Please help #hit and run serious pain totaled car.

So this is the story of someone trying to get back on their feet after years of either being homeless couch surfing are living in my parents garage I was finally pushed to the edge and had no one to reach out to also I might want to add that from a young age I've dealt with severe social anxiety generalized anxiety Mannic depressive disorder and many other things the doctors that are the so-called experts diagnosed me with so from a young age I was put on so many different medications that you could basically make the alphabet from the first letter of each medication I've taken but I finally got off all the meds and I worked through all my problems with the help of self-help groups and such and other people who like to remain anonymous and was able to get a job at a convenience store almost become assistant manager and right as I was about to be promoted I started experiencing intense pain all down my right side come to find out that after years of not working then immediately going to working full-time in overtime double shifts and anytime let's just say my boss love me there were nights that I was in so much pain that I would have to go to the hospital when I got off work and then whenever I would get done at the hospital I would go back to work to finish up extra stuff I always did for my boss that wasn't part of my essential job description but was much appreciated I was being paid I was clocked in but it wasn't required of me but I loved my job so after many Doctor visits and specialist visits if anyone's ever dealt with health problems you know how it is one doctor tells you what's wrong with you and to go to this specialist only to find out that you need to go to a different one etc etc you just keep going to one specialist after the next from the get-go they did tell me my right kidney was failing and that I had a severe case of right hydronephrosis of the kidney and that my gallbladder was only halfway functioning which made my job very hard because every time I ate it would make my gallbladder hurt but if I didn't eat I would get really light-headed because I'm also anemic and I'm going to end it at this basically I had to tell my boss that has to quit my job he begged me not to but I told him I had to and then right around the same time the covid-19 pandemic started and my primary care provider told me that I had to quit immediately and couldn't give my boss any more time because someone like me with a barely functioning right kidney & also born with an immune deficiency ss well as being anemic made me high risk and for those of you out there who don't know what that means it means that if I were to come into contact with kovid and contract it I'm basically 90% more likely to die than the average person so now I was stuck at home and slowly running out of funds I had saved up from my days of working and in the first time since I guess I was a teenager I was very very stressed because I had an apartment a car bills like insurance cell phone electricity as well as food and no way to pay them all but I somehow managed to figure out a way to make money without having to interact with lots of people by doing little side jobs and fixing broken equipment I would see and selling it but then just recently I'm driving down the highway with my friend and a car either running from somebody are fleeing the scene of a crime or something of the same type tried to squeeze in between me and a car in front of me they just barely made it in between the both of us but then the last second they must have realized their best bet was to exit and they were already a little bit past the exit so instead of waiting for the next one the person slammed on their brakes completely totaled my car and then sped off the person that was in front of in front of that person who was originally in front of me stopped for me and was sincerely kind when the police showed up she told them the story because a lot of the times the police can be a bit biased and they profile but she could tell that I was perfectly sober and not only that she said that she saw the whole thing happen she could see the car speeding up in her mirrors and then slamming on his brakes I tried to start my car and it wouldn't even start luckily I was in the far right lane so after I managed to pry my door open I pushed my car in neutral into the right shoulder my friend that was with me was still so concussed he couldn't even help the airbags didn't deploy so my head hit the steering wheel and on top of that my car was full of stuff because my lease is up on my apartment coming up next month on the 15th and I was planning on living in that car until I figured something out and so I had been moving my stuff to a friend's house who said I could store some of my stuff there but who has a family so I can't stay there I have liability insurance but since when I bought the car I didn't know that it was a sports car because it's a Honda sports fit I should have realized it was a sports car it says it in the title stupid on my part I know but because it was a sports car I couldn't afford uninsured driver on top of my liability insurance it wasn't like I just didn't get it because I thought I didn't need it I talked it over with my person who helps me manage my finances and I just did not have the money to do it it was either that getting uninsured driver on my car on top of the liability but if I did that I wouldn't have money to even put gas in the car are food in the fridge so that's my dilemma I have to move out of my apartment soon have no money for a car the lady was going to use her AAA to tow the car to my house which is in a apartment but the police without asking me told her the no I didn't need that and they towed it to a private towing company so now I can't even get my car and sell it for scrap to get a couple hundred bucks so the past week I've been living off of overdue food past date our food given out at food drives and what I'm asking for is any monetary assistance that anyone can give to help assist me in getting enough money to get a car before October 15th otherwise I'll be homeless without even a car to sleep in and I've done that before and it's not safe not by yourself especially maybe one thing if I had friends that were homeless as well and we could watch out for each other and watch each other's backs but I don't know anyone around here most of my family's passed away and my only family I have is in Washington State and is my 80-year-old grandmother she's the one who helped me get the first car but now I need help from the people of Tarrant county to help me get another car it doesn't need to be nice it just needs to run well and have room to sleep in and to keep a couple of bags of clothes and toiletries in so I can stay looking clean and do my laundry at laundromats and work side jobs where I'm not having to be around people until I have enough money saved up to try to get another apartment or rental place but sadly that will take a little while because unless the persons like me and they don't ever leave the house I can't live with anybody because the off chance that they come in contact with covid-19 and then come in contact with me could result in Me down so please if you can find it in your heart to help me God willing do so I am much appreciative of any help you can lend to the cause God bless and have a wonderful day and a beautiful year let our country heal as well as the world I know myself am not the only one out there hurting right now and pray for all those people that are in a tough situation like myself
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