A little help back on our feet!

Hi everyone ive really debated on creating this gofundme account for a while now and many times in the past i always end up chickening out and never finishing/posting it because to be completely honest with you all this is sorta embarrassing for me. I don't ever want to have to ask anyone for help, no one does right? But unfortunately i really need the help more than ever right now. Another reason im afraid to post this is because I've seen lots of people post these all over Facebook and none of them ive seen really ever end up successfull, not the ones that are similar to mine at least im not sure if its because people don't believe it, or maybe they just don't care but ive recently learned to try and stay/think positive and more things will start being more positive plus it doesn't hurt to ask i guess right?? Anyways before i tell you what i need the money for let me briefly explain that like i said this is hard for me and im extremely nervous and embarrassed mainly because I'm pretty sure this is going to be a total bust but, positive thinking right?? Fingers crossed anyways every thing i tell you right now is the absolute 100% full truth and nothing but the truth and comes straight from my heart this isnt a scam, im not just trying to hustle money for ridiculous and unnecessary things in my life, no this is for absolute mandatory nessesity for my daily life.. ok so ive lived in bullhead now for almost 5 years, the first couple years i was at a low low point in my life and was homeless and living on the streets, jobless, hopeless, broke, and probably not making the best decisions honestly to keep it real i had no goals, dreams, or motivation and continued to live my life day by day miserable and barley getting by, days without eating, days without sleep cuz i had no place to rest my head safely. Couldn't get a job cuz i was homeless no car no place to get ready or anything... Long story short finally Thankfully thanks to the good Lord above some how i was able to wake up and snap out of it and found the motivation and drive ive lacked for so long and managed to get myself back on my feet and start living a more normal, healthy, happy, comfortable life. Im proud to say i was able to get my own studio apartment just me, my husband and our puppy. We pretty much cut ourselves off from the old contacts and we stay home, i cook, clean, watch t.v. eat 3 meals a day sleep every night and actually finally have my own collection of personal belongings that no longer fit or are oit of a backpack/suitcase anymore. And it feels great. My main dreams/goals right now is maintaining oir place to live, get a good job, and go to school i never want to go back to the streets lifestyle ever again infact im terrified of it especially cuz we worked so hard to finally get to where we are now.... BUT..... Theres always a but unfortunately.... BUT, recently i Lost my job as a caregiver due to the fact that the man i was caring for that was paying me well sadly got sick during the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak and he passed away. Since then i have literally applied to hundreds and hundreds of jobs. Ive sent messages to every contact ive had asking if they new anywhere hiring and/or had any side jobs for me.. i explained to them that i would do whatever it took id even clean up dog poo if that was the job. But no one seems to have any work for me, the ones that do have propositioned me for things im not going to participate in if you know what I mean? I still can't find a job. Im unable to take out a small loan or get a credit card cuz my identity was stolen while back and now i have no credit and unable to do anything... During this time ive gone through my entire savings and am broke... I am late on rent, i have no food in my house, my phone is about to get turned off, my puppy needs her second set of shots as well as puppy lads and food. My power shut off a couple days ago and is due to shut off again any time now. I have a horrible abscess in my tooth that pretty much has me face dpwn screaming bloody murder into my pillow for hours most evry night in the worst excruciating pain ive ever imagined and im unable to afford the dentist. Last week the abscess popped unexpectedly and accidentally got swallowed and caused me to be horribly ill it quickly has filled up full again and any time now can burst again... It seems like every thing in my life is starting to fall apart again and if I don't figure out how to find some help and or some way to come up with money im going to lose everything again and be back on the streets, starving exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, unable to go to school and get the career i need unable to live a normal healthy happy life and start.a family.... I am still looking for a job daily and won't give up. But in the meantime i desperately need help to pay my rent and everything i mentioned as well as all the things i wasn't able to mention cuz will taje too long to list... I know its none of your guys responsibility to help me or take care of me and im sure you have your own problems to worry about and work hard for your money and your life. But if there's any way any of you out there can find it in your heart to help me out right now, id appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and youd literally be saving my life.. your probably thinking why should you care about my life? Well i don't really know the answer to that but i am a good person, big heart and only want to stay on the right track and far away from that horrible miserable lifestyle i ljved before... Anything that anyone can donate will help me tremendously and like i said you will literally be saving my life.... I know this probably isn't going yo work but ive never needed help as bad as i do now.. and anyone who helps me won't regret it.... Also if anyone has any jobs for me or know anyone hiring please let me know ASAP i am a outgoing, honest, hard worker, i am a quick learner and multitasker, i will get the job done right the first time around and im extremely dependable you wont regret hiring me... I am good at most everything i do if iys something im not familiar with all you need to do is show me how and like i said im a quick learner and ill get it done. Also keep in mind just cuz im a female dont think there is any job im unable to do cuz i can do anything a man can.... Im not afraid to get my hands dirty.. my schedule and availability is completely open i can elrk any time day or night rain or shine.... Please help save my life and follow my goals and dreams... Thank you so much for your time and sorry for this being so long but i felt i needed to speak from the heart in full detail to hopefully help you understand how to help me ..... If you don't want to help that's ok your not obligated to but please keep your negative comments to yourself and dont judge me this is hard enough for me to do already.... Thank you God bless you all and please keep me and my husband in your thoughts and prayers
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