Protect Individual Rights During 5G Expansion

This is the classic story of David vs Goliath….

Telecom giant Verizon is taking over the city of Sacramento. Your town could be next. We need your help!

Short Version

Sacramento is one of the first cities in the world to receive 5G technology. Verizon is currently installing antennas on top of light poles all throughout my neighborhood. One of these antennas was installed just 45 feet from our family’s home. Shortly after the antenna was installed, several members of my family, including my two young nieces, began experiencing health problems. These problems persisted until we installed shielding inside our home. The shielding significantly reduced our exposure but it is still very high. I have been in contact with several members of my community that have also experienced health problems they attribute to the antennas. Additionally concerning we have found a number of permitting issues for the some of these antennas. 

Since March, my family has been trying to get the now two antennas outside our home removed. Both antennas still stand. We have banded together with other members of our community to resist the unchecked expansion of the 5G network in our neighborhood and beyond. There are hundreds of studies suggesting we will be harmed by these antennas.  The World Health Organization has classified RF radiation as a possible carcinogen.  We do not want to be subjected to this threat all day, every day, inside our own homes. It is abuse and it is not ok.

Roughly a million of these antennas are set to be installed throughout the US over the next few years. Please support our campaign to stop this abuse and establish a precedent for resisting these antennas outside our homes. Specifically, our campaign seeks to:

1) To raise awareness about the 5G network currently being installed in the Sacramento area and the plans to implement 5G globally. 

2) To work with telecom companies and local and federal governments to establish an "opt out" program for individuals that do not want an antenna within 1000 feet of their home. 

According to Verizon, 5G technology works very well at ranges of 2000-3000 feet. There is no reason to install these antennas so close to people who do not want them. Thank you.

Please sign and share our petition: 

Long Version

In 2017, the city of Sacramento sold out it's residents in the first of its kind "Public-Private Partnership" agreement with Verizon. This deal would put Sacramento on the map as one of the first 5G (fifth generation wireless technology) cities in the world. 5G promises very fast speeds but will require roughly a million new cell antennas across the U.S. Some estimates suggest one antenna every 500 feet. 

Verizon agreed to invest over 100 million dollars into the city as well as a handful of additional perks. In exchange, the city of Sacramento agreed to house Verizon's antennas on city infrastructure at a discounted rate as well as streamline the permitting process and deployment of Verizon's antennas. Everybody wins, except the residents who have these antennas installed right outside their bedroom windows. This is how my family became involved in this cause….

In late December of 2018, Verizon installed a cell antenna on a light pole 45 feet from my family’s home at roughly the same height as our second story. The antenna was installed without our permission, without any notice at all. About a month after the antenna was installed, several members of my family started experiencing health problems. These problems persisted for over a month before we began to seriously consider that the recently installed antenna could be the cause.

I started researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit. There are hundreds of studies and articles suggesting a variety of negative health effects associated with cellular (RF) radiation. There are thousands of doctors and scientists warning about the dangers of RF radiation and wireless technology, specifically the implementation of 5G technology. I have provided an extensive list of resources at the end of this page. We have also found a number of permitting issues for the antenna, most alarming, exposure on our property can exceed the FCC safety limits. Please visit and support our petition to learn more about my family’s story. 

We believe we have already been harmed by Verizon’s antenna. Even worse, we live every day with the mental anguish that we could be permanently damaged or even die as a direct result of Verizon’s antenna.  It is a terrible way to live and we have been subjected to it against our will.

Our family has been fighting since March to have the now TWO Verizon antennas outside our home removed. We have repeatedly reached out to Verizon, XGcommunities (the engineering firm that performed the RF compliance report), the FCC,  the City of Sacramento, Mayor Darrel Steinberg, my Councilmember Rick Jennings, my Congressperson Doris Matsui , and my Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein. None of these parties have accepted responsibility for our health problems or been willing to move the antennas. They have consistently been unwilling or unable to: answer basic safety questions, address the issue of exposure on our property exceeding the FCC safety limits, address the financial repercussions of the antennas, or address most of our other grievances.

