High Cost Meds Needed For Baby Rocky

Our family of 5 recently moved to my Mom-In-law's after having our 3rd child and struggling financially. I started noticing various, worrisome physical and neurological abnormalities in my 1 year old son, Rocky, a few months after the move. I myself was experiencing a few of the symptoms as well. Vision issues, hearing issues, skin problems and other internal irregularities to name a few. This was all incredibly scary considering I have 2 older children to think about as well.

In the beginning, Rocky and I were the only ones experiencing these awful symptoms. I am currently a stay-at-home mom so we were always home. Because no one else in the house was experiencing any of these symptoms, there was difficulty getting answers. After seeing numerous doctors who were not willing to test for anything and telling me these issues were minor and not to worry, I was at my wits end. So, as a Biotech major, I began my own investigation. I invested in a $30 microscope from Amazon to try and identify what was effecting our skin. There was itching, itching like you wouldn't believe! These tiny little larvae-looking objects were coming off our skin which was extremely scary. So, I started researching images online and cross referencing those with our symptoms. I found 2 parasites online that almost matched exactly. One of those causing blindness and a host of other internal organ problems.

Since so many doctors had dismissed it as minor, I knew I had to find a specialist in this arena. I contacted an entomologist friend who agreed it sounded parasitic. My mother in law's dog had to be treated for a parasite infection not long after so I thought maybe it was related. Her veterinarian was kind enough to allow me usage of his lab and high powered microscope but all he could identify was eye mites (commonly found on humans with no symptoms). This was not a definitive answer, so on I went.

I spent countless, sleepless nights in agony itching and hearing my baby boy cry out throughout the night obviously being hurt or bitten by something. I felt helpless but, not hopeless! During this period we began noticing a very concerning large white nodule under Rocky's skin in his mid-section. Now, I had something visibly noticible to show the specialist. His pediatrician referred us to Children's Hospital, Infectious disease dept. And after more long conversations with strange details, I finally found a doctor who shared in my concerns, especially with the nodule present.

Two weeks after bloodwork, his doctor called and told me he tested positive for a Rare parasitic infection only found in other countries and in dogs/cats. In humans, this infection causes blindness, internal organ damage, neurological and cognitive problems. In children and babies, it is much more urgent to be treated as it can cause long term, permanent problems.  I couldn't believe we had an answer and the best part was that it is CURABLE with meds!! The worst part is, the insurance did not cover these meds, even after the doctor submitted a prior authorization to override the cost. We were devastated!!

To treat Baby Rocky we need $2,700 to pay for the medicine to cure him of this insidious parasite. We are now having Savannah and Kingston tested because only in the last few months have they begun to show signs they may also be infected. Next, my husband and I will be tested and treated.

But, after SO MANY doctors visits we have costs to deal with, so the children are the priority. We are asking our friends and family and anyone reading this story with empathy, to please take a moment to reach into your pocket and donate a small amount to help us treat Baby Rocky so he can start the healing process. Once his medicine is paid for, our deductible will be met and the rest of us can be treated at no cost! Any amount will do, we are grateful to you and hope you will share this with any and all friends.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my story, it's situations like this that gives us mom's the hope and strength to keep digging, keep investigating and keep going to find answers when it comes to our children's health and safety!! NEVER DOUBT A MOTHERS INTUITION! Thank you

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