Please Help Me Live A Normal Life !

Hi ! I'm going out on a limb here , I have a lot of people whom are my friends on fb and everyone knows me for a different reason, either I've known you through the 40 + years I've lived in and grown up in Leduc, or through different ventures in my lifetime or just people I've added because of a public business I had in the past! A lot of you already know that I am in terrible physical condition do to lots of stress anxiety, depression, and yes I admit it I've abused my body as well ! But I want everyone I know, love, respect , envy , admire & appreciate in my life to know my story! I'm 43 years old and for as long as I can remember I've struggled with obesity , it's been no fun at all! I've been ridiculed and stared at and felt uncomfortable since i can remember, I've lost weight before, lots of it but I keep putting it back on and it always seems like extra everytime. I've always worked hard my whole life at being self employed and other temporary jobs for other people and companies! I was never afraid of work , long hours, cold weather, hot weather ect ! In the last 5 years my life has really started to fall apart, it started when i had my trucking business with lots of employees and lots of expensive equipment , the economy took a turn downhill so with the stress of debt and irresponsible employees with complete disregard for my equipment I started to get heavier and less healthy all the time , but i had to keep going because I had to support my parents who had lost almost everything a few years before, then on Christmas day 2013 my mom passed away and left a little insurance for my dad so I immediately sold my company and went back to being independent operating my dump truck, and started to lose a little weight and feel a little better , then out of nowhere the economy fell flat on its face and really I haven't worked since, In april of 2016 i ended up in the hospital for a couple weeks because I had broken/fractured my L2 vertebrae and at that point i found out I have had other fractured vertebrae's for the past 2 to 3 years before that , but i had always just carried on thinking it was just my bad back pain i was used to ! But since the L2 I basically haven't been able to walk more than 4 or 5 steps without holding on to something or my electric scooter , I'm always making excuses to friends and family as to why I can't come to their homes or meet at a lounge or a restaurant! I get worried at times that no one will invite me anywhere anymore because I never come! at this point i put myself on a list for a weight loss surgery known as the bariactric sleeve , I know a lot of people who did it and have been very successful, I've never heard of it not working for anyone, so after applying for the surgery I invested everything i had left into a go at the auction business, gave me something to do for over a year but never made a penny and only lost money, since then I've claimed bankruptcy and have sold everything I've had to keep going! I'm on Aish support but it doesn't even cover all bills, So I called back about the surgery because it's been 18 months already and still haven't even had a consultation or put on waiting list yet and was told it could be 6 more months for a consultation and up to 24 months of being on the list to MAYBE have the surgery done here in Canada where it is covered by health care . So here i am today to ask for help! This is by far the hardest thing I've had to do yet! Everyone that I know of has had this surgery in Mexico for the price of $5000 American but because of my BMI Being over 80 there is an additional cost of almost $2000 American plus return flights and accommodations for myself and someone for support ( probably my dad ) for a week and the extra plane seat or upgrade do to my size is approximately $3000 American so after the conversion rate as of today the total cost is $12,430 Canadian dollars , plus 7.9% plus 30 cents each donation is what GoFundMe charges for their services so the total I absolutely need to raise is $13,411.97 Canadian plus please allow 30 cents extra each donation, I have set up a go fund me account and can only say if anyone can contribute to help me reach my goal , I will be forever grateful and appreciative, thank you so much for even taking the time to read my story! God bless!
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