Help Birdie get a 2nd Chance

Birdie has been through the ringer and desperately needs boarding and intensive training so she can have a shot at a new life.   It is clear to me that during the first part of her life, she suffered immense neglect and abuse. She is terrified of men to the point where she will lash out at them, incredibly protective of her food, and does not get along with most dogs. 

Birdie has improved so much since she first came to me. She is cautisiously starting to greet men, respecting food boundaries, and has even become best buds with my daucshaund mix, Mr Bean.  Despite all of this progress,  Birdie still needs more training and time than I can give her.  She has an amazing opportunity for a two month intensive board and train program, that guarantees to reverse her negative behaviors.  Unfortunately though, these programs are incredibly expensive, which is why I have started this Go Fund Me.  No amount is too small, so if you can help, I will be forever grateful.  Don’t let Birdie’s past define her future. 


Birdie’s Story: Birdie was brought to me by a couple of neighborhood boys a little over 4 months ago during an awful thunderstorm.   They told me she was a stray that they found in the alley, but I would later find out she was someone’s “family” dog.   She was skin and bones, dirty, shaking.  She was covered in cuts and bite wounds, and any movement would make her cower in fear.  I couldn’t bare to look at her that way, and knew I had to help her, so I took her in. 

For almost 2 weeks, she waited by the front door for any sign of her old “family”, but they never came.  She even ran away twice to try and find them, but never did.  At the end of our 2nd week together, I noticed Birdie’s belly was growing rapidly, and decided to take her to the vet.   I was crushed to find out that not only had 2yo Birdie been tossed out like trash, but she was also VERY pregnant. 

Only 12 days after we found out she was pregnant, she gave birth to 7 puppies.  Birdie was a wonderful mom, incredibly attentive and loving.  As the puppies grew, I began to notice Birdie was changing.  She started to wag her tail, and I even caught her playing with the puppies and toys!  Her once dreaded walks, were now her favorite part of the day, and she was even eager to learn new commands. 

Today, after almost 4 months with Birdie, and after all her puppies have been adopted, it’s Birdie’s turn for a chance at a new life.  Can you help? 
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