Princess the Pregnant Dog

Hi everyone. I am fundraising for Princess the Pregnant dog that is due any day now. We have been struck here for 7 days now. My truck broke down and someone tried fixing it and totally messed up my truck. Ive only had this truck fur a month. I borrowed the money to buy it. It cost me 2300 cash. I was suppose to go go back to work to buy the truck and to buy a piece of property so that princess and me could be happy. We've had a rough road last few years . i lost my true love who left without a trace for over a year. I was devastated. I died. I became angry bitter and very cold. I ran every friend i had off. Everybody hated me. It seems i can never get ahead. I try and try but still i get knocked down and have to start from square one . Ive had princess sense conception and was there the day she was born. She has been wirh me everyday sense. She goes everywhere i go. People didn't like Princess because she was spoiled by me. I don't call it spoiled i call it being loved. She's very good well behaved dog. She hated me at one point In her life because i was to controlling afraid to let her out of my site. She hated riding in my car all the time, but we didn't have a choice, we were homeless. I use to leave her at my ex boyfriends house because he has a big fenced in yard and dispite how he treated her with his annoyed attitude of her being there and yelling at her all the time, she loved the homelife. She enjoyed guarding and playing with her toys by herself but i could tell she wanted someone something to play with. She was sad. She wore her heart on her sleave. I always knew when i go to pick her up if my ex had be mean to her because she wasn't excited to see me. She wasn't jumping wasn't barking at me yelling aft me where have you've been? Dont ever did that again i would imagine her telling me.She always had a mouth full you say to me when id first arrive. This time she didn't ahs she came out with her head down and very sad. I knew immediately what had happened. It took me a couple of hours to cheer her up to get her feeling better so where she was her happy playful self again. I never left her over.there again. If i did i would stay outside with her under the carport. She loved that.Princess is such a good girl. She is my therapy. If i haven't had her I'd no doubt would have killed myself.She is the smartest dog ive ever known. We communicate as if we had our own language. She does exactly what i ask her to and i do what she ask me too. At one point i felt she hated me so much that i gave her to a couple who had adopted her brother when how
He was 8 weeks old. The owned two wild life ranches in Borne and he was so happy and spoiled. I called day and asked if they could take princess inn. I heard her husband in the back saying yes! Tell her yes , that's what we do. We take in animals. So we stranded m arranged for me to drive princess in my.little toyota an hour away to go be with her new owners. The next day we woke in my car i slept in the front seat princess in the back. I went and washed up with a gallon of water and clorhes and fed and watered princess and we set off. She wasn't excited she had no clue as to where i was taking her so she just sat there with her head leaned back on the seat with her eyes closed. I knew she wasn't sleeping she was anoyed and wanted more than anything not to be riding in that car again. I would call her name and she would just ignore me. Id try to pet her on top of her head and she would duck so i couldn't. It broke my heart that she hated her life in the car so much.i started crying. I told her then that i was sorru for having kept her so long. I told her then she was going to go live with her brother.She may not know what i told her but she knew by the way i told her that it was of importance. She then paid attention to the ride. I could see her anticipation. Everytime id look over at her she would literally stop breathing, moving or panting and look back at me as if i had more to tell her. As we got closer id sound excited and tell her we were almost there. She'd sit straight up looking out the window.watching waiting for something grand. We were in the country now, on a back two car road. The pavement was falling apart and the gravel crunched as we slowly drove. It was sprinkling and the clouds had been heavy all day. I finally came the the road that had the gate open to the fence that encircled a wildlife ranch. Princess was beyond excited now especially after seeing a miniature horses and goats grazing in a field to our right and suddenly in the middle of our path was a huge peacock. Princess went wild with barking and whining. Finally having to endure her excitement we pulled up to a two story old white farm house. Not at all what i imagined it would be and suddenly there was the nicest person i think i have ever met come out. It was Jackson new mom. The one that adopted princess's brother just 4 months prior. She was happy to have princess and so was her husband. Ecstatic actually, they were actually going to make princess a service dog for her father who had recently been paralyzed from a stroke. She didn't want Jackson to be his service dog because she loved him to much and couldn't bare to sacrifice losing him even to her own father, so sense Princess was so intelligent, and sharp you could tell just by looking into her eyes she wasn't a normal dog of medioker intelligence she was going to go for special training. Actually i always told people when she was only a couple of months old that she was going to be someone's service dog. I just didn't know who's. The nice lady invited us in. Princess very alert very happy to have the lady greet her with so much enthusasim( unlike anyone