Lend-A-Hand To Education - Petaluma 2021-22

*** UPDATED December 13, 2021 ***

Thanks to the generous donations from our individual sponsors and the club funding by Petaluma Valley Rotary and Petaluma Sunrise Rotary, all of the grant requests have been funded.  We achieved 100% of our goal. We will be notifying individual teachers of their grant payments shortly.


Join us in making a difference in the education of Petaluma area students! Petaluma Valley Rotary and Petaluma Sunrise Rotary are once again raising money to fund Educational Grants for K-12 teachers at public and private schools in the Petaluma and Penngrove area.
This will be the 18th year for this program, and we've already raised and distributed over $271,000 in grants to Petaluma teachers, grades K-12.
We received grant requests in excess of $18,000 for this year. Rotary club members invite you to join us in funding these grant requests to help our teachers and our students.
Donating is easy - simply scroll down to choose the particular grant request that you would like to fund, note the Grant # and amount, then donate that amount using your credit card through the GoFundMe Donate button, or mail a check addressed to:
PO Box 2101
Petaluma, CA 94953-2101

If mailing in a check, please complete the following online form so we can update the grant status: Check Donation Form 
All donations to the Lend a Hand to Education fund of Petaluma Valley Rotary Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Tax ID# 68-0222925, are tax deductible.
Be sure to note the Grant # in the Comments section at the end when you make your donation! Alternatively, you can make a general donation without specifying a Grant # and we'll be sure to apply it to any remaining unfunded projects.
Select The Grant That You Want To Fund
Below is a list of individual grant requests which require funding for the 2021-2022 school year. Simply review and decide which project or projects you wish to fund. Be sure to note the Grant number in the comment field when you donate. We will manually update the list to reflect Funded requests daily.
Casa Grande (Grant 1-A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Adams, 9, 11, 12th grade - Funds for CO2, disO2, pH test kit for AP Env. Science
Casa Grande (Grant 1-B) $147 - FUNDED
Teacher: Ben Lev, 9-12th grade - Easy Spanish books for beginning students to read
Casa Grande (Grant 1-C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Brian Lochtan, 12th grade - Books for Beginning Investor (risk, diversification, stock market etc.)
Casa Grande (Grant 1-D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Holly Kelly, 9-12th grade - Replace and renew glassware and reagents
Casa Grande (Grant 1-E) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jennifer Titus, 10-12th grade - Lab materials to study microorganisms, including petri dishes, bacteria specimens, nutrient agar and stains
Casa Grande (Grant 1-F) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Lisa Cain, 12th grade - Books for Beginning Investor (risk, diversification, stock market etc.)
Casa Grande (Grant 1-H) $233 - FUNDED
Teacher: Sten Mander, 9-12th grade - Radio transmitter for robotics class parade float
Casa Grande (Grant 1-I) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Witte, 11-12th grade - Gardening and Nursery management t project to produce lip balm
Cherry Valley (Grant 2A) $248 - FUNDED
Teacher: Dana Gottlieb, K-3rd grade - Reading materials for Multi Sensory Education
Cinnabar (Grant 3A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Catherine Esquibel, 7-8th grade - Books, varied genre for English, History and Spanish, fiction and nonfiction
Cinnabar (Grant 3B) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Catherine Rose, 7-8th grade - Purchase raw ingredients and kitchen equipment
Cinnabar (Grant 3C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Crystal Friscia, Trans-K grade - Inst. And vocal art enrichment activities material
Cinnabar (Grant 3D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jamie Azevedo, K-8th grade - Purchase ink for color printers
Cinnabar (Grant 3E) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jen Collins, 5th grade - Modeling clay, paint, small DC motors, propellers
Cinnabar (Grant 3F) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Joy Powell, K-8th grade - Supplies for store where students learn budgeting and commercial communication skills
Cinnabar (Grant 3G) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Mark Ribeiro, 6th grade - Purchase ink for color printers
Cinnabar (Grant 3H) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Sarah Marcia, K-8th grade - Supplies for student run coffee cart, students learn business and money skills
Cinnabar (Grant 3I) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Stephanie Gonzalez, K grade - Cross Curriculum readers at diff. levels for small groups
Cinnabar (Grant 3J) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Stephen Winston, 7-8th grade - Purchase games to improve math fluency and skills
Cinnabar (Grant 3K) $247 - FUNDED
Teacher: Trey Minehan Willis, 1-2nd grade - Writing and art materials for language arts education
Dunham (Grant 4A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Katie Kidder, 1st grade - Purchase flexible seating equipment for classroom
Harvest Christian (Grant 5A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Adrienne Barnes, K-6th grade - Purchase musical instruments for music students, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, hand drums, wrist bells
