Help Anchorage survive until ELFest

Hello everyone, My name is Lyndon Blazina, I perform under the name Anchorage in a solo acoustic pop-punk act, based out of Victoria, B.C. I am currently scheduled to perform at Electric Love Music Festival (ELFest) July 28th-31st in Cheam Fishing Village just outside of Chiliwack, B.C.

In the recent months, a number of unfortunate financial burdens have hit me unexpectedly, and in crippling capacities; firstly, the bankruptcy of HMV Canada, of which I had been a part of the staff for 4 1/2 years, went into receivership without any notice. and now as my luck would have it, months later, the exact same situation has arisen with my primary full-time job. the abrupt bankruptcy of the Apple premium service provider Soho Computer Services in Victoria, B.C. that I've worked at for 2 1/2 years, has left me completely jobless and entirely broke coming up to the Eletric Love festival dates.

**I will state very clearly that it's highly likely I will not even receive a final paycheque for the past two weeks of work, due to lack of funds from the owner of the company.**

I know most people would just tell me to find another job, and trust me, I'm trying. But finding a job after summer has started, and after most businesses have completed their seasonal hiring, has made it impossible for me to afford to perform, let alone travel to ELFest, which pulls thousands of people each year to see local and far-reaching artists display what they've poured their hearts and souls into, myself being one of those artists. I do not own a vehicle, so I would have to look into renting a car for the weekend to accommodate the amount of gear I have to take to and from the festival, and ferry costs to and from the mainland are utterly absurd and way too high for my current financial situation to afford.

Not only do I have expenses for myself, but for my girlfriend, Heather, as well. She is a wonderful, energetic, loving, and beautiful light in my life. Sadly, she hasn't had good job hunting luck in the last year we've lived together. While she does work two jobs, both stores would rather hire large amounts of staff and give her anywhere between 4-8 hours a week and sparsely disperse money throughout the staff, than give her decent amounts of hours and let her shine at what she does best.

**It's also worth mentioning that she has applied at over 30 places in the past two months, had numerous interviews without any call backs. She's determined, but it seems we're both on a bad luck streak and we can't seem to break it.**

Due to her employers providing minimal hours and potential employers simply leaving her hanging on a string, I have been the backbone of our income for the last year, paying for most expenses and making sure we can live at the very least, cheque to cheque. If we're being honest, I've never been so disheartened in my entire life. I am almost out of money, we have barely any food on our shelves, and I am fast approaching my absolute breaking point. This bankruptcy of the company I have poured my heart into and had developed a deep passion for was sudden, and absolutely out of the blue. If I had known a month prior to today that we were closing in on the company folding, I would have prioritized looking for a replacement job beforehand. Unfortunately, the owner of the business neglected to inform any of us about the impending closure, and while everyone else who worked at Soho is fairly well off and have other sources of income, I have absolutely nothing to fall back on.

Here is a breakdown of expenses:

Rent: $900/month
Internet/Phone bills: $160/month
Food/general life expenses: $350/month (if budgeted correctly)
Travel/Merch for Electric Love: $400

I cannot financially support myself to make life in general, let alone the festival, happen. Electric Love Fest is everything to me. It's my very first music festival, and this was hopefully going to be the platform to push my art off into the mainstream and make music a source of income. With my second EP on the way this summer, I was going to use the festival as a platform to bolster the release and hopefully make something of my music endeavours. At this point, I will not be able to have anything to offer any fans or potential fans of my music.

This is where you guys come in. literally, any amount helps. absolutely anything. i have set the fundraising goal to $2,000 in order to cover next rent payment, bills, food, and if there's enough left, to cover any travel and merchandise expenses for the festival in July. I'm hoping by this time, I'll have potentially landed a new job and am back on my feet with renewed vigour. I don't like being off my feet; I'd much rather be back on them and pushing forward than having to do this.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to anyone who decides to donate or share this with friends and family that might. I am not one to ask for hand-outs whatsoever, and I certainly don't take pride in asking for the help of strangers, but I've grown incredibly anxious and desperate with the situation at hand, and I simply do not know what else to do or who to turn to.

Below is the link to my bandcamp, where you can also support buy paying what you'd like to. My next EP will be an extension of the first, and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

- Lyndon Blazina // Anchorage
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