Sheep & Goat Farms Flooded in Eastern Kentucky

I'm Emily, and I am a sheep farmer in Southeast Kentucky. I am also treasurer and a board member of a non-profit group called Southeast Kentucky Sheep Producer's Association. I am asking for your support for our sheep & goat farms in Eastern Kentucky.
As most of the world knows, Eastern Kentucky has been crippled by torrential rain that has led to massive flooding in the past week. My fellow sheep & goat farmers in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky are suffering from the aftermath of the floods.
Barns have been swept away
Hay and feed have been ruined
Pastures are covered with mud
Fencing has been destroyed
Sheep, goats, and guard animals have been lost
The animals that remain alive need to eat on schedule and be kept safe.
The needs are immediate and urgent!

We have a small group gathering and delivering the first shipment of feed and supplies this weekend, but it's just enough to scratch the surface of these farmers' deep needs.
Please donate funds to help provide: hay, feed, bedding, fencing, and building materials.
If monetary donations are not possible, we are also looking for individuals who could provide labor rebuilding fences, assisting with clean-up, or making deliveries. Also, farms willing to temporarily keep sheep or goats on your pasture would be beneficial as our fellow farmers rebuild.

Please help Eastern Kentucky sheep & goat farmers care for their livestock and rebuild the necessary infrastructure. Times like these can remind us that people don't have to live close to each to act like good neighbors and help each other.

*Southeast Kentucky Sheep Producer's Association (SEKSPA)
I tried to open this under the non-profit, but the website advised that funds will only be released to us once a month in the case of a charity.
Of course, this is urgent, and the farmers need the resources quickly, so I switched it to a personal account.
Animals are starving and need safe barns & secure pastures ASAP. The flooding happened last week, and there have not been any resources or relief for these farmers yet.
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to be involved in the efforts to help, please email me at [email redacted]. com

Thank you