The Natural Remedies on Covid-19 Coronavirus

The Pandemic of Covid-19 Coronavirus has caused 25 million people infected and over 800,000 deaths worldwide. This Pandemic of Coronavirus is Satan's attack on humanity. Unfortunately, there is no effective vaccine for this disease yet.

However, God has already planned the natural remedies to fight back Satan's attack. There are some natural remedies already existing in nature and inside your body as well that can help you defeat this virus. It’s just a matter of letting more people know about it.

1. The Natural Foods that Can Improve Your Immune System for Prevention or Self-Healing  

Although there have been over 24,000,000 people infected and 800,000 deaths caused by Coronavirus, there were many people who got healed from this plague. The question is how could you be the part of the healed patients rather than the deceased ones.

There are some natural foods, like garlic, ginger, fruits with rich Vitamin-C, like Lemon/Lime, and Green Tea, which can help people fight against Coronavirus. Although they may not kill Coronavirus directly by themselves, these natural foods will provide the antimicrobial properties and Vitamins to stimulate or enhance the immune system that can help you defeat Coronavirus or have a fast recovery if infected.

The best way to apply these natural foods in your fighting against Coronavirus is the combination of natural foods, like Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, and Green Tea, with the existing medicines for flu and cold, like Tylenol and Mucinex.


1. Garlic  & Ginger Remedies

It's well-known that garlic and ginger have antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help fight off common cold and flu. They have been used as both food ingredients and medicines for centuries to help the immune system fight germs and cold. Although there has not been a formal clinical trial on garlic's and ginger's effect on this Covid-19 Coronavirus, there have been many cases that people used garlic, sometimes with ginger and generic medicines for cold and flu, to cure the patients with Covid-19 Coronavirus. 

Eat Garlic & Drink Garlic Water: 

Cook a bowl of garlic in boiling water for a few minutes and then eat all the garlic and drink all the garlic water, and then go to sleep. 
Real Case Example: A Chinese doctor in Wuhan was infected with Covid-19 Coronavirus and already showed the early symptoms. He then cooked a bowl of garlic, about 8 whole pieces, and eat them all and drank all the garlic water. The next day, after he woke up, he found his symptoms were significantly reduced and he was cured in a few days.
Take Garlic & Ginger with Tylenol:

If you already show the symptoms of Coronavirus, take your medicine, like Tylenol or Mucinex, with the hot garlic & ginger water will improve your immune system and help you recover from the disease. 
Real Case Example: A Doctor in New York was infected with Covid-19 Coronavirus and already showed the early symptoms. He went home and took the Tylenol with hot garlic and ginger water, and then went to sleep. The next day, his body temperature started to decrease and after a few days and he went back to work to save other people's lives against the Coronavirus.
In China, during the Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, one group of people seemed immune to the Coronavirus. They are the farmers and resellers of garlic. It proves that garlic does have some compounds that can help people fight against Coronavirus. 

As the World Health Organization (WHO) stated, "Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new Coronavirus." The main problem is that no pharmaceutical company wants to spend millions of dollars going through clinical trials on garlic and ginger as they couldn't make money from it. That's why WHO does not have the clinical trial results to prove that eating garlic can protect people from the Coronavirus, but there are many cases that people used garlic and ginger to improve their immune system and successfully fight against the Coronavirus. Hopefully, some scientists from research institutes can find out the real mechanism behind the cure of Coronavirus by Garlic, even though it may not be strong enough to cure all Covid-19 patients.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential ingredient that can boost your immune system to fight against harmful bacteria. It is a potent antioxidant that can decrease inflammation and promote the healing of the wound.  In addition, it promotes the growth and spread of lymphocytes, a type of immune cell that increases your circulating antibodies that can attack foreign substances and harmful bacteria.

Some doctors recommend people to intake large dosage of Vitamin C to fight against the Coronavirus. Although it may not completely protect you from getting infected by Covid-19 Coronavirus, it can reduce the chance of infection and help shorten the duration and severity of the symptom if infected.

3. Lemon & Green Tea

Scientists have found that green tea contains multiple types of polyphenols known to exert antiviral activity against many RNA viruses, which Covid-19 Coronavirus is also one kind of RNA virus. Besides the well-known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of polyphenols, a large number of studies already demonstrated the efficacy of polyphenols against several pathogens, including influenza virus, herpes simplex virus (HSV), enterovirus, and other virus causing respiratory tract-related infections. 

Now, some studies also found few promising evidence regarding the potential anti-Coronavirus activities of polyphenols. Pharmacokinetic analysis suggests that these polyphenols possess favorable drug-like characteristics, which can be used as potential inhibitors against Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Normally, the polyphenols in green tea have a very low absorption rate in the human body. But with the help of lemon with rich Vitamin C, the polyphenols in green tea can be more easily absorbed by the human body thus provide a great effect on the immune system. That's why it is a tradition of many nations to drink a cup of lemon and green tea as a way to relieve the cold. It can also help people fight against the Covid-19 Coronavirus to some extent.

These natural foods and fruits are not the medicines to kill Coronavirus, but they can boost your immune system to fight against Coronavirus and enhance the healing effect of those medicine like Tylenol and Mucinex, which will increase your chance of self-healing against Coronavirus after the infection.

However, the Covid-19 Coronavirus is more lethal than traditional cold or flu viruses. Therefore, people should not rely on these natural remedies completely. The first line of defense is always to keep social distance, wear protective masks in public places, and wash your hands thoroughly. 

