Set Jason free end his misery

Hi everyone im fundraising for my son.....alot of u know his story some im going to try to explain why he needs help..It started when he was able to realize pain cruelty...memories...we struggled during his child hood he didn't have it real easy growing up you know we didn't really have money he didn't get the things he wanted he didn't wear clothes the other kids wanted him to wear kind of like an outcast he was bullied a lot through school he had a lot of problems with Dad so Mom go through a lot of things he witnessed a lot of things himself he had two older sisters they were his priority he never wanted to leave them behind or was afraid to leave them behind it was to the point where they would have to write notes and throw paper up and down the hallways to be able to talk to each other because they were afraid to leave their rooms I could go on here and pull out the number of cases court cases just all balled up into it but I really don't have time for that right now my son needs help on June 28th 2016 we had a house fire I was in the hospital and the nursery I had just gave birth to my fourth child a little baby girl named Adalyn yeah the children were at home with Dad his sister had moved back in from her mom's they were having some problems at home she needed to come back and stay with us I agreed to let her stay but she had to follow rules there were rules there and they didn't agree with that we realized when she came back this time that her and LJ were both lasting out pretty bad they were sneaking out every day they were drunk every day they were even starting to eat pills everyday to the point to where her and her dad were fighting he wanted her to leave because there were rules and she didn't like that we still don't know who bought our house down there's still a reward for that God knows we'll never know the truth that happened that day but I know I have four children who suffered dearly my kids didn't even have the shoes on when they lost everything I was in a nursery in the hospital breastfeeding my baby a smoke was pouring out my windows we had no home to go to so red Cross came thank God and gave me a little bit of funds on a debit card so that I could get shoes socks pillows toothbrushes you know what I mean are major accessories as I'm still in a hospital gown I wasn't even discharged from the hospital knowing the tragedies of my kids just went to I had to leave them and return to Trinity. The landlord guaranteeing that he would help us start over give us a place to live he indeed lied there were stories that it happened so he could collect his mother's insurance I mean just one thing after another but that's not what was important my kids were homeless and had nothing so we were given the grandparents house in Amsterdam people were donating money I have numerous people who have proof that things were set to a certain family member's address of the father and they kept it they kept the money for themselves it goes where he was with his friends the only things I didn't approve of so we split LJ was worried he wanted to go back to his sisters I went back there was no money it was so hard to start over I was the only one that worked at the time all day I would leave my house at 4:30 in the morning and drive all the way to weirton West Virginia call yours way exit everyday 7 days a week and I would work from the time I left my house till I closed the restaurant at 8:00 at night I come home one night me and Dad having some problems a lot of things and went on and within this time I'll come home from work if probably 10:00 at night to find my son in the hallway and a pumpkin patch dodging bats he didn't know who he was he didn't know he didn't know me I'm not so I was forced to drive my three toddlers to my mother's house at 11:30 at night as he's arguing with me not to take him to the hospital we're going to go to jail we we're going to lose him I get him to the hospital and I don't know what he took I don't know what he did I came home from work and found him like that his dad was asleep didn't even know what was going on abdella happened to be in the room beside us one of his family members had overdosed and he asked me whose child it was I said he was mine he asked me what happened and I couldn't tell him but I didn't know what happened and his sister didn't even care enough to tell me what they did she just blamed me so I'm now important his phone out of his pocket and called them and threatened to press manslaughter charges that's how we found out he overdosed on benedryl thsy life flighted him to Pittsburgh children's hospital... Well after many tests and many evaluations I was told I had to then start to stay in a Ronald McDonald House on the property there that I would have to learn how to take care of my son all over again because he was gone that he would not wake back up from this so two weeks as I sat there with my mother praying on my boy would wake up 4:30 in the morning two weeks later you heard him start crying and screaming mom the nurses came there evaluated him he was okay we thought at first he was okay they kept him a couple days till he could eat and drink all the good stuff at first he didn't want his dad and his sisters there the boy has straightened through hell just because you wanted to stay and make sure they were okay as time goes on I being Mom starting to realize he's not okay he's hurt the depression and pain in his poor Boy's heart it's very unbearable he woke up with a severe depression problem he was cutting himself he was afraid for Mom to go it was horrible like nobody can describe what he found or what he went through so we put him in the counseling he started getting bullied at school and I mean for his clothes he didn't have this he didn't have that kind of hard when you lose two homes within a year so he starts to see a trinity counselor at the hospital and she goes to him for a couple weeks well she calls me at work and says that she advised me to go pick up my other children take them to my mother's and immediately report to her office with Jason so I did scared to death not knowing what was