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I am a USAF Veteran and independent filmmaker.  I have conceived, written, filmed, edited, and produced the film you see here titled "The 2nd Amendment - Let’s Take it Back".  It is the first in a series of short films  featuring 41 average American citizens, all of which graciously volunteered their time and energy to be in the film.  There was no sponsorship or funding for this whatsoever.

My goal is to positively portray the 2nd Amendment and Civil Rights by creating original, non-partisan film projects designed to reach millions of people.  The main message I am trying to convey is: Civil Rights belong to everyone regardless of political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation.  Every American should have EQUAL RIGHTS in all 50 States.  The fact that we do not is an issue that requires work.

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Why Am I Seeking Financing on GoFundMe?
Simply put - I would like to devote all of my time to creating PRO 2nd Amendment media.  Without funding, working on film projects takes too much time away from my normal business, and though I will STILL do this, my work will progress slowly.  I firmly believe that the best way to fight for Civil Rights is to reach hearts and minds with STRONG CONTENT containing facts and emotional elements -- so here I am asking for $$$. 

In order to do this full time, I came up with an annual amount that would allow me to drop everything and put all my time into creating media.  That number is currently $100k/year.  While it sounds like a lot of money, it would not even permit me to hire much help at all and I’d still need to do the majority of the work myself. The major difference would be - I could do it every day!  The amount would simply be a replacement for lost income from our normal business.
That sums it all up in short form.  If you'd like more info - please keep reading:
My goal in creating the film series, titled “Our 2nd Amendment”  -  is to positively influence public perception of the 2nd Amendment and our Civil Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  This is a non-partisan effort that rises above politics, race, religion, and sexual or lifestyle preference.  I believe that every American should have EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS in all 50 states, from birth until death.  The actions our government is taking regarding the basic Civil Right to Keep and Bear Arms are disgraceful.

Many men and women through history, whom I consider brothers and sisters, have sacrificed their very lives in order to secure the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.  Slowly, their work is being forgotten - and men in suits with pens are undoing with ink what was forged with sweat and blood.  Anyone who believes in true freedom and independence should be concerned by this.  The government should serve our needs, not control our lives.

What Inspired Me to Do This:
A few years ago, I migrated from New York City to New Jersey.  I noticed several shooting ranges/gun stores in my area.  So, I learned about NJ’s gun laws and discovered that a whole selection of firearms that were completely illegal to own in NYC were readily available for purchase in NJ.  I applied for a NJ firearm ID card (not fast, takes a few months) and initially, I was like a kid in a candy store - YIPPEE!  You can buy those cool looking black AR15 rifles everyone is talking about and hyping up!

I started shooting at paper targets for recreation, and was quickly reminded of my college years in Arizona when we’d go out and shoot AK47 type rifles in the desert.  I was never really a hunter, but this was fun! It was sort of a social event every time I’d meet new people at the range.  We did more talking than shooting. 

Hit the brakes. THE FUN ENDED QUICKLY. 

In 2018, NJ Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gubir Grewal passed legislation changing New Jersey’s current 15 round magazine restriction to a 10 round magazine restriction.   The new laws forced innocent taxpayers to either destroy, move out of state, or permanently modify every magazine they owned which was not in compliance.  Average people who did not comply with this new law would be turned into felons overnight and be subject to arrest, assault by police, and incarceration - resulting in loss of ALL their Civil Rights.  Not one police officer or official spoke out on behalf of the citizens they claim to serve.

I took this as a personal attack because I have never committed a crime, never been in jail, risked my life on numerous occasions serving as a USAF Jet Pilot and received an honorable discharge from the military.  I’ve done nothing wrong, yet the government I pay taxes to just legislated me into a felon for exercising a basic Civil Right.  From that point forward, I was convinced something needed to be done - but WHAT?

Why Film?
I asked myself: How can I get a message to MILLIONS of people without having millions of dollars to spend like our friend Michael Bloomberg? 

My answer and mission: Create original, gripping media, that positively represents our Civil Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Work to positively influence the perception of the 2nd Amendment through Education, Activism, Marketing, and Entertainment.  Inspire others to do the same. 

