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Support Shelters in Need and Aid in the Adoption of Abandoned Pets:
We at WiseNose USA (part of Alpine Kennels) (www.wisenose.org) recently made our third journey into Ukraine, delivering much-needed medical supplies and surgical equipment to shelters and vets in the northwest of Ukraine, as well as in the south-central region. With the war continuing, animals not only continue to be left behind but also their care and well-being is not being prioritized in light of dire human situation. Right now, these animals, as well as the people staying to care for them, need all the help they can get, be it in the form of food, medications, or transport. Unfortunately, the need is pretty much endless. Getting supplies to the most exposed regions, or even anywhere beyond Kyiv is further complicated not only by destroyed roads, but also a severe fuel shortage, which in effect limits the range of any delivery. In short, the logistics of reaching the most vulnerable becomes complex.
私たちWiseNose USA (part of Alpine Kennels) (www.wisenose.org)は、先日ウクライナに入り、北西部と中南部地域で、ドッグフード、ワクチンなどの医療品、手術用具を避難所に届けました。戦闘が続く中、人的救済が優先され、動物のケアには手が回らず、飼い主を失ったペットたちは置き去りにされています。いま、動物たち、そして、動物たちの世話をするために滞在している人たちは、食べ物、薬、交通の手段、クレートや毛布など、あらゆる助けを必要としており、過酷な状況の中、必死に活動しています。キエフ以外の被災地へ物資を届けるには、道路は破壊され、深刻な燃料不足などで配達範囲が限定されているため、さらに困難になっています。

On our most recent trip, we delivered roughly US$10,000 worth of assorted medications and a donation from Veterinarians Without Borders of surgical equipment. We further managed to extract 3 dogs whose owners have perished. These dogs have new homes in the USA, Sweden and Germany. Our desire and plan is to go back with more medical equipment and medications, reaching a different set of shelters further east and south that have not seen any, or very little, relief or assistance arrive thus far. To do this, we will need not only to equip, again, our German based delivery van with a fuel bladder (to extend range) but also ensure proper maintenance, etc. In addition to that of course, we have the need to procure more medications.

We have paid everything delivered to date (as well as our vehicle and travel) out of our own pocket, and had we had more, would be happy to do so again, but it’s proving a challenge. We hope for your empathy and kind generosity and assistance in helping us raise enough funds for another relief journey – our goal is to raise $25,000. All proceeds will be used for a) dog food; b) medications; c) surgical equipment; d) transportation costs – tolls, diesel and any emergency maintenance costs. No funds go to us or other expenses, and all accounting will be made publicly available on our website.
Thank you.
私たちは、これまで輸送車両代や旅費などすべてを自分たちの個人の貯金から支払っていましたが、それも限界となってきました。今後の目標は35,000ドルの寄付を集めることです。ご寄附で、a) ドッグフード、b) 薬、c) 手術用具、d) 交通費(通行料、ディーゼル代、緊急メンテナンス費用)に使用されます。また、すべての会計は、私たちのウェブサイトで公開されます。





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