going to go on I got there as fast as I could when I walked in I love the information LJ shared with her she was not allowed to share with me which I respect but she says to me you're going to come home from work one day and it's going to be your son or your husband she said nobody should ever have to do this in their life but you have until tomorrow morning at 9:00 to get the right paperwork or I'll get my own she was going to take my children she knew that if they had stayed there would have been her or his dad would have been hurt so I did with any mother would do I chose my kids I left there with the police station without a PTA against them considering we had grandparents house in Amsterdam his mom lives right across the street who would walk outside and take pictures of us everything we were doing you name it so we played with her a little bit Jay would sit over there on the porch like it was cute like I don't understand and it wouldn't even help out with none of the kids and stuff no diapers like I just had a kid we lost everything so we went to court driving out and costing you battle I won custody the first time pool custody the judge said he would not make his decision until he got to talk to LJ he didn't understand wow the father was standing in the courtroom fighting for custody of three children when he had four whether your son wants you around him or not he is your son you're the parent you just don't give up well after the judge viewed LJ and his Chambers with a secretary and a video they recorded it he stripped all parental rights from his father to him he saw him when he felt it was okay this poor kid was so messed up so you know him he wasn't happy with that God forbid if I had my kids I took care of my kids so he goes into me he cries he leaves threatens me blah blah blah takes me back to court LJ developed a truancy charge when I left him and nobody I worked everyday the last four years everything had happened I went into the hospital and had a baby for the fire and come back out nothing was the same we had no home and no vehicles I had no job had to get a PTA on his father because they were going to hurt each other my only babysitter was his other two owner daughters who have a different mom when we split up I had nobody at some point even my own sisters turned on me I lost my job I was living in government housing stuff got bad LJ started to cut himself and I couldn't understand why we hadn't talked to his dad in two weeks and then he pulls up one day to bring me the girls and LJ sell it 20 minutes later I found him bleeding out in our bathtub he comes out and seems like every time he would try to hurt himself when LED when that came around and I couldn't just stop it completely add three more children to him so LJ gets worse he starts lashing out because now dad and sisters in that whole family are totally against him denying everything you know what I mean making him look really bad making me look bad they made it hell for us and so he didn't get to justice that he deserved he started drinking he started cutting himself the counselors at Trinity said that he was self-medicating he got another charge they put him in drug court they ended up taking custody of Jason and giving it to a redemption house in Youngstown I tried to tell him that this wasn't right and that this would only make him worse he didn't need taken from me we were always each other had like literally me and him well it was hard first and I know I couldn't make it to all my courts I had dominant suspensions which could never get driving privileges or a chance I was busy for you service I didn't have a car I mean it was just one thing after another so while he's at this redemption house things are a little odd that go on there the next thing I know he's smoking next thing I know he's drinking and then one day I get a picture on my messenger and it was from him is be a minute so that I couldn't even talk to him because she said I was the problem it was all my fault so he started sneaking to message me he was trying to reach trout he started sending me pictures of little boys with bruises all over them covered head to toe caused me crying here to find out these staff members were making him hold down the small children in the house so they could beat them badly it went to court how is taking my son from me and putting him through that helping him bring him home while they did almost 2 years later I get to work like I can notice in his voice things are different he has a boyfriend that he leaves with whatever he wants then I'm going to walk for 4 hours at a time he came by missing it was held against his will and the redemption house did not even call me he sent pictures of license plates the car his location and nobody would do anything about it because 24 hours hadn't gone by yet he was raped and held against his will raped for the second time my the redemption house had not even reached out for me on any of these incidences involving my child the day he came up missing I have found out that he came up missing at 6:00 in the morning and I didn't even know anything about it until 7:00 that night he is my son that's not right so he runs he's afraid to go home he knows that everybody's going to think the worst he's got nobody on his side so as they catch him he's got some pretty serious charges now which I understand some of them but why was my son put in this home to be abused and the other way he could get out was medication he medicated himself to make it through it and when he runs why wasn't anything done why didn't they take him out of there they have my son and custody Jefferson county juvenile jail and the only attorney who will take the case needs paid asking from tye bottom of my ❤️ please even if its a penny please help my noy come home he dont need caged for more officials to take advantage of him and his mental state the attorney thinks this is bad but that is bisexual and he's bullied a lot in there the attorney feels he needs out no questions asked and he can do that but we need your help.....please what if it was your child?????
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