Project Info:
Series Title: “Our 2nd Amendment” -
First Release: “The 2nd Amendment” - link will be here shortly -

For this series I filmed 41 average Americans from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  You can see everyone here.  Filming was open to those with any political belief and all sexes, races, religions, or beliefs.  Everyone volunteered to be in the production because they believe in the goals of this project.

There are 3 goals:
·        Put human faces to the 2nd Amendment and Civil Rights.  They have been demonizing us, this will humanize us.
·        Encourage Americans to take possession of the 2nd Amendment.  These rights belong to the people, to ALL of us.
·        Make the statement that NOW is the time to take these rights back, because they are threatened like never before.
·        Leave the audience with the question: "How do we take our rights back?"

Filming took place from March-August 2019.  Editing was completed in February 2020.

What Have I Learned from Doing This?
I've learned that independent production is time consuming and progress was slow due to normal life commitments, such as work and typical health issues.  My wife and I run a photo/video/web design business and this project has taken a lot more time away from that than I ever expected.  I also learned that if given the choice, I would love to spend 100% of my time creating this type of media.  I have a lot of ideas I want to translate into short films and a feature length documentary.  I have reached the conclusion that without financing - I will continue to do this, but at a snail’s pace. 

What Tasks Does Filmmaking Entail, and Why is it so Time Consuming?
- Idea Development/Writing/Planning
- Set and Lighting Design
- Securing Locations/Location Releases
- Finding Participants/Scheduling/Securing Releases
- Travel to/from Multiple Locations
- Moving Gear for Video/Lighting/Audio
- Setup of Video/Lighting/Audio Equipment
- Briefing Participants, Prepping them to be on Camera
- Camera Operation/Audio Recording from 2 Sources
- Post Shoot Review of Video and Audio
- Video Editing through Several Rounds/Seeking Input
- Graphics Composition/ Coloring
- Sound Design/Audio Editing/Mastering
- Music Composition/Licensing
- Press Release and Media Communication
- Release Plan and Website Design/Construction 

What would the ideal situation be?  Well, if you’ve ever seen a movie set, you’d have noticed that there are scores of people around.  Sure, the work can be done with less people - but at the cost of time and quality.  For this small project it would have helped if I could have hired an audio professional for recording, an editor to work with through the final cutting process, and an audio engineer for final sound editing.  It would have cut down the time from filming to completion immensely.

So ideally, if I’m able to create media that inspires people enough - it would be helpful to one day work with an actual budget for each project I devise.  The ability to hire a camera crew, audio professional, and editor would be amazing.  That can only be done with support from people that believe in what I’m doing, so hopefully this can start small and grow over time.

The sad fact is - that without proper financing it is nearly impossible to combat the messages of Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action.  We need to start fighting fire with fire. Currently the biggest threat to Civil Rights in the USA, Bloomberg has BILLIONS at his disposal.  I firmly believe that through a grass roots effort, we can challenge his rhetoric.  Thanks for reading!

If you'd like to donate via Cryptocurrency for SUPER SECRECY or Paypal, visit 

Let me leave you with a couple of shots from my editing desk, film set, and an interesting photo from my prior life as a USAF pilot.  Thanks and credits follow!


A Big Thanks To All who Participated and Those Below:

Vincenzo Sgrò for music -  STATiC is Noise Productions LLC - 

For allowing us to film at their locations, thank you to:
Beth, Paul, and Bonnie Picone - Union Hill Gun Club, Monroe NJ - 

Anthony Colandro and Jimmy Grammenos - Gun For Hire at the Woodland Park Range - 

For moral support, advice, and motivation thanks to:

Tony Simon - The Second is for Everyone (2A4E) and Diversity Shoot - 

David Rosenthal - Coalition New Jersey Firearms Owners (CNJFO) - 

Steven - Monmouth Arms LLC - 

Rocco LaRocca - ROC Training - 

Ira Levin - Legend Firearms - 

RJ Bermudez - We the People of New Jersey - 

Sean Fisher - Black Bag Resources -


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