Harvest Christian (Grant 5B) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Amanda Kelly, 2nd grade - Purchase library books supplies and supporting equipment for displays, etc.
Harvest Christian (Grant 5C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Erin Watson, 7-8th grade - Purchase teacher's subscription, latin game bundle and textbook.
Harvest Christian (Grant 5D) $225 - FUNDEDE
Teacher: Jen Priest, 4th grade - Math games and manipulatives, fractions and division, plus an organizing folder for desks
Harvest Christian (Grant 5E) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jessica Pridemore, TK grade - Purchase small composter and raised bed container along with starter vegetable plants for class garden
Harvest Christian (Grant 5F) $215 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kevin Kirby, 5th grade - Purchase 7" digital microscope 2, 1200X 1080p videoscope with LCD screen
Kenilworth (Grant 6A) $120 - FUNDED
Teacher: Sandra Saldana, 7th grade - Purchase Nearpod subscription, a teaching aid
Liberty (Grant 7A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Cindy Pomi, K-6th grade - Purchase 2 microscopes, 40X - 1000X Dual light all metal microscope with slides
Live Oak (Grant 8A) $128 - FUNDED
Teacher: Julie Meierding, 1-5th grade - Books to support practicing reading and music literacy.
McDowell (Grant 9A) $213 - FUNDED
Teacher: Renee Nealon, 5th grade - Purchase yoga mats for outdoor learning and social and emotional learning project
McKinley (Grant 10A) $87 - FUNDED
Teacher: Hannah Sarlette, K grade - Purchase headphones for iPad to enhance learning
McKinley (Grant 10B) $205 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jamie Zemel, TK-8th grade - Purchase materials to enhance social skills and communication
McKinley (Grant 10C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Laura Clemmens, 7-8th grade - Purchase art supplies for art projects to explore basic elements of art and cultural connections
Miwok (Grant 11A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Alicia Donohue, 5th grade - Purchase books to support social and emotional learning as well as reading skills
Miwok (Grant 11B) $149 - FUNDED
Teacher: Andrea Messersmith, 2nd grade - Purchase carpet for the library to improve lighting and environment themed décor
Miwok (Grant 11C) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Carl Triola, 6th grade - Purchase counter-top range/oven, baking equipment, trays, measuring spoons, bowls, cooling/drying racks
Miwok (Grant 11D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kim Scranton, 4-6th grade - Purchase material to make/sew Happi coats, a traditional Japanese garment for after school drumming class
Miwok (Grant 11E) $248 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kristen Robinson, TK-2nd grade - Purchase books for reading by students, in reading intervention program
Miwok (Grant 11F) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Margaret Scott, K-6th grade - Purchase equip and features for classroom to support reading and language arts intervention programs, playdough, mag. Letters, books, posters, etc.
Miwok (Grant 11G) $127 - FUNDED
Teacher: Seanna Dirrane, K-1st grade - Purchase double sided magnetic write and wipe personal whiteboards with magnetic letters
Miwok (Grant 11H) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Shaewn Morones, RSP - Math manipulatives to help students with engagement
Miwok (Grant 11I) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Victoria Triola, 2nd grade - Purchase paint brushes for student use in art projects
Penngrove (Grant 12A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Clare Sitzer, K-4th grade - Purchase educational games to target foundational reading skills like blending, fluency, phonemic awareness and vocabulary
Penngrove (Grant 12B) $248 - FUNDED
Teacher: Dana Gottlieb, K-3rd grade - Reading materials for Multi Sensory Education
Penngrove (Grant 12C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Ed Zeidler, 4th grade - Purchase follow-on book for class reading, continuing from last year's selection, very engaging for students
Penngrove (Grant 12D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Jenny Hlebakos, 4th grade - Purchase "Island of the Blue Dolphins" a book in prep for a trip to Fort Ross, including gold rush, CA history, statehood
Penngrove (Grant 12E) $239 - FUNDED
Teacher: Rena Marie Salazar, TK - Purchase CD player to support weekly music lessons to help students learn tempo, counting, beats, etc.
Petaluma Jr. High School (Grant 13A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Elizabeth, Escalante, 8th grade - Purchase Scholastic Scope, an English Language Arts mag written for middle schoolers
Petaluma Accelerated Charter School (Grant 14A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Katie Gill, 8th grade - Expand library content from Elem level to middle school
Petaluma High School (Grant 15A) $247 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kelsey Offenhach, 9-12th grade - Purchase Jump Ropes for cardio exercise in weight room
Petaluma High School (Grant 15B) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kristina Camacho, 9-12th grade - Purchase 55 gal. aquarium with pump, filter, etc. equip.
Petaluma High School (Grant 15C) $229 - FUNDED
Teacher: Cris Toves, 9-Adult - Purchase textured saucer switches, set of three, for vocational tools, shredder, scissors, pencil sharpener
Petaluma High School (Grant 15D) $171 - FUNDED
Teacher: Michelle Walters, 10th grade - Purchase 50 Owl Pellets to dissect and extract bones while studying real life food chain examples.
