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Civil Voice Groups (an  NGO non-profit) is preparing to launch its social movement, social justice platform in 8 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK). 

The platform has been custom built to defend and advance major social issues such as voting rights, women's rights, racial equality, LGBT rights, free press rights, climate action and more. 

No download is required.  All types and sizes of devices and operating systems are supported.  If you use a browser, you can use this platform.

Efforts To Date
Most development efforts were performed using volunteers.   The directors personally funded operational expenses such as server VMs,  graphics design, IDE software licenses, workstations, banking, accounting costs, etc.
► One year of research was performed to determine why massive street protests (and other types protests) consistently fail to deliver legislative results. This phase also identified how to mitigate such failures.
► One year of effort was performed to identify critical needs and sub-systems required for social movement groups (and their followers, members, and activists) to become more capable of delivering mandates related to their causes. Upon determining a viable operating model, legal policies, bylaws, and public audit requirements, the directors incorporated a non-profit to carry out their mandate and mission.
► Upon incorporation, it took two more years to plan and design the technical requirements related to identified needs and sub-systems.
One year of effort was required to deploy the overall platform technical infrastructure supporting all base requirements. Base requirements deployed include infrastructures for:

    •  Privacy
    •  Security
    •  Load Balancing
    •  Hosting (separate dev, staging, beta, and production environments)
    •  Social Movement Accounts (add/change/approve/deny/suspend)
    •  User (Member) Accounts (add/change/verify/suspend)
    •  Free Press Journalist Accounts (add/change/approve/deny/suspend)
    •  Opt-In Interest Settings (all accounts)
    •  Opt-In Engagement Settings (all accounts)
    •  Opt-In Volunteerism Settings (all accounts)
    •  AVS Based verification of User (Member) Accounts
    •  Dual Accounts (verified REAL and Anonymous)
    •  Fake Account, Bot and Scam Organization prevention
    •  Volunteer Matchmaking & Onboarding
    •  Organization invitation sub-system
    •  Social justice protest sub-system with 7 escalating (harsher result) phases, of which any phase may run concurrently 
    •  Task Lists, sub-tasks, task assignment, management & monitoring
    •  Demographics sub-system for user members & participants
    •  Demographic analysis sub-system of users and participants
    •  Polling and Survey sub-system
    •  Organization Fund-Raising sub-system
    •  Push Messaging sub-system
    •  Protester Rewards sub-system
    •  GPS based Get Out the Vote sub-system (8 countries)
    •  Social Media integration sub-system (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
    •  Special features for Free Press Journalists

Underlined items above have been completed.  Civil Voice Groups is now ready for 30 million social movement supporters, hundreds of social movement groups and thousands of free press journalists from eight countries to join the platform.  However, not all items above have been completed.

Requirements and technical design (classes, models, methods, procedures, DB requirements) have been completed for all items.  The current release supports the infrastructure of all items.  However,  end-point codes that provide UI's and workflows for non-underlined items have not been completed.

The purpose of this campaign is to fast track development and release of non-underlined items using a pool of 35 to 50 proven full-time developers that have worked with the directors for over a decade.

Platform Concepts:

Unlike for-profit social media companies, the Civil Voice Groups platform focusses on providing turnkey services and workflows pertinent to mandates, goals and challenges that all major social movement groups face.  The common goal and focus is to deliver substantial legislative change using civil, legal, respect based, and do-no-harm means.

Our platform's primary concept is to integrate all social movement groups and their base followers, members, and activists.  Below is a summary of concepts this platform is based upon:

    •  Organize tens of millions of like-minded people into a single, organized, integrated collective. This concept creates a powerful voting bloc that is too large, too organized, and too well managed (and led by social movement groups) for politicians to ignore.

    •  Provide social movement groups with features and turnkey workflows they need to best manage their organization, raise funds, onboard volunteers, assign tasks, manage tasks, collect feedback, launch protests, issue surveys, and monitor progress to deliver their specific mandate.

    •  Provide social movement followers, members, and activists with the ability to support, pro-actively volunteer, and simultaneously assist 130+ categories of social movement groups, non-profits, and goodness-based charities.

    •  Provide social movement groups and all social movement supporters with the ability to launch and participate in legal and civil multi-phased protests that target specific legislators, where each phase generates harsher consequences while generating multiple results (per phase per protester) that politicians and their offices are forced to react to. Of importance, please note a real-world example is detailed in this news release. 

    •  Integrate the free press into the platform, where vetted journalists are provided key features designed to generate constant, long-term press cycles by utilizing free press subscribed pre-notifications, aggregated protester demographic reports & pivot data, protests summaries filtered by country and interest, ability to connect with social movement leaders and specific spokespeople, ability to issue surveys to users based on common interests, etc.

    •  Provide social movement groups with the ability to join or create coalitions comprised of many social movement groups (with their combined tens of millions of members) that generate the mass required to deliver critical common goals.


By donating, all major social movement groups and their members will be provided a custom built platform for a decade+ to come to deliver their mandates which include accomplishing substantial legislative change.

It all starts here.  Let's not sit around hoping.  Let's change the future by utilizing the only platform in the world dedicated to social movement causes.   We are in this for the long term.


The directors of Civil Voice Groups 


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