Recently, my family has been working with fellow members of our community that are also concerned about the implementation of 5G. Here is a video of our group speaking at a recent city council meeting: 

Our campaign seeks to:

1) To raise awareness about the 5G network currently being installed in the Sacramento area and the plans to implement 5G globally. 

2) To work with telecom companies and local and federal governments to establish an "opt out" program for individuals that do not want an antenna within 1000 feet of their home. 

According to Verizon's own executives, engineers, and product demonstrations, 5G antennas operate very well at 2000-3000 feet and have no problems penetrating walls or foliage. 3G and 4G antennas operate at even greater distances. This means there is no need to install an antenna within 1000 feet of someone who does not want an antenna near their home. We hope this will serve as a model for telecom companies and governments around the world to preserve the rights of individuals who do not want to be exposed to radiation from cell antennas inside their own homes. No one should have to experience what my family has gone through. 

WE CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Please share our campaign to raise awareness about the dangers and problems 5G will bring. Roughly a million of these antennas are set to be installed in the U.S. over the next few years to build the 5G network. If we do not make our voices heard governments and telecom companies will continue on with the 5G roll-out. One of these antennas could show up on your doorstep without any notice. If you oppose the antenna, you will likely experience the same treatment we are getting.  Please donate to our campaign. David needs weapons to defeat Goliath. Our planned expenditures include:

Yard signs, T-Shirts, printing costs. Standard fare for increasing awareness in our community. ($250-$750 per month)

Print advertising in local media outlets i.e. Inside Publications, Neighborhood Shopper, Sacramento Magazine ($400-$1200 per publication per month)

Facebook Advertising to reach a larger audience. 5G is only in a few cities right now but will be installed throughout most of the USA over the next few years.  ($10-50 per day)

Hire an engineering firm to perform RF compliance reports for the antennas that are missing permitting information. These reports could show that these antennas are in violation of FCC guidelines and help our case. ($1100 per antenna)  

Attorney consultation and retainer fees. If the engineering report shows that exposure on our property can exceed the FCC safety (which all evidence indicates it will) we may have a legal case against Verizon, XGCommunities, and/or the City of Sacramento. (unknown but expensive $$$)

Thank you for supporting our cause. As more antennas are installed in people’s front yards and more people learn about the problems 5G will bring, 5G is going to become a major issue. In other parts of the world, it already is. Our family and our neighborhood are among the first to be affected and we are raising the warning flag as high as we can. We cannot let this abuse continue and spread. Telecom companies and governments should not be allowed to expose people to these risks inside their own homes and against their will. It is a violation of our rights and it is unacceptable.