River Montessori (Grant 16A) $233 - FUNDED
Teacher: Brendan Gagnon, 4-6th grade - Purchase Lab supplies: test tubes, beakers 400 ml and 500ml, Grad cylinders, pH test strips stirring rods, funnels, thermometers, etc.
River Montessori (Grant 16B) $241 - FUNDED
Teacher: Deanna Peake, 1-3rd grade - Level appropriate books for reading groups, used by multiple classes
River Montessori (Grant 16C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Emma Thompson, TK-K grade - Books and manipulatives for emerging readers to build literacy, reading skills, language skills
River Montessori (Grant 16D) $214 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kayla Prosser, 1-3rd grade - Purchase 2 Kala brand soprano Ukele, shared among classes and used for weekly music instruction
River Montessori (Grant 16E) $240 - FUNDED
Teacher: Lisa Hartman, 1-3rd grade - Purchase drums to complete a set of Djembe drums
River Montessori (Grant 16F) $188 - FUNDED
Teacher: Mollie Clark, K grade - Support for Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, curriculum bundle, letter cards, diagraph cards, alphabet chart, teacher support materials
South County Consortium (Grant 18A) $245 - FUNDED
Teacher: Alyna Christiansen, Preschool - Purchase materials to develop fine motor skills such as beginning hammer set, motor game set, fine motor jars, etc.
South County Consortium (Grant 18B) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Beau Rudder, 9-12th grade - Art supplies to encourage and enable self expression
South County Consortium (Grant 18C) $210 - FUNDED
Teacher: Katherine Turtle, Preschool-High School - Purchase Phys. Ed. Games to enable access to sports, improve communication, develop gross motor skills
South County Consortium (Grant 18D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Mary Beth Leland, 9-12th grade - Purchase materials like plants, compost, soil, tools for garden and nutrition project in raised beds
South County Consortium (Grant 18E) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Melanie Rosa, 3-5th grade - Balance ball chair and alternative seating for students with behavioral difficulties needing emotional support
South County Consortium (Grant 18F) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Ning Susilo, Preschool - Big Book Reading set, Musical instruments, Multishape links
Spring Hill School (Grant 19A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Aubrey Watkins, 5-8th grade - Mobile Design Lab from SCOE Maker Space, Make Periodic Table
Spring Hill School (Grant 19B) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Cynthis Diaz, 1-2nd grade - Purchase books for bilingual library
Spring Hill School (Grant 19C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Logann Gavey, K-Primary grades - Purchase two compost bins and a worm bin for ecology and gardening program
Spring Hill School (Grant 19D) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Ed Longnecker, 6th grade - Purchase plants and equip. for students to grow and track progress in planter boxes.
Two Rock Elementary (Grant 20A) $200 - FUNDED
Teacher: Amy Jones, K-1st grade - Purchase tape or CD listening device so students can follow along with reading exercise and language arts.
Two Rock Elementary (Grant 20B) $243 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kimberly Lloyd, 2nd grade - Purchase 44 Acorn and Branches brand books for reading and language arts
Two Rock Elementary (Grant 20C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Megan Simon Jordan, 4-5 combo grade - Knitting needles, loom hook set, yarn, pillow stuffing for class projects
Valley Vista (Grant 21A) $150 - FUNDED
Teacher: Amanda Weinstein, K-1st grade - Fund 3 virtual field trips, 1 to Wild Care in San Rafael and 2 virtual trips to Luther Burbank Center for theater shows
Valley Vista (Grant 21B) $234 - FUNDED
Teacher: Amy Wyre, 3rd grade - Bi-Lingual books to aid social interaction and communication techniques
Valley Vista (Grant 21C) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Catina Haugen, 4-6th grade - Novato Chess Club joint effort, partial payment on $3K cost for 6 week training session
Valley Vista (Grant 21D) $127 - FUNDED
Teacher: Kristie Hultquist, TK grade - Enhance 5 senses science unit with books, puzzles, games and 5 senses kit
Valley Vista (Grant 21E) $232 - FUNDED
Teacher: Patricia Lounibos, TK-6th grade - Purchase classroom aids like wobble chairs, fidget toys, cross-fir twist balance boards, stress relief kits
Wilson School (Grant 22A) $250 - FUNDED
Teacher: Nancy Osman, Library - Scholastic award winners book set of 20 books and 5 more books so students can compete in reading challenge with award winning books
Interested in more information about the Lend-A-Hand Program - See below!
Here are a couple of short videos which provide some perspective of how these grants are used:
Through the Lend-A-Hand program, we offer grants up to a maximum of $250 per grant, and will be giving extra consideration to grants focused on supporting distance learning in the areas of STEM, reading, arts and music.
The funds raised through this campaign will be used exclusively to fund grants for teachers to provide learning experiences and projects which may fall outside of the schools budgets and traditional funding sources.


  • Andrea Pierotti 
    • $250 
    • 8 mos
  • Garrett Hill 
    • $500 
    • 8 mos
    • $155 
    • 8 mos
  • Kurt Schau 
    • $229 
    • 8 mos
  • Jeffrey A Pettibone 
    • $150 
    • 8 mos
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