast as I am able to either borrow or raise the money. Until then I am on an almost all liquid diet. 

For those who are wondering about insurance and thinking surely that would cover this horrible problem... well it doesn't and I am as surprised as some of you may be. When I had the original surgery my father's insurance which covered me paid for the entire surgery and recovery. My current insurance pays nothing for bariatric surgery or correction. I have attempted to reach out to them and have gotten no results and I am still attempting to get them to help. 

Anyway you could help, I would be forever grateful. 

Thank you,
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Brock Baker 
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