RESOURCES:  A 2018 article published in The Lancet, one of the world's oldest, most prestigious, and best known general medical journals, discusses the large body of research suggesting that low levels of radio frequency (RF) radiation are harmful to humans and other life forms. This article also highlights the problems with current exposure guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and shared by the FCC. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified RF radiation as a (2b) possible carcinogen. One study referenced showed a 40% increased risk for gliomas (malignant brain cancer) for heavy cell phones users (30 minutes per day, over a 10 year period). People with antennas very close to their homes, such as my family, will be exposed to significantly higher levels of radiation whenever they are home, potentially 24/7. In 2018 a group of scientists conducted a review of scientific literature released since the 2011 IARC classification and concluded that the classification should be changed from “(2b) possibly carcinogenic” to “(Group 1) carcinogenic to humans”. An in depth overview of some of the research suggesting RF radiation is harmful. This review highlights many of the observed negative health effects of low level RF radiation exposure as well as some of the proposed mechanisms for harm.  A 2017 article from the International Journal of Oncology highlights the shortcomings of the WHO’s stance on RF radiation as well some of the conflicts of interest between the wireless industry and the agencies that police them. A website run by Dr. Devra Davis  dedicated to “promot[ing] a healthier environment through research, education, and policy.” An excellent resource for information on RF radiation and other environmental issues. A webpage from EHTrust specifically about 5G. This page highlights a large body of research suggesting that 5G will be harmful to humans and the environment. A website run by Joel Moskowitz Director for the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley. This page contains hundreds of articles and scientific studies showing that RF radiation is harmful to humans and other life forms. The page also contains news articles and current events related to RF and EMF (electromagnetic fields). Moskowitz’s page on 5G. This page highlights a number of studies suggesting that 5G will be harmful. Moskowitz’s page on cell antennas. A great overview of the research showing a variety of problems caused by cell antennas. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) conducted a 10+ year study exposing rats and mice to RF radiation. Recently released results showed clear evidence for increases in cancer rates among rats exposed to RF radiation. This was considered a landmark study. One reason being it showed harm at non-thermal levels of exposure as well as a clear dose-response relationship between radiation and cancer. It was also one of the few studies to examine life-long exposure similar (in consistency, not in amount) to what someone would experience growing up next to an antenna. Scientific American released an article discussing the NTP study mentioned above. In April, NPR’s Science Friday did a segment on 5G (fifth generation wireless technology). Two researchers from the NTP study were guests. About half way into the episode they discuss the health effects of RF radiation and conclude that the 5G rollout is akin to a large scale population experiment. A recently completed large scale study by the Ramazinni Institute showed increased cancer rates in rats exposed to RF radiation. The study exposed test groups to whole body RF radiation under the FCC limits, 19 hours per day, for the duration of their lives. These conditions are very similar to what a child growing up near an antenna would experience and would be considered safe by the FCC and telecom companies. One of the conclusions of this study was to re-evaluate the IARC classification regarding the carcinogenic potential of RF radiation in humans. A recent study from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found an increased risk of miscarriage in mother’s exposed to RF radiation. An academic review of the scientific literature on low level RF exposure and oxidative stress. Of the 100 available peer-reviewed studies dealing with oxidative effects of low-intensity RFR, in general, 93 confirmed that RFR induces oxidative effects in biological systems. A survey evaluating the relationship between negative health effects and proximity to cell antennas. The survey clearly showed a significant increase in frequency of occurrence for individuals living near cell antennas. The researchers concluded that cell antennas should not be installed within 300m (1000 feet) of people’s homes. A graph of these finding can be found here. A 2018 study titled “The human skin as a sub-THz receiver – Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?” examined the interaction between higher frequencies of RF radiation and human skin. Researchers found that human sweat ducts act as an antenna for these higher frequencies leading to significantly greater absorption. The implications of this new interaction are completely unknown and current safety standards do not take these factors into account. As a result of these findings, the researchers stated quote “We are raising a warning flag against the unrestricted use of sub-terahertz technologies for communication, before the possible consequences for public health are explored.” An earlier study from the same group of researchers warning about the interactions between higher frequencies of RF and human skin. 231 doctors and scientists have signed the 5G appeal urging governments around the world to halt their 5G rollouts until the health effects of RF radiation have been fully studied and understood. Another, more recent appeal that can be signed by ordinary citizens. This appeal has over 100,000 signatures including hundreds of signatures from scientists, doctors, and other experts in relevant fields. This appeal highlights many of the problems 5G will bring and well as research showing exposure to RF radiation is harmful to humans and other life forms.  Hundreds of scientists “express serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by electric and wireless devices.”  Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University announcing the EMF Scientist Appeal.  A very informative website from a local opponent of 5G. This site highlights many of the technical and legal implications related to 5G. The site also suggests a number of ways to take action.  The International Association of Fire Fighters has urged the FCC to adopt more protective guidelines with respect to RF radiation and has taken a stance against placing cell antennas on fire stations. This came about as a result of many firefighters experiencing negative health effects that they attributed to the cell antennas installed on their fire stations. This document also lists and cites some of the observed non-thermal effects of RF radiation.  In May 2019 The Danish Institute of Public Health held a conference on 5G. The final speaker was a lawyer who declared that given the research showing that RF radiation is harmful, the implementation of 5G would constitute a violation of current human and environmental laws of the European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN).  In 2013 the American Academy of Pediatrics, a group of 60,000 pediatric specialists, urged the FCC to adopt more protective RF exposure guidelines that reflect current use patterns.  or  Generation Zapped is a documentary examining the health effects of EMF and RF radiation and the governmental bodies that regulate this radiation.  A TED Talk by a former engineer titled “Wireless Wake-up Call.” The speaker tells his story of the symptoms he experienced after a bank of wireless smart meters were installed near his home. He is now an EMF health consultant and runs the website  Dr. Oz on Good Morning America discussing cell phone safety. I reference this video primarily to combat the claim that health concerns over RF radiation are nothing more than conspiracy theory nonsense. Do you think Dr. Oz or Good Morning America would seriously discuss “flat earth” or similar conspiracy theories as legitimate possibilities? I think not.


