Morgan’s Hysterectomy Help

UPDATE 1/17/18: Hey, friends! I know it’s been a while, so I just wanted to share everything that’s happened in the last 2 months. Thankfully I made it to my surgery date without much complication and the surgery itself went well. My last diagnostic surgery and my hysterectomy did not align, however. She found that many of my lower organs were attached, my ovaries were attached to the sidewalls of my uterus, and the backside of my uterus was covered in stage 4 endometriosis, which is the most severe form. Because of that my journey is not over and my ovaries have to be kept asleep for as long as possible, meaning I have to stay on birth control and the possibility of residual endometriosis pain is possible. However, as scary as that is, I’m looking forward to keeping on with the recovery process and feeling better each day and growing more energy. Right now I’m looking for a job, something simple and not too demanding physically, so that I can save up some money. Until then, I continue to ask that anyone who feels like donating would be greatly appreciated as there are still things I have to take care of financially. If you have any questions about my recovery or the process, feel free to ask! The donations are greatly appreciated and I wouldn’t have made it this far with everyone’s help and support. I’m eternally grateful.

UPDATE 11/17/17: Howdy. My hysterectomy is scheduled for December 18th. Here’s the story. I️ have been feeling very good in comparison to before surgery. On the Depo Provera birth control I️ was having really bad side effects, from losing hair, to headaches, to vivid and regularly occurring nightmares. Eventually they subsided and I’ve had a little more energy than before and my pain is close to eradicated except for mild cramping every once in a while. After my surgeon in Temple told me I️ needed to have a hysterectomy, I️ told him I️ wanted to do it in East Texas. He sent me to Dr. McMorries in Nacogdoches. I️ really don’t want to out a doctor like this, but the McMorries visit was a nightmare. My records were not sent to him for one thing, so I probably shouldn’t have even seen him. However, during the visit, knowing that with or without a uterus I️ will never carry a fetus full term, he asked me what I️ was going to do in 10 years when I️ met a man who wouldn’t marry me because I️ can’t have babies. That’s the private horror of Adenomyosis. The point is that as a doctor it was totally unprofessional and insensitive to ask, but the truth is that it’s something I️ and others with my condition worry about daily. I️ left the visit with many tears to follow. Today I️ saw doctor Rachael Sullivan in Lufkin at CHI. She cut straight to the chase and told me she would do my hysterectomy. For the first time, it was suggested that I️ harvest my eggs. Now I️ even have something positive to consider and possibly look forward to. I️ will meet a specialist in Houston for that before my surgery. I️ am really sad that it has all come down to this, and I️ really believe if I️ had been correctly diagnosed 5 years ago this may have been avoided, but today I’m grateful that Dr. Sullivan took the time to read my records, understand my pathology, and go through with this. There will be a lot of grief and a lot of pain, but I️ am so ready to feel like myself again. Thank you guys so much for reading and sticking with me on this journey. However, I️ need you all now more than ever. I️ will be out of work for nearly 2 months and I️ am trying my level best to be able to stay in College Station and not have to move home. My goal is to be able to take classes next semester no matter where I️ am. With your help, that could be made possible. With the hysterectomy there will be a lot more to do as far as expenses, and every penny is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone who has donated and everyone who will. When I️ made this GoFundMe, I️ had no idea I️ would receive such an outpouring of love and support. It sucks that I️ am still fighting, but with some help I️ can get back to being where I️ need to be a lot more quickly. Thanks y’all.

UPDATE 10/15/17: Hey guys, a lot people already know, but when I went to meet with my surgeon after having problems on the 10th he removed my Mirena IUD. Unfortunately at that visit, he brought to my attention the urgency of needing a hysterectomy. I thought I had been waiting years to hear that, but when it became a reality I was devastated. Right now I am experiencing severe hormonal imbalance due to being put on many different birth controls in a short period of time, which causes a roller coaster of emotion 24/7. Right now I am trying to process emotions and figure out when and where I want to do the hysterectomy. My family has been extremely supportive and I’m very grateful to EVERYONE who’s been with me in any way through this process. This condition is coming to a close for me and while that is such a relief, it brings immense pain to feel like a choice and a part of me is being taken away. I’m going to keep this fundraiser in continuation throughout because the recovery period will be even longer and to do without financial stress makes emotional stress a little easier. Thank you to everyone. Please continue to share and read and spread the word. If I do nothing else but educate people about Adenomyosis, then my job is done.

UPDATE: My recovery was going very well up until last night, the 9th. I began having very severe pelvic pain and it was unrelenting. This morning my surgeon’s office suggested I go to the ER in Lufkin, so I did. Throughout the day my pain worsened to the point of wondering if something was seriously wrong. My CT scan, blood work, and ultrasound came back normal. Tomorrow my dad is taking me back to Temple to see my surgeon to find out more and work out a plan. My best guess is that the Mirena IUD is causing this debilitating pain. Morphine did not even touch my pain, and dilaudid sedated me for less than an hour before my pain returned in full force. I am really hoping removing the IUD will ease my pain. These extra trips to Temple and ER expenses will make financial burdens larger. Please continue to share, read, pray, and hope for some answers. Thank you all so much. It’s truly overwhelming how much love and support I’ve received through what has been the hardest time of my life.

Howdy, friends. As many of you know, last year around Christmas time I started getting really sick. My periods had become so severely debilitating that I was unable to work and had a lot of issues for many months. At the end of January, a specialist ordered me an MRI, leading to my diagnosis. I have Adenomyosis, I was misdiagnosed with fibroids for about 5 years beforehand, so I wasn’t getting the treatment I needed. Adenomyosis is a condition, or some call it a disease, that causes the uterine wall lining tissue to grow into the muscle of the uterus. It is an extremely painful condition and the only cure is a hysterectomy, which I cannot have because I’m 23 and have never had kids. In recent months the condition has worsened to the point of me having to take a semester of school off, which my friends know is extremely important to me. I am experiencing every symptom Adenomyosis has to offer. I am taking so much hydrocodone and ibuprofen that I have been sent to the ER for taking toxic doses just in order to TOUCH my pain. My worst symptoms are fatigue and severe pain at very inconvenient times, like early in the morning before I have to work all day. I started seeing an OB-GYN here in College Station who sent me to a specialist in Temple, and he has finally given me the solutions I have been looking for for years. On Thursday, October 5th, he’s performing a Laparoscopic Hysteroscopy on me. It’s an exploratory diagnostic procedure that let’s him go into my uterus, look around, excise anything that can be removed(including endometriosis if present), and relieve a LOT of pain for me. Once he’s finished he will insert a Mirena IUD into my cervix which will suppress my condition until I’m ready to have children or decide to move forward with a hysterectomy. Right now I go to sleep as soon as I get home from work, waking up enough to feed my dog and [sometimes] myself, and then I go back to bed. This condition has caused severe depression to develop and I am experiencing hope for the first time in a very very long time looking forward to this surgery. However, this surgery is going to put me out for about a month. I pay my own rent and bills here in College Station and I am not in a position to move home because I cannot cancel my lease here, and I am doing my best to finish college and I’d like to stay here and do that at A&M without too much further complication. I am asking for help, which I don’t often do, to pay my rent and bills for the month of October. I cannot work while in recovery and my parents have enough to deal with on their own, so I would like to make it my responsibility to ask for this. Any amount would mean so much. I am already so grateful for the love and support I have received experiencing this awful disease that has put a halt on my life for long enough. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers and positivity that has helped get me through this and thank you in advance for donating.
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