There is also a new and innovative therapy using Micro-phenol injection in four acupoints around the neck to prevent the infection of Covid-19 Coronavirus. It's the combination of ancient acupuncture with modern medicine. Please check it out:

The Innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy

During the peak time of the Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, China, all hospitals were full and many patients were turned away and some of them passed away at home. One doctor from a small clinic in Wuhan used his innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy to treat patients and saved some people’s lives from the deadly disease of Coronavirus. His name is Yue-hua Li(李跃华).

Dr. Yue-hua Li graduated from a medical school in China in 1987 and had been in the medical industry for several decades. He used to have chronic rhinitis himself and had tried for many years to cure the disease but had no luck. Then he heard some people get healed through Chinese acupuncture, so he tried and got better, but still not fully cured. So he thought maybe he can inject some western medicine into the acupoints in the traditional Chinese Acupuncture and receive the combined benefits of both Western Medicine and Chinese Acupuncture. So he began to test this method on himself.

After testing over 100 different medicines and solutions on himself, he finally found out that the diluted trace Phenol had the best antiviral result for acupoints injection. By using the method of localized injection, it can kill the virus on the spot without harming the healthy cells in the rest of the body. And for some diseases, like rhinitis, cold, and flu, the injection of diluted trace Phenol in certain acupoints has the best result comparing to the injection in other general spots.

Over the past decade, Dr. Li used his innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy to cure over a thousand patients on their common cold and flu. This time, he also applied his unique method to help patients with Coronavirus.

Because the Coronavirus enters through the nose and mouth first and then passes through the throat before reaching the lungs, Dr. Li found out it's most effective to block the virus at the throat by injecting the micro-dosage of phenol in four acupoints around the neck. In Chinese acupuncture, these four acupoints are: Left & Right Futu, Tiantu and DaZui Acupoints.

These four acupoints have been effective in Chinese Acupuncture for curing cold and coughing. But instead of acupuncture using needles, Dr. Yue-hua Li used Micro-Phenol injection not only to stimulate the acupoints but also to kill the virus with trace phenol in the local area without harming the healthy cells in the rest of the body. That’s the combined benefit from both Western Medicine and Eastern Acupuncture, which already showed good results in curing some virus-caused disease, like cold & flu, mumps, herpes, etc.

Here is the detailed instruction of this Innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy on Coronavirus:

Inject 0.5 ml diluted trace Phenol solution (0.067%) in four acupoints to prevent or cure the Coronavirus infection.

1) Formulation of Trace Phenol Solution:

Take 1 ml of a saturated solution (6.7%) of phenol at room temperature, add it to a bottle of 100 ml of normal saline (100:1) and mix sufficiently. The solubility of phenol is 6.7%, so after being diluted 100 times, the phenol concentration of this formula is about 0.067%. As an option, 100 mg of Lidocaine can be added to the diluted solution to numb the injection spot and relieve the pain of injection.

There is a lot of clinical research on the treatment of refractory pain using 5% to 10% phenol as a nerve root blocker, and the over-the-counter Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray contains 1.4% phenol. Many types of insulin for diabetes also contain phenol and they are used by diabetic patients worldwide on a daily basis. Therefore, the micro-dosage or trace phenol of 0.05% to 0.1% would be considered safe for human beings as long as not overdosed.

2) The Method of Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection:

Inject 0.5 ml Diluted Trace Phenol solution (0.067%) into the four acupoints shown above (0.5 cm under the skin)

The benefits of this Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy are very obvious in many aspects:

A) Low Cost: Phenol is available through many online platforms at a low cost, especially for diluted 0.067% solution
B) Low Risk: Phenol is used in many generic medicines like sore throat spray and insulin for diabetes without much side effect
C) Simplicity: Any medical professional, like doctor or nurse, can learn how to identify these four acupoints and make injection in 15 minutes
D) Broad Spectrum: It can prevent and cure the infection of Coronavirus in broad-spectrum, as well as common cold and flu, disregarding the mutation of the virus

However, due to the simplicity and low cost of this therapy method, no pharmaceutical company is willing to spend millions of dollars, without any potential of making a profit, to go through the clinical trial that the FDA requires. Dr. Yue-hua Li doesn’t have large enough samples to qualify for the clinical trials in China, either. Therefore, I just reveal this innovative therapy method for all medical professionals to take a look and do your own research on it. I hope that more doctors can try this method and share your result with us to validate this method and save more people’s lives in this fight against Coronavirus.

Dr. Yue-hua Li is the only doctor in Wuhan who dared to face his Covid-19 patients without wearing a mask after he had a Micro-Phenol injection on himself. None of his staff and family members got infected after receiving this therapy. Therefore, for those doctors and nurses who do not have sufficient personal protective equipment, this method may be the solution to protect them from the infection of Coronavirus.


Dr. Yue-hua Li’s patented Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy has not received FDA Approval. The purpose of this revelation is only for medical professionals to evaluate the new therapy method and maybe have voluntary clinical trials in their professional medical facilities.

Currently, due to the high infection rate of Coronavirus and the lack of effective medicine and vaccines for Coronavirus, this method could be another weapon to fight against this deadly virus. For those countries which don’t have sufficient medicines and personal protective equipment, this therapy method could be the most cost-effective way to protect healthcare workers and save people’s lives.
To help us bring these natural remedies and this innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy for Covid-19 Coronavirus to more people in the world, I ask for your help to share this information with your friends and donate to our Fundraising program on GoFundMe to help us pay for the marketing and research cost. 

Thank you and God Bless!
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