Please help Kip recover from helping a "friend".

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, and I am definitely paying dearly after offering to open my home to a friend and her family who needed a place to stay while they looked for a home after moving back from Florida.

I know 2020 has been a rough year on most all of us, not just myself.
I have been out of work at the bar I work at ever since the pandemic caused the first lockdown.
Also, all of my DJ gigs have been cancelled or postponed until next year due to the pandemic.
My mother passed away from Covid 19 on March 26 and with me being her caregiver, I wound up in the hospital 3 days later battling Covid 19 myself. Of course I didn't get to attend my mother's funeral.
My mother had planned on leaving me her house in her will, but never hot around to making out her will, so now it is uncertain if I will be able to remain in my home which puts many life plans on hold, changes some plans and puts an end to other plans.
I had been managing to keep my head above water during this time until I allowed my friend, her 19 year old daughter, 15 year old son and 4 dogs stay here while they looked for their own house to buy.
While I usually am able to make a bit of extra money with different things I do at home and online, this house was noise and chaos with them here, which brough my ability to concentrate and get any work done at home to a screeching halt. Between the kennel club stampede and barking, teen fight club, yelling for each other and talking from one end of the house to the other and loud speaker phone conversations while I was trying to work I could not hear myself think. Then add to that an 8 month old screaming baby they brought in a few days later that was not part of the original deal.
(I won't even bring up the other kid they tried to slide past me a few weeks ago that was only supposed to be here one night and the next night I find out he's still here hiding out in their room)
They came in on July 15th and were here until October 15th. 3 months. (Was originally supposed to be just 2-3 weeks) When they left, the carpet in the 2 rooms they were staying in were soaked in dog urine and poop stained. I let my friend and her daughter stay in my mom's room in her bed that I had been sleeping in since my mom passed awsy, but she is disabled and has a hard time on stairs, so I slept on the sofa in the basement, which is not good for me because of my back injury, but wanted to make things easier on her. They left my late mom's bed completely covered in dog urine, poop stains, food stains, soda stains, what looks to be blood and who knows what else.
Under the bed, they left their little landfill of food, food packages, wrappers, soda bottles, used paper plates, an open can of ravioli and more. And that was AFTER they took bags of trash out while packing their belongings, so who knows what else was in there? (Yeah, I kind of figured it may be a bit bad in there based on the fact that I was constantly picking up and cleaning up after every one of them in the rest of the house, but I neve dreamed they were that disgusting!)
Of course. After sending pics and confronting them about the damages and filth, I have heard nothing from them since except for her friend bringing her son the next morning to pick up the last of their things. She was supposed to come too, but not after she realized I had seen the mattress and the garbage and filth they left underneath it. She wussed out.
The worst part is the flea infestation. Their 4 unruly dogs were brough here filthy and never got a bath the entire time they were here. I had no idea how badly infested my home was with fleas. I was worried about it though.
I was adopting my own dog from friends of mine in Boston and she was being flown to me on October 16th, so they had to have their dogs out of here by the 15th. When my dog arrived, she was perfect, clean, freshly groomed and looked like the perfect show dog. She had just had an examination by a vet in Boston to clear her for the flight. In just a couple of days after being in this house she starts scratching. I have not allowed her on or near those 2 rooms, but after attempting to shampoo the carpets all hell broke loose and I was being attacted by fleas while trying to get the stains and smell out of the carpets left behind from my "friend's" 4 dirty dogs and they fled those rooms to other parts of the house and attacked my dog (who has never had a flea problem. My friends in Boston tske excellent care of their dogs) and the itching, scratching and bithing got way worse that night and by the next day she had sores, patches of fur missing and was miserable. We had to take her to the vet, which may be an ongoing thing for a while. I have to hire an exterminator to handle the flea infestation and other bugs that started appearing not very long after they arrived, will have to get a pet friendly hotel with a fridge while the house is being fumigated, have to replace the king mattress and 2 rooms of carpet (which can't be done until we are certain the fleas are gone) and I am dealing with all this while I need to be working on making money to pay my bills, which are now behind because of this circus, plus I need to get my van running or somehow get a new, reliable vehicle to get around in, especially if my job is able to reopen and I can go back to work or if another job offer comes my way or any side work I can handle.

So basically, I am needing:
Replace mattress
Replace 2 rooms of carpeting
Disposal of mattress and carpeting
Hotel while fumigating
Vet care
Other related incidentals
(I do plan on going to court to sue for the damages, but I don't know how long that process will take, especially with the pandemic causing delays in the court system and getting them served at their new home out of town and I need these things right away, especially the extermination, ongoing vet care and new mattress. (My back can't handle the couch/sofa sleeper much longer. I am in pain every night)
And I also need to catch up on bills
Get my van running or another vehicle.

I am estimating the damages and expense caused my my "friend" to be a minimum of $4,000 but won't be able to Talley everything up until the last flea and other bugs are gone, my dog no longer has to be on antibiotics, prescription shampoo and other medicines related to the infestation and I can shop for a new mattress and carpeting.

It is heartbreaking to see my mother's bedroom, bed and her memory disrespected and desecrated.
It is heartbreaking that this was done by someone I considered a very dear friend.
It is heartbreaking that they attempted covering it up and when confronted they refuse to own up, take responsibility and offer to make it right.
What is most heartbreaking is seeing my new fur baby suffer because of the infestation brought into my home by my friend's 4 neglected dogs and that they kept that poor baby in that filth and let her sleep on that mattress that was soaked in dog urine.
Had I known that they lived like that, I would have never offered to let them stay. Had I seen it sooner, they would have been out of here that same day. Oh well, hindsight.....

I hate that I have been put in this position to even have to ask for any help. Yes, things were not going so great to begin with, but I am sure I could have pulled through just fine on my own if I hadn't been done so dirty by my friend after all I've done for her, her kids and her dogs. I am now just so overwhelmed that I have no choice but to reach out. I am at whit's end and quite frsnkly a bit scared to death. I need this push to help get me past this and get rolling on my own again.

I know this is a lengthy description of my situation, but honestly this is not all of the situation, but it is the major portion of things I am facing at the moment. If you have gotten this far, thank you for reading. If you can contribute, it is very much appreciated, if all you can do is share it, I appreciate that too. If you have any leads for legitimate work from home jobs from reputable companies or jobs in the PRP area, I would appreciate those as well.

Thank you, sincerely


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Kip Wilson 
Louisville, KY
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