Here are a handful of smaller studies I came across while researching. There are SO MANY more: 


In addition to the scientific evidence there have been a number of stories in the news lately about 5G and RF radiation:  In April Brussels halted their 5G rollout specifically due to radiation concerns.  In March Sprint turned off their cell antenna at Weston Elementary School after 8 (10 in another source ) cancer cases were reported in the area. Power density measurements near the antenna, on multiple occasions, showed that exposure near the antenna was hundreds of times below the FCC safety limit. If an antenna is installed near your home, you will be exposed to SIGNIFICANTLY higher levels of RF radiation whenever you are home.  In February Senator Blumenthal questioned wireless executives exposing the lack of research on the health effects of 5G and small cell antennas.  In June CBS13 reported on a cell antenna installed near Kids INC Day Care in Folsom. Half of the parents are going to pull their children out of the day care if Verizon turns the antenna on as scheduled, and the owner will go out of business. Verizon has refused to comment on these financial consequences. Verizon has also refused to answer specific questions about health effects submitted by the day care owner and Channel 13. Verizon was also found to have installed the antenna without a valid permit. This story almost exactly mirrors my family’s experience.  A Fox News article discussing San Francisco resisting 5G. The short article focuses mostly on the aesthetic complaints around small cell antennas and barely addresses health issues. If you look in the comments section, many readers reaction to this article was to criticize San Francisco, an iconically “left wing” city, for “complaining about cell antennas being ugly but being ok with homeless/human waste/drug paraphernalia on the street,” instead of addressing the aesthetic or safety concerns. I find it potentially dubious that a right wing news outlet would associate these concerns with a city like San Francisco. I attempted to post a comment explaining the safety concerns dealing with 5G and my comment was “shadow banned” twice. I reached out to the Fox news website but they never responded.  A New York Times article framing health concerns related to 5G as Russia Today (RT) inspired propaganda. The article completely dismisses the health concerns related to RF radiation, even claiming they lack scientific support. That is objectively false as you can see from the links above. The article also frames the phone as the main health concern related to 5G. This is either misleading or completely ignorant. The main concern with 5G is the vast number of antennas that are going to be installed closer than ever to people’s homes, exposing humanity to unprecedented levels of RF radiation. I do not claim to know RT’s motives but, as with the Fox article, I find it potentially dubious that a left wing news outlet would associate these concerns with a right wing news outlet that has alleged ties to Trump who many people on the left vehemently despise.  Trump appointee and former Verizon attorney Ajit Pai, who currently heads the FCC, has recently dismissed concerns from NASA and NOAA that 5G technology will interfere with data gathering used to predict weather patterns, setting us back 30+ years in our ability to forecast the weather. I reference this article to highlight the pigheadedness of the FCC. The FCC, who according to their own statements, does not have the resources or the personnel to enforce their own guidelines, thinks they know more than NASA and NOAA combined. This article did provide me with a small amount of catharsis in that NASA and NOAA are getting essentially the same treatment from the FCC that I have gotten.


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