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Hey everyone so I sat and thougt on this to lol honestly and time is low. I need help gettig an attorney I have picked out and used numerous times in the past and refered friends and met others whom all agree that he ia wonderful attorney and definitely the man for the job. This is going to be the third go around with him on my side and I know the funds donated are going into the right hands an he will get me my third victory in The Court Room and has never been a concen if it was a waste of money that some may have . "Is he gonna be bad representation" or "I dont wanna waste my donations", the answer is HELL NO. The attorney is named Anthoy Rosati and i first met him..,15 years ago.

A little background, and before you roll your eyes and think "i heard it a million times" just hear this out please its very serious and my freedom is on the line.

There was a company that was a burglarized here in Jacksonville Florida two days prior to my arrest and had numerous items removed from the facility one of which was a drawstring polyester backpack. We all know the ones with those strings and shoulder straps when you put it on it closes up top usual up for the beach outings and park visits and such well on the day of my incident I was going up to walking and get some stuff at the convenience store and I happened to be loading my backpack which in the zipper was having issues on so a friend that was there with me talk to me the drawstring backpack laying on the spare hotel bed and i think big nothinf of it and carry on my wayI addwith my other personal belongings and I take money with me and I walked like a woman with a purse. Well mine was having get a zipper issue so a friend of mine who was there at our hotel room see the other laying there and toss it to me to use instead, so unknowingly carried on. Well I'll do my errands and stop by a little gas station and get a pack of cigarettes and some candy and such and head back to room no issues I'm just chatting with friends and talking about what we were going to do completely unaware a employee from the burglarized company seen the backpack and called the Sherrifs office and followed me to my hotel with 19 JSO cars, a number reported to me by numerous people, swarmed our hotel in tactical gear like I had not seen ever but later to find out these officers with guns drawn running at all angles at the hotel running up and down the hallways with a picture of somebody they were looking for turned out to be yours truly, Matthew Tauscher. The manner they let me know which I found out was less than warming or respectfully announced as I walked out my hotel I just wanted a cigarette and be nosy and see what is going on that instantly four officers with weapons threw me on the ground face down and put my hands behind my back. I am in such shock I do exactly as they commanded and I'm immediately handcuffed and dug outside on curb where other suspects are being detained. I'll cut out all the excessive details and wrap this up but all the officers on their cell phone had a picture of an individual which they were looking for I repeatedly asked to see the picture cuz I have no idea what they're talking about they would not say the crime I had done or anything but I repeatedly saying it was me it was me and calling me a slew of disrespectful names. When the two officers of the 20 plus officers in excessive force turn their phones around and show me the picture it is me and the gas station less than an hour prior I'd say purchasing my items. apparently the backpack which I had mentioned early on at the beginning of all this i had on well someone from the business establishment a day or two prior that was burglarized and again I have no idea the exact details of all of that because I was NOT one of the people who burglized
the business. I I have no idea where this place is located and you just dont have anything to do with this. From what I'm told an employee of the establishment was in the gas station the same time as me it seen me wearing the backpack he working for the company obviously was aware that they were burglarized prior to this day and called local PD. He followed me back to my hotel where he waited local PD to then proceed as I described throughout this story. I was arrested without my rights read and I was taken downtown for interrogation on something I had no idea of anything of and then booked into the jail downtown where I was placed in the mental health confinement area because of how I was freaking out for crime I did not do I wanted to speak to a lawyer or make a phone call or anything which I was not permitted because when they put you in this section of the jail you lose phone privileges and strip you downof your clothing you can always help with that you're getting food you can't eat with utensils same reason of those who could cause bodily harm so frozen hot dogs and bread are what they feed you and provide you no blankets or bedding either. This is all unnecessary not justified in any manner and was carried out to arrest me like criminal that I am not and now I have to fight this in court I'm spoken with the attorney he says no issue doing so based on the information I provided to retrieve an accurate and I I raise my right hand to the Lord above that I'm not telling you lie and all anywhere in in this statement that I am an innocent man but however life in the Corona virus is all financially beat down I need help getting an attorney. And the only man I trust is Anthony because he has one on my case is in the past for me and I know the money will not be wasted

So I asked you please and think aboit thelong lasting effects pr q felony conviction if you wanted to even if it's 5, 10,20 a dollar even please donate what you can and help me out with this cuz this is something I can't send me to prison as burglary is taken none most of severe crimes in the state of Florida. this is something that is going to reflect as a felony on my record for simply wearing a backpack that A friend gave me to he used to go run up to the store and help carry my things back. In the pain and suffering this is causing me in the money already to bond out $2,200 a remine myself all because i wore a damnn drawstring backpackal a frriend offered me to help, why would I think otherwise, I am not here's what I think maybe he was in bed go to the store would cost so much grief had a pain and finance pain that this is caused. real quick a side note I would have heard some more money in my own while I was locked up in jail I was staying in a hotel room and I was arrested well somebody said you break into there and still no remainder of what the police did not take into custody as evidence because they weren't sure what was stolen in that room that was in my name because I was being arrested for burglary so they sezied sad items that the company could of repoeted stolen which were "electronics/cords and cabels" and "sports wear". It's on top of all this which we will recievee once case is over. stuff that was taken and ransacked out of the room while I was in jail after the police were gone stealing what was left of my valuable I owned againperiod and as of right now I don't even know which was stolen and which they took since apparently it's all considered evidence and I cannot get access until cases done.

Now it means taking the time to write this novel not enough evidence for you to know that I am truly hurting for help on this like most of you who know me know I don't like to ask anybody for anything lol take the time to write out something I'm going to have proofread for 5 hours before posting and I guarantee and please do not point it out the grammatical errors. We all get the gist of what happened here I hope you get the funds to get the justice i need to be served in my case so that i dong wrongfully be found guilty as I am innocent and the court appointed lawyer just wont provide the guarantee a private attorney .

Again I thank you for your time to read this and anything you can do to help in this matter I literally have court tomorrow but the state said to file charges I will be requesting it to be passed for extension on time to detain an attorney period wish they will most likely grant me a week period so I understand short notice but anything is appreciated my phone number is 945-563-3934 if you're waiting for the questions to be answered. God bless you all


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Matthew Tauscher 
Jacksonville, FL
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