Joeys cremation fund

Final update on Joey:
Curtis and I went to say our final goodbye, he’s going into his surgery. They did a second brain death test and he completely failed it l, his eyes were not responding nothing was responding his brain has no blood flow so now that I have it confirmed that his movements were just a reaction and they showed me how it happened repeatedly, it’s time to say goodbye and put an end to his suffering.

this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but they honored my request of having another test and a second opinion and there’s nobody in there. she tested his eyes three times each I feel like she wanted him to be awake as bad as I did.

So now The life that was stolen from my brother can be blessed upon somebody else, hopefully multiple people.

if I had decided not to donate they would’ve just taken Joey off of the ventilator and let his heart stop like that at the moment I decided so this is why I continued with the organ donation.

this crime is the most senseless crime I have ever heard of happening and I need something to come out of this that’s positive so just pray they find a worthy donor or two or three.

UPDATE: after not moving even a little bit this entire time yesterday Joey started moving his legs it seemed like it was in response to me talking to him and it happened repeatedly. Then today he had one eye open and flinched when she ripped the bandaid off his leg.

the doctor is retesting his brain (to give me peace of mind, I’m sure) they said that these reflexes are normal and that he is NOT going to wake up or recover.

i wish I could talk to people that have lost people to something like this. People who had completely different injuries keep trying to compare Joey to themselves and it’s NOT the same.

Joey is my big brother. We are 11 months and one day apart. He’s my Irish twin . My name is Jami. I’m 32 and I’m a single mom and a domestic violence survivor. My life was finally getting leveled out after a very long rebuild, so was Joe’s.

now joe lays on a ventilator at harborview in the ICU. he was declared brain dead. His organs will be donated but the surgery has been put off repeatedly until I put it off indefinitely.

This is the most painful and difficult thing I have ever been through and the commitment? it’s just huge there’s no going back once the decision is made

i have no way of paying for this cremation. There is some program that will reimburse since he’s the victim of a crime but I do not have the money to pay upfront. I found a place that will cremate for 645+ tax so that will be in the 700s+ the go fund me fees so that is why I put it at 800.

I can definitely pay you back if need be, I plan on going through here and paying back as many people as I can

if you want to be paid back just let me know how much you donated/your repayment info and either a message or in the comments on here
if I don’t get the money to cremate him, they said I could abandon his body at the morgue and claim it after it’s cremated but I’m not comfortable abandoning my brother for any length of time.

I really didn’t want to post this with how much hate I have gotten from my remaining family but I don’t have a choice. I’m absolutely desperate and out of options.

also for those who are curious about what happened: Joey had asked somebody to keep an eye out while he slept and the person let him get robbed (he’s homeless) so fast forward , the person who let him get robbed (who’s name is chewy) wanted help and Joey refused because of him allowing him to be robbed. So the dude cracked him with a brick.

then, the police treated my brother over and over with narcan for an OD he wasn’t having !!! All the while ignoring the witnesses who told them what was happening (head injury) so I feel like it’s as bad as it is because of that.

if you knew joe, you know his blood pressure was high so he would squirt out blood like a cheesy horror movie. the cops wasted precious time we can’t get back.

anyway, this is one of the most senseless crimes I’ve ever had to wrap my head around. If you know my family you know that our lives have been riddled with tragedy after tragedy, starting at birth basically. At a very very young age Joey and i were present when our mother was murdered. In someways, I feel like my family is desensitized when it comes to losing loved ones but this one is just so sudden and so senseless it is the most painful death I’ve ever experienced. My heart is just shattered. Joey was my best friend he was all I had besides my kids but that’s different. Joey was there for me through the hardest of times even though our lifestyles didn’t quite mesh.

I truly feel like I’m alone in this world. Joey was the only person who ever checked up on me. Joey was the only person that cared. But this is just me being selfish.

what this is really about is how unfair it is for Joe!!

he was only 33 years old he just turned 33 in April. he had his entire life ahead of him to get clean and get off of the streets and actually build a future and now we will never know what Joey could’ve accomplished. It’s not fair. How dare chewy take my brother from me. He had no right!!!!

Joey had an absolutely gorgeous little girl with Lauren Olrun (not sure of her married last name so I apologize) and two absolutely handsome perfect little boys with Marissa. No there’s no chance that they will ever get to meet their father and get some kind of closure. There’s no chance for Joey to ever get to watch his babies grow it was all taken from us in the blink of an eye I’m so angry.

Joey loves all of his friends very much. Even if you weren’t a great friend LOL Joey loved you. He gave people way more chances than he ever should’ve and he finally stuck up for himself and got killed for it. part of me is proud of him for sticking up for himself because he always had a problem doing that when it came to the streets…. But the other part of me is so angry that he chose a mentally ill person who is well known for beating people with rocks. Why did you have to start with him, Joey?


Jami Simmons
Auburn, WA

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