else that hated her because i loved her so much and never gave her any acknowlwdgment) followed into the old farm house. He husband was waiting and greeted princess in the same manner his wife had and invited me to sit why Jackson was brought from the fenced back yard with 5 yorkie dogs. They were all best of friends. Princess had long been forgotten by her brother and his fierce bark when he saw her told her that she wasn't welcome there and he wanted nothing n more to do wirh her. He had grown sense I've last saw him 3 weeks ago and was still the same pearl white as princess. Being the first born and the largest and princess the smallest to my surprise they were the same size. And to glance you wouldn't be able to tell them apart if it weren't for princess's one ear standing tall And the other floppy. Her brothers ears laid flat making him look like a full blooded lab.i was always shocked when i thought about how their mother looked. She was a black and tan Shepard mix with floppy ears ave she was ab super tall lanky dog . the father was a white Shepard lab mix with ears that stood straight up and he was pure white like 3 of the 4 puppies. There was only one black and tan like the mother. The dad was a certified bomb sniffing dog and graduated at the top of his class. The mother was super smart ass well and for being a 1st time mom she did an amazing job taking care of the puppies. The owner was an older gentleman that i happened to live in his house in exchange for rent. He wasn't aware that his dog was even pregnant until i let it slip out. One of my friends had stopped by and had his dog Buddy with him. I told him to put him in the back yard not knowing the mom was in heat. Not to much longer The puppies were born. It was exciting to go out and see that the mom was in labor and to watch each puppy born. Jackson was The first. He was huge ! Then the second, She wansnt as big, but still healthy then The 3rd was a black and tan and then the last, the smallest, was princess. She was so small,I didn't think she would make it. She turned out to be the strongest of all the and deffinetly different then the others. She was super smart and caught up in size within the 1st 30 days. I was there when she took her first steps. She was amazed and proud of herself and even though she didn't have a name she would immediately come she would sit obediently in front of me waiting as if i were going to give her a command. They only 6 weeks old I thought that was pretty amazing and how it tennis she was and how bright now starts and how ready she was to do anything to please me even at such a young age. would come to me and sit directly in front of me and sit there like she was wait she said that's your dog right there and she pointed to princess because she knew the princess was drawn to me and meet her. I kept saying throughout that month I thought that she was going to be a service dog not knowing who service dog but I've known that she was going to be a service the the 7th week the puppies were weaned and ready to go. I had handpicked each person for the three puppies that I was going to give away I had already decided that I was going to keep princess. Jackson was the first to go. I put an ad in the paper and lots of people responded and wanted him but I chose the one lady she was the nicest it what was the deal-breaker was she told me that she owned to Wildlife Ranch I was happy to know that Jackson would be able to run free and have a good life. The lady promised me with all her mind and soul that she would do her best to make sure that that's all I've had a good life and I believed her. I've ever met my life and I thought that she would take very good care of them and she has she cuz she will I chose her and she came and got him and she was very excited job has started crying and puts his only be seven weeks old when they got into the truck she don't want her brother to go they were best friends at that age and they played all the time and she was chasing that truck cuz she didn't want to lose him. After getting princess back into the yard and giving her some extra love she started to play with other puppies that were left and then my son came and he wanted princess. I said no you can have the black and brown with the other white one is already giving away he didn't want the black and brown when he wanted princess Jonathan you can't have the right one because that's my dog at that moment I knew that I had a choice to keep her. The Jonathan went away with a black and tan one but she still has and his name is I called him mr. Brown and he calls in bear to this day mr. Brownstone is his name is just Brown whenever I go to visit I called mr. Brown and he gets all excited like just remember who I was. He is now a very large hyper dog hyper hyper is very sweet he is my son hell all the time. Then the last one the last white one went to my other brother and my little brother and he moved away in the country in came back without her and stayed at the she have been eaten by Coyotes which is very sad. Princess was left with me I never left you alone at all if I left anywhere she had a babysitter a couple months she had a babysitter when which I paid and every time I left for a couple hours and went to work I would pay him to watch her. She was always cared for and treated right. I never let anyone yell or be mean to her i always made sure I had toys for her and food and water and I always kept a constant eye on her she was my heart I never let her out of sight in fear of what could happen. She came to resent me I believe, she became cold towards me, not listening to me, I was always training her training her to do commands ,.
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