Overcoming Domestic Violence

We are starting this go fund me page for Nichole Archer because on June 14th, 2017 she was ambushed in the parking lot of the apartment complex where she lives by her ex-boyfriend. She was a victim of domestic violence and was strong enough to pull through. The man involved was arrested that day for domestic violence. This incident has caused a large wave of medical bills. We are trying to help raise money to assist with all of the medical bills and any therapeutic or medical bills moving forward.This was not the first time something like this had happened. The strength from Nichole to make sure her kids were always safe made it hard to report anything so quickly. There were multiple times of unreported incidents that lead to where we are today. She had friends from work help her get out of her apartment and free her kids and herself from the tyranny that he had put on them. After mustering up the courage she reported him to the police and was removed from her home. Nichole had a protection order in place at the time of this incident for her and the children. Nichole had made arrangements with his mother to come with a U-Haul truck on June 14th to pick up the remainder of his things and to remove him from her life. They were almost finished loading the truck when he came running towards her and started swinging a club. She started to scream all the while trying to get away from him. He chased her with a club in his hand and a knife and proceeded to beat her within an inch of her life. He hit her with such force that he split open her eyebrow on the left side that needed stitches, she had a large laceration on the upper right side of her head.He broke her right arm in 2 places so that they had to do surgery and put a plate in it. Her left arm was also badly bruised from trying to protect herself. She has small fractures on the left side of her head near her eye and also near and above her left ear causing it to be hard to hear. He fractured her skull on the right side which gave her a blood clot so that they had to cut her head open to remove it and put in a drain. When they went in they found that her skull was fractured so badly in that area that they had to put it back together like a jig saw puzzle. They had to put in a plate to hold it together.She is recovering but it is going to be a long road to total recovery. Luckily her two sons were not there to witness this incident. She is healing very well and the Drs. are very happy with her progress. She still has headaches and gets tired very easily. She gets dizzy if she moves to quickly. We are not sure when she will be able to return to her job.THANK YOU again to everyone that came to her aid and THANK YOU to everyone who helped us with food, helped with the boys. It is all very